TrumpNation : The Art of Being The Donald [EPUB]

TrumpNation : The Art of Being The Donald [EPUB]
TrumpNation : The Art of Being The Donald by Timothy L O'Brien
2015 | EPUB | 0.44MB

Donald Trump called this book “terribly written,” sued the author for $5 billion—and lost. For anyone wondering what life might be like under President Trump, this field guide through TrumpNation offers a probing, often hilarious, and thoroughly definitive account of the man behind the hype.

Available for the first time in a decade, with a new introduction by the author, this myth-busting look inside the world of Donald Trump is chock full of rip-roaring anecdotes, jaw-dropping quotes, and rigorous research into the business deals, political antics, curious relationships, and complex background of the leading Republican presidential candidate.

Granted unprecedented access, Timothy L. O’Brien traveled across the country and up and down the East Coast with Trump on his private jet, wheeled around Palm Beach with him in his Ferrari, and spent hours interviewing him in his home, in his office, and on the golf course. He met with the entrepreneur’s closest friends and most aggressive rivals, while compiling a treasure trove of Trumpisms from the Donald himself:

Trump on the public’s enduring fascination with Trump: “There is something crazy, hot, a phenomenon out there about me, but I’m not sure I can define it and I’m not sure I want to.”

Trump on naysayers: “You can go ahead and speak to guys who have four-hundred-pound wives at home who are jealous of me, but the guys who really know me know I’m a great builder.”

Trump on the art of self-promotion: “You might as well tell people how great you are, because no one else is going to.”

Ultimately, when O’Brien’s research revealed that Trump’s business record and annual spot on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans might be more fantasy than reality, he—like so many others who have dared to tangle with the former host of The Apprentice—found himself in a courtroom. In a new introduction, O’Brien reflects on the recent wave of TrumpMania and updates readers on what it’s like to depose one of the world’s most litigious businessmen—and win. Be careful what you wish for, America, because—spoiler alert!—the Donald is a sore loser.