A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy [Audiobook]

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy [Audiobook]
A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy [Audiobook] by William B Irvine, read by James Patrick Cronin
2013 | MP3@96 kbps + MOBI | 8 hrs 3 mins | 342.34MB

One of the great fears many of us face is that despite all our effort and striving, we will discover at the end that we have wasted our life. In A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine plumbs the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, one of the most popular and successful schools of thought in ancient Rome, and shows how its insight and advice are still remarkably applicable to modern lives. In A Guide to the Good Life, Irvine offers a refreshing presentation of Stoicism, showing how this ancient philosophy can still direct us toward a better life.

Using the psychological insights and the practical techniques of the Stoics, Irvine offers a roadmap for anyone seeking to avoid the feelings of chronic dissatisfaction that plague so many of us. Irvine looks at various Stoic techniques for attaining tranquility and shows how to put these techniques to work in our own life. As he does so, he describes his own experiences practicing Stoicism and offers valuable first-hand advice for anyone wishing to live better by following in the footsteps of these ancient philosophers. Listeners learn how to minimize worry, how to let go of the past and focus our efforts on the things we can control, and how to deal with insults, grief, old age, and the distracting temptations of fame and fortune. We learn from Marcus Aurelius the importance of prizing only things of true value, and from Epictetus we learn how to be more content with what we have.

Finally, A Guide to the Good Life shows listeners how to become thoughtful observers of their own lives. If we watch ourselves as we go about our daily business and later reflect on what we saw, we can better identify the sources of distress and eventually avoid that pain in our life. By doing this, the Stoics thought, we can hope to attain a truly joyful life.

Marked for Death, aka Murder Without Borders [Audiobook]

Marked for Death, aka Murder Without Borders [Audiobook]
Marked for Death: Dying for the Story in the World's Most Dangerous Places, aka Murder Without Borders [Audiobook] by Terry Gould, read by Byron Wagner
2011 | MP3@64 kbps | 11 hrs 49 mins | 358.94MB

Where do journalists find the guts to keep telling the truth in places where truth-telling will get them murdered? Organizations such as the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters sans frontières bring us the death toll from around the world, and that number is truly daunting: since 1992 more than 730 journalists have been killed - nearly three-quarters of them targeted and murdered. Over 85% of the fallen have been local journalists trying to unveil violence and corruption in their own back yards. Worse, 95% of the people who ordered their murder remain unpunished. Who are these journalists who have sacrificed literally everything for the story? Where did they find their courage? Investigative reporter Terry Gould traveled to the five most dangerous countries in which to be a journalist - Iraq, the Philippines, Russia, Colombia and Bangladesh.

This audiobook presents Gould's unforgettable portraits of seven murdered journalists who carried on despite death threats from terrorists, corrupt politicians, gangsters and paramilitary leaders. Gould brings us the lovers, the colleagues, the rivals, the critics and even the accused murderers of these courageous men and women, searching for the moment when each of his protagonists understood that they were willing to die in order to get a story out. He finds intriguing and complex reasons for such bravery. Their stories show how selflessly humans can love justice and their fellow citizens; how dogged and resourceful people can be in attempts to thwart injustice; how vital it is to show the defeated and the indifferent, as well as the powerful, and that there really are some things worth dying for. All of Gould's subjects, no matter how fallible or flawed, "went to work each morning with the conviction that the calling of journalism was to defend the defenseless." Gould honors their memories by "bringing their lives and the stories they worked on to light, telling truth to those who would murder truth-tellers."

The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing [EPUB]

The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing [EPUB]
The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing by John C Wathey
2016 | EPUB | 1.58MB

An essential feature of religious experience across many cultures is the intuitive feeling of God's presence. More than any rituals or doctrines, it is this experience that anchors religious faith, yet it has been largely ignored in the scientific literature on religion.

