Kill Bad Meetings [EPUB]

Kill Bad Meetings [EPUB]
Kill Bad Meetings: Cut 50% of your meetings to transform your culture, improve collaboration, and accelerate decisions by Kevan Hall, Alan Hall
2018 | EPUB | 1.15MB


Meetings are essential to collaboration and decision making, but they are often irrelevant, time consuming and badly run. People spend an average of 2 days per week in meetings and 50% of it is wasted. This book will help you win back that wasted day a week by cutting out the half of face to face and virtual meetings that do not need to happen and radically improving the ones that remain.

The two authors, one an experienced CEO and consultant to major multinationals, the other a millennial line manager working within one of the world's largest companies, find common ground, and occasional disagreements on creating new ways of meeting both face to face and through technology that are far more engaging and effective for everyone.

The book focuses on three main areas:

  • Dealing with the business and corporate cultural challenges in changing the way we meet
  • Cutting out the unnecessary topics and participants that make up 50% of todays meetings
  • Designing and running faster and more focused face to face and online meetings with more relevant content; clearer decisions and actions, and much higher levels of participation

Full of examples and practical tools that will improve everything from your regular team meetings to management meetings, online conferences, global meetings and big events. This book will lead you through practical actions and targets to kill the meetings that do not need to happen and radically improve the ones that remain.