1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day [Video]

1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day [Video]
1 day MVP 2 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day by Evan Kimbrell
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Go from idea to working prototype in 1 day. New business idea? New feature for your app? Create a Minimum Viable Product

Learn how to take ideas, validate them, and prototype them all in one day, without learning how to code!

Become a better entrepreneur, product manager, marketer, manager, or small business owner. Learn how experienced entrepreneurs come up with killer ideas and launch them with minimum time investment with $0 upfront.

  • Are you ready to take the plunge and finally pursue the business idea of your dreams?
  • Are you sure you have the skills and the time to be successful?
  • Have you heard of the Lean Startup, the product framework that is revolutionizing startups all over the world?

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 209 lectures and 37.5 hours of content!
  • Rapidly validate their product and project ideas before spending money and resources on pursuing them
  • Understand how to run pitch experiments and lean models of idea validation
  • Gather and interpret offline feedback for their idea
  • Spy on potential competitors and assess their strengths / weaknesses/ areas left open for opportunity
  • Drill down with advanced search for finding adjacent and hidden competitors
  • Use 4 different free techniques for evaluating the strength of their idea: through email, forums, 5 second test, and proved.co
  • Quickly setup basic pitch experiments with Launchrock landing pages
  • Create more complicated landing pages with Unbounce
  • Run basic A/B tests with their idea and their landing page
  • Setup and interpret conversion goals for their page
  • Set up dynamic text to better capture the right customers for your potential product
  • Add payment buttons to your page and to email to setup the ultimate validation experiment
  • Where to get logos & domains for free and very cheap
  • Find and import professional templates for extra wow
  • Setup basic ad campaigns with Google and Facebook
  • Get 3 campaigns worth $175 for free
  • Interpret the results of their experiment and determine if their idea is killer
  • Understand the benefits and correct usages of prototypes
  • Understand the basic terminology used in web and design speak
  • Use Sprintkick's product creation framework: Sx5
  • Efficiently create and articulate a strategy for your product
  • Efficiently create and outline the scope and specifications of your potential product
  • Create professional looking initial sketches of their product with just a pen and paper
  • Create "sketch" wireframes with Balsamiq
  • Used advanced features and export settings in Balsamiq
  • Create non sketch wireframes of your idea in Pidoco
  • Use all advanced features and techniques in Pidoco
  • Create a sitemap for outlining their product and assisting in communicating your project externally
  • Bring in reviewers & collaborators into your design process and accelerate your feedback cycle
  • Take design assets and convert them into a format that Pidoco can accept
  • Create a functional and interactive prototype in Pidoco
  • Present your prototype in the best possible way to investors, team members, developers
1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day [Video]