Starting with a vivid narrative account of the life-threatening hike that triggered his own mystical experience, biologist John Wathey takes the reader on a scientific journey to find the sources of religious feeling and the illusion of God's presence. His book delves into the biological origins of this compelling feeling, attributing it to innate neural circuitry that evolved to promote the mother-child bond. Dr. Wathey, a veteran neuroscientist, argues that evolution has programmed the infant brain to expect the presence of a loving being who responds to the child's needs. As the infant grows into adulthood, this innate feeling is eventually transferred to the realm of religion, where it is reactivated through the symbols, imagery, and rituals of worship. The author interprets our various conceptions of God in biological terms as illusory supernormal stimuli that fill an emotional and cognitive vacuum left over from infancy.

These insights shed new light on some of the most vexing puzzles of religion, like the popular belief in a god who is judgmental and punishing, yet also unconditionally loving; the extraordinary tenacity of faith; the greater religiosity of women relative to men; religious obsessions with sex; the mysterious compulsion to pray; the seemingly irrepressible feminine attributes of God, even in traditionally patriarchal religions; and the strange allure of cults. Finally, Dr. Wathey considers the hypothesis that religion evolved to foster reproductive success, arguing that, in an age of potentially ruinous overpopulation, magical thinking has become a luxury we can no longer afford, one that distracts us from urgent threats to our planet.

Deeply researched yet elegantly written in a jargon-free and accessible style, this book presents a compelling interpretation of the evolutionary origins of spirituality and religion.

How to Study: 25th Anniversary Edition [EPUB]

How to Study: 25th Anniversary Edition [EPUB]
How to Study: 25th Anniversary Edition by Ron Fry
2016 | EPUB | 2.95MB

The best-selling How to Study has helped millions of students study smarter, not harder. For its 25th anniversary, it is undergoing the most extensive revision in a decade.

How to Study reveals the study skills that all students need to know to be successful, whether the goal is landing a top scholarship, excelling in school, or preparing to return to school. This edition includes information on how to create an effective work environment, stand out in class, conduct research online, and much more. Fry also covers all the traditional elements of a winning study strategy, such as reading, writing, time-management, memory, and test-taking skills. How to Study introduces a revolutionary study system, along with examples, that gives students the edge in any learning environment.

How to Study also:

  • Prepares students of all ages to excel in their classes by developing effective study skills.
  • Shows students, in a quick, easy-to-read style, the essential skills that can be applied outside the classroom and later in life.
  • Includes study tips for teaching and studying with young children; advice for fighting mid-study fatigue and boredom; tips for in-class learning; and more.

The Power of Fifty Bits: The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results [EPUB]

The Power of Fifty Bits: The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results [EPUB]
The Power of Fifty Bits: The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results by Bob Nease
2016 | EPUB | 0.93MB

Going beyond the bestsellers Predictably Irrational and Thinking, Fast and Slow, the first “how to” guide that shows you how to help customers, employees, coworkers, and clients make better choices to get what they truly want.

Of the ten million bits of information our brains process each second, only fifty bits are devoted to conscious thought. Because our brains are wired to be inattentive, we often choose without thinking, acting against our own interests—what we truly want. As the former Chief Scientist of Express Scripts, a Fortune 25 healthcare company dedicated to making the use of prescription medications safer and more affordable, Bob Nease is an expert on applying behavioral sciences to health care. Now, he applies his knowledge to the wider world, providing important practical solutions marketers, human resources professionals, teachers, and even parents can use to improve the behavior of others around them, and get the positive results they want.

Nease offers a set of powerful and effective strategies to change behavior, including:

  • Require Choice—compel people to deliberately choose among options
  • Lock in Good Intentions—allow people to make decisions today about choices they will face in the future
  • Let It Ride—set the default to the desired option and let people opt out if they wish
  • Get in the Flow—go to where peoples’ attention is likely to be naturally
  • Reframe the Choices—set the framework people use to consider options and choices
  • Piggyback It—connect the desired choice or behavior with something they already like or are engaged in
  • Simplify . . . Wisely—make right choices frictionless and easy, make wrong choices more difficult
  • And more.

