The Ultimate Spanish 101: Complete First-Year Course [EPUB]

The Ultimate Spanish 101: Complete First-Year Course [EPUB]
The Ultimate Spanish 101: Complete First-Year Course by Ronni L Gordon
2019 | EPUB | 98.99MB

The Ultimate Beginner Program for Communicating in Spanish

If your goal is to communicate in Spanish using authentic structures and a broad vocabulary, The Ultimate Spanish 101 is the program for you! More comprehensive than other language guides or mobile apps, and more concise than a traditional textbook, The Ultimate Spanish 101, complete with textbook and Language Lab app, leads beginning learners step-by-step to language fluency.

This program consists of 16 lessons, equivalent to a first-year college course, that can be adapted to fit your own schedule. You will develop language skills essential for communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Numerous short dialogues, based on everyday situations and reinforced by extensive practice, ensure that you will be ready to put your growing command of the Spanish language into practice.

The Ultimate Spanish 101 features:

  • Clear explanations of high-frequency vocabulary and sentence structures
  • Interesting dialogues based on everyday situations, using authentic language
  • More than 300 exercises that take you from structured practice to free expression
  • Regular and predictable format to ensure you can work efficiently
  • Appreciation of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture

Premium mobile resources support and enhance your study:

  • 180 DIALOGUES recorded by native speakers of Spanish
  • LISTENING PRACTICE to improve your pronunciation and reinforce sentence structures
  • AUDIO EXERCISES to put your speaking skills into practice
  • FLASHCARDS to help you memorize vocabulary and verb forms