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp [EPUB]

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp [EPUB]
365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp (Brain Workout) by Kim Chamberlain
2015 | EPUB | 11.18MB

Short and Fun Activities Designed to Train and Maintain Your Brain

Taking care of your brain is just as beneficial as taking care of the rest of your body—research has shown that training games help improve memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, processing speed, creativity, and reasoning. 365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp provides a year’s worth of challenging mental activities to keep your brain sharp and flexible.

Chamberlain’s fresh new installment uses the same format as The Five-Minute Brain Workout: a variety of games and puzzles, each with ten examples that increase in difficulty as you work through the book. This collection includes some fan favorites along with many new and exciting puzzles that will further develop your skills.

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp is perfect for lovers of word and language games and puzzles, providing enough short, sharp exercises for a year’s worth of fun and brain stretching.

Conversation Starters: 1,000 Creative Ways to Talk to Anyone about Anything [EPUB]

Conversation Starters: 1,000 Creative Ways to Talk to Anyone about Anything [EPUB]
Conversation Starters: 1,000 Creative Ways to Talk to Anyone about Anything by Kim Chamberlain
2014 | EPUB | 0.96MB

Like an onion, a conversation is often made up of layers. On its face it may appear to be on one level, but peel away a layer or two, and you will find other issues lying beneath the surface.

Providing techniques to analyse conversations, Conversation Starters will enable you to develop creativity by taking your brain to a space where originality can flourish, by enhancing problem-solving skills, and by improving conversation and listening skills. Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as “creative,” this book will give you the chance to think and express yourself in innovative and productive ways.

The book’s one thousand conversation-starting topics offer easy ways to move away from traditional discussion themes as well as the opportunity to develop and enhance speaking and listening skills. They provide the opportunity to approach and explore issues and then to formulate and express your thoughts and responses in innovative and challenging ways. You’ll discover new ways way to connect with others, avenues to help you learn new things and connect with other people in stimulating and satisfying ways. In addition to the conversation starters are tips and quotes relating to discovering and enhancing creativity while initiating and maintaining conversations.

The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success [EPUB]

The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success [EPUB]
The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success: How to Use Your Brain's Executive Skills to Keep Up, Stay Calm, and Get Organized at Work and at Home by Peg Dawson, Richard Guare
2016 | EPUB + AZW | 2.16/2.76MB

Are you smart, scattered, and struggling? You're not alone. Cutting-edge research shows that today's 24/7 wired world and the growing demands of work and family life may simply max out the part of the brain that manages complex tasks. That's especially true for those lacking strong executive skills/m-/the core brain-based abilities needed to maintain focus, meet deadlines, and stay cool under pressure. In this essential guide, leading experts Peg Dawson and Richard Guare help you map your own executive skills profile and take effective steps to boost your organizational skills, time management, emotional control, and nine other essential capacities. The book is packed with science-based strategies and concrete examples, plus downloadable practical tools for creating your own personalized action plan. Whether on the job or at home, you can get more done with less stress.

How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours [EPUB]

How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours [EPUB]
How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours: Shortcuts and brain hacks for learning new skills fast by Tansel Ali
2015 | EPUB | 3.25MB

We all want to improve our knowledge, learn new things, and ace exams, but in this fast paced world we can feel a little time poor to really get the best from ourselves. In this amazingly practical book, memory coach and brain trainer, Tansel Ali unlocks the secrets to learning almost anything in just 48 hours.

In How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours, Tansel demonstrates techniques to apply to learning a wide range of things: Studying Exams Speeches and Presentations Foreign Languages Music Theory and Practice Speed Reading New Technologies and Software General Knowledge, Trivia and Facts. Includes exercises to hone your skills at memory and train your brain to learn well and learn fast, this is the ultimate book for anyone ready to sharpen their mind and expand their knowledge.

Mind-Body Medicine & Healthology: Mind-Body-Spirit Science & Practice [Audiobook]

Mind-Body Medicine & Healthology: Mind-Body-Spirit Science & Practice [Audiobook]
Mind-Body Medicine & Healthology: Mind-Body-Spirit Science & Practice [Audiobook] by Jason Liu, read by Lisa Valdini
2015 | M4B@64 kbps + EPUB | 21 hrs 17 mins | 579.74MB

Initialed thousands of years ago, developed throughout the entire history of human civilization, with its origins from the higher divine teaching, original profound medicine, and long history of mind-body-spirit practice, Mind-Body Medicine and Healthology (MBM) is one of the most rapidly advancing and widely used effective healthcare approaches today. It is also one of the most mystifying fields. This book demystifies this profound science and gives you the tools to maximize its wide spectrum of applications.

The audiobook was authored and energized by mind-body medicine professor and energy medicine practitioner, Dr. Jason Liu, MD/PhD (imbsi.com), and narrated by Lisa Valdini, an experienced actress in TV, stage, and voiceover. People from all walks of life can listen to this book as a healing and self-healing book or a healthcare guidebook.

Written in his deeply meditated state with wonderful energy, love, and his sincere intention and goal of helping people improve their health, wellness, personal growth, life quality, longevity, and establish a natural health lifestyle, and additionally to help open-minded scientists establish a new life science for mental, physical, and spiritual health, beauty, happiness, and long living.

Covered the most important teachings, histories, theories, principles, concepts, ideas, techniques, and healing secrets of MBM, and introduced creative models, hypotheses, methods, research, and experiments.

The book teaches energy checkup methods and healing techniques, such as meditation, conscious and subconscious concentration practice, love and family relationship healing, spiritual cultivation, psychological healing, healthy living lifestyle, brainwave meridian therapy, stress management, daily efficiency energy practice, modern diseases (e.g. cancers, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.), healing, prevention, and healthcare. Many inspiring healing stories are included are included.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Revised and Expanded [EPUB]

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Revised and Expanded [EPUB]
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Lack of Focus, Anger, and Memory Problems, Revised and Expanded by Daniel G Amen
2015 | EPUB | 55.06MB

In this completely revised and updated edition of the breakthrough bestseller, you'll see scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, obsessiveness, or impulsiveness could be related to how specific structures in your brain work. You're not stuck with the brain you're born with. Renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen includes cutting-edge reseach and the latest surprising, effective "brain prescriptions" that can help heal your brain and change your life:

To quell anxiety and panic:
Use simple breathing techniques to immediately calm inner turmoil

To fight depression:
Learn how to kill ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)

To curb anger:
Follow the Amen anti-anger diet and learn the nutrients that calm rage

To conquer impulsiveness and learn to focus:
Develop total focus with the One-Page Miracle

To stop obsessive worrying:
Follow the "get unstuck" writing exercise and learn other problem-solving exercises

Straight Writes and Jabs: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing [EPUB]

Straight Writes and Jabs: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing [EPUB]
Straight Writes and Jabs: An Inside Look at Another Year in Boxing by Thomas Hauser
2013 | EPUB | 0.86MB

Commenting on Thomas Hauser's annual collections of articles on boxing, Ring Magazine declared, "What makes Hauser's stories so extraordinary is that the man many consider 'The Dean of Boxing Writers' refuses to allow his admiration for the sport to blind him to its dark side. His annual volumes on boxing have become required reading for hardcore and casual fans alike."

Straight Writes and Jabs is the latest in the popular series. It brings readers into the dressing room with elite champions in the moments before some of 2012's biggest fights. Hauser's award-winning investigative journalism is on display in a groundbreaking exposé of the use of performance-enhancing drugs. There's a look back in time at the incomparable Archie Moore and much more.

The Metal Detecting Bible [EPUB]

The Metal Detecting Bible [EPUB]
The Metal Detecting Bible: Helpful Tips, Expert Tricks and Insider Secrets for Finding Hidden Treasures by Brandon Neice
2016 | EPUB + PDF | 15.46/15.63MB


Nothing is as thrilling as finding cool (and often valuable) stuff right under your feet. So grab this guide and get ready to dig up more and more finds. Packed with helpful information on making your search successful and exciting, The Metal Detecting Bible serves up step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and useful photos that can turn you into a professional treasure hunter.

From quick-start tips for novices to insider secrets for the most experienced hobbyists, this hands-on guide is the ultimate resource on all aspects of metal detecting.

  • Choose the best metal detector
  • Learn where to search and why
  • Practice appropriate swing techniques
  • Integrate advanced GPS technology
  • Scout out beaches, parks and historic sites
  • Gain permission to hunt on private property
  • Identify antique coins, relics and jewelry
  • Use handy target recovery tools
  • Clean and safely preserve your finds
  • Sell your finds for a profit

The Making of Salafism: Islamic Reform in the Twentieth Century [EPUB]

The Making of Salafism: Islamic Reform in the Twentieth Century [EPUB]
The Making of Salafism: Islamic Reform in the Twentieth Century by Henri Lauzière
2015 | EPUB | 2.4MB

Some Islamic scholars hold that Salafism is an innovative and rationalist effort at Islamic reform that emerged in the late nineteenth century but disappeared in the mid twentieth. Others argue Salafism is an anti-innovative and antirationalist movement of Islamic purism that dates back to the medieval period yet persists today. Though they contradict each other, both narratives are considered authoritative, making it hard for outsiders to grasp the history of the ideology and its core beliefs.

Introducing a third, empirically based genealogy, The Making of Salafism understands the movement as a recent conception of Islam projected back onto the past, and it sees its purist evolution as a direct result of decolonization. Henri Lauzière builds his history on the transnational networks of Taqi al-Din al-Hilali (1894-1987), a Moroccan Salafi who, with his associates, oversaw Salafism's modern development. Traveling from Rabat to Mecca, from Calcutta to Berlin, al-Hilali interacted with high-profile Salafi scholars and activists who eventually abandoned Islamic modernism in favor of a more purist approach to Islam. Today, Salafis claim a monopoly on religious truth and freely confront other Muslims on theological and legal issues. Lauzière's pathbreaking history recognizes the social forces behind this purist turn, uncovering the popular origins of what has become a global phenomenon.

The Social Structures of the Economy [EPUB]

The Social Structures of the Economy [EPUB]
The Social Structures of the Economy by Pierre Bourdieu
2005 | EPUB | 2.51MB

Much orthodox economic theory is based on assumptions which are treated as self-evident: supply and demand are regarded as independent entities, the individual is assumed to be a rational agent who knows his interests and how to make decisions corresponding to them, and so on. But one has only to examine an economic transaction closely, as Pierre Bourdieu does here for the buying and selling of houses, to see that these abstract assumptions cannot explain what happens in reality.

As Bourdieu shows, the market is constructed by the state, which can decide, for example, whether to promote private housing or collective provision. And the individuals involved in the transaction are immersed in symbolic constructions which constitute, in a strong sense, the value of houses, neighbourhoods and towns.

The abstract and illusory nature of the assumptions of orthodox economic theory has been criticised by some economists, but Bourdieu argues that we must go further. Supply, demand, the market and even the buyer and seller are products of a process of social construction, and so-called 'economic' processes can be adequately described only by calling on sociological methods. Instead of seeing the two disciplines in antagonistic terms, it is time to recognize that sociology and economics are in fact part of a single discipline, the object of which is the analysis of social facts, of which economic transactions are in the end merely one aspect.

This brilliant study by the most original sociologist of post-war France will be essential reading for students and scholars of sociology, economics, anthropology and related disciplines.

The Snapping of the American Mind [EPUB]

The Snapping of the American Mind [EPUB]
The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture by David Kupelian
2015 | EPUB | 3.64MB

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL HAS BECOME AMERICA THE BIZARRE. Government openly defies the law, Christians are prosecuted as criminals, children "transition" to the opposite sex, the president supports our enemies—and 130 million Americans depend on mind-altering substances just to get through life.

Turbocharged by the Obama presidency, long-coalescing forces of the political and cultural Left are bringing about their much-heralded “fundamental transformation of America.” That much everyone knows.

But this revolution is also causing a fundamental transformation of Americans—in profoundly negative ways. In The Snapping of the American Mind, veteran journalist and bestselling author David Kupelian shows how the progressive Left—which today dominates America’s key institutions, from the news and entertainment media, to education, to government itself—is accomplishing much more than just enlarging government, redistributing wealth, and de-Christianizing the culture. With the Left’s wild celebration of sexual anarchy, its intimidating culture of political correctness, and its incomprehension of the fundamental sacredness of human life, it is also, whether intentionally or not, promoting widespread dependency, debauchery, family breakdown, crime, corruption, addiction, despair, and suicide.

Surveying this growing chaos in American society, Kupelian exposes both the utopian revolutionaries and their extraordinary methods that have turned America’s most cherished values literally upside down—to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized.

Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition [EPUB]

Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition [EPUB]
Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Jonathan Peterson
2015 | EPUB + PDF | 0.99/2.74MB

Take the mystery out of Social Security and maximize your benefits when you retire

Social Security For Dummies is the definitive resource to navigating the often-complex world of Social Security retirement benefits and the U.S. Social Security Administration. If you're nearing retirement age, or assisting someone who is, this guide will show you how to avoid common pitfalls, determine when you should claim your benefits, and figure out how much you can expect to receive each month.

This newest edition provides updates to relevant dates and resources as well as an in-depth look at policy changes that will affect those about to retire. Packed with information that will help you make decisions that will maximize your financial well-being, this great resource makes it easy to understand everything you need to know quickly and easily.

  • Understand new Social Security Administration policies and what they mean for you
  • Determine how to incorporate Social Security into your overall retirement plan
  • Get answers to common questions
  • Find resources to use when you're stumped

With Social Security For Dummies, you can take charge of your retirement and successfully navigate the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Easy Japanese: A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication [EPUB]

Easy Japanese: A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication [EPUB]
Easy Japanese: A Direct Learning Approach for Immediate Communication (Japanese Phrasebook), 4th Edition
2006 | EPUB | 6.73MB

This is a carefully structured, self-study book for learning colloquial spoken Japanese.

Easy Japanese will have you speaking Japanese in no time at all. Each lesson presents a few of the most common features of the language in sentences which are short, easy, and immediately useful. The first thirteen lessons show you there is a lot that can be said with just a word or two. The later lessons introduce more variety and explain a few of the fine points. The sentences reflect how the Japanese language is really spoken. They are short but colloquial, abrupt but not rude. Each lesson contains first a number a number of Japanese phrases. After the phrases, there is some material for practice. These are short conversations mad up entirely of the phrases you have learned in the lesson (or in preceding lessons). Each of these conversations built around a rather simple situation. Finally there are some tips to help you learn the material and to tell you a few other things helpful in talking with Japanese natives.

After the lessons, there is a basic vocabulary of some common Japanese words and their English equivalents. The Japanese verbs are presented both in the polite present (–mas') and the plain resent (–u or –ru). At the end of the book there are indexes of Japanese hiragana and katakana.

Key highlights of this book are:

  • 30 short, easy–to–follow lessons with practical exercises.
  • A Japanese–English dictionary of over 3,000 most commonly used words.
  • Writing charts of the hiragana and katakana Japanese syllabaries.

Elementary Decision Theory [EPUB]

Elementary Decision Theory [EPUB]
Elementary Decision Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Herman Chernoff, Lincoln E Moses
1986 | EPUB | 15.4MB

This well-known and highly respected introduction to decision theory was developed at Stanford University. It furnishes a simple and clear-cut method of exhibiting the fundamental aspects of statistical problems. Beginners will find this treatment a motivating introduction to important mathematical notions such as set, function, and convexity.

Studying Early and Silent Cinema [EPUB]

Studying Early and Silent Cinema [EPUB]
Studying Early and Silent Cinema by Keith Withall
2015 | EPUB | 4.33MB

In this accessible introduction to early and silent cinema, which is currently enjoying a renaissance, both academically and in the popular imagination thanks to The Artist, Keith Withall provides both a comprehensive chronology of the period until the birth of sound and also a series of detailed case studies on the key films from the period – some well known (including Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, Eisenstein's Strike and Chaplin's The Kid), some perhaps less well familiar (including Murnau's The Last Laugh and Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates). As well as covering in detail the major film-making figures and nations of the period, the author also provides insights into the industry in less well documented areas. Throughout, the films and film-makers are placed in the context of rapid worldwide industrial change.

No Ordinary Man: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes [EPUB]

No Ordinary Man: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes [EPUB]
No Ordinary Man: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes by Donald McCrory
2005 | EPUB | 2.68MB

The first biography to be aimed at the general reader as much as at students and historians, No Ordinary Man is a fascinating study of the life and work of Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616), the writer known as the "Spanish Shakespeare" and author of the timeless classic Don Quixote. A renaissance man in all senses of the term, Cervantes was, in his time, an adventurer, spy, soldier, hostage, and creator of the first European novel. This biography is based on the latest original research and incorporates previously unpublished material on Cervantes’ long period of captivity in Algiers, his involvement in piracy in the Mediterranean, espionage, and the Spanish Armada, and his work for the Spanish government. Containing much information never before available in English, No Ordinary Man makes an important contribution to the understanding of this unique literary and historical figure.

Franz Liszt: The Virtuoso Years, 1811-1847 [EPUB]

Franz Liszt: The Virtuoso Years, 1811-1847 [EPUB]
Franz Liszt: The Virtuoso Years, 1811-1847 by Alan Walker
2013 | EPUB | 10.42MB

Franz Liszt--child prodigy, virtuoso pianist, co-founder with Chopin and Schumann of the Romantic movement in music--has been the subject of literally hundreds of biographies, but it is only in the last few decades that the importance of Liszt the composer, as opposed to Liszt the Romantic hero, has been recognized. This new perspective has created the need for a fresh, full-scale approach, biographical and critical, to the evaluation of the man and his music.

For more than ten years Alan Walker, a leading authority on nineteenth-century music and the author of important studies of Chopin and Schumann, has traveled throughout Europe discovering unpublished material in museums and private collections, in the parish registries of tiny villages in Austria and Hungary, and in major archives in Weimar and Budapest, seeking out new information and corroborating or correcting the old. He has left virtually no source unexamined--from the hundreds of contemporary biographies (many of them more fiction than fact) to the scores of memoirs, reminisces, and diaries of his pupils and disciples (the list of his students from his Weimar masterclasses reads like a Burke's Peerage of pianists). Dr. Walker's efforts have culminated in a study that will stand as definitive for years to come. A feat of impeccable scholarship, it also displays a strong and compelling narrative impulse and a profound understanding of the complicated man Liszt was.

In this, the first of three volumes, Dr. Walker examines in greater detail than has ever before been amassed Liszt's family background and his early years. We see "Franzi," a deeply religious and mystical child, whose extraordinary musical gifts lead to studies with the great Carl Czerny in Vienna and propel him into overnight fame in Paris--his youthful opera,Don Sanche, performed when he is fourteen--and in a disorderly and impulsive way of life by the time he is sixteen . . . We see Liszt drifting into obscurity after a nervous breakdown at the age of seventeen, then hearing Paganini for the first time and being so fired by the violinist's amazing technique that he sets for himself a titanic program of work, his aim no less than to create an entirely new repertoire for the piano....We see him, after years if successful touring, returning triumphantly to Hungary, his homeland, and publishing in the same year his "Transcendental" and "Paganini" studies. the signposts of his astonishing technical breakthrough....Finally, we see Liszt at the height of his artistic powers, giving well over a thousand concerts across Europe and Russia during the years 1839-47: "inventing" the modern piano recital, playing entire programs from memory, performing the complete contemporary piano repertoire, breaking down the barriers that had traditionally separated performing artists from their "social superiors," fostering the Romantic view of the artist as superior bring, because divinely gifted . . . until--his colossal career virtually impossible to sustain--he gives his last paid performance at the age of thirty-five . . .

Unparalleled in its completeness, its soundness of documentation, and in the quality of its writing, The Virtuoso Years is the first volume of what will unquestionably be the most important biography of Franz Liszt in English or any other language.

Precious Objects: A Story of Diamonds, Family, and a Way of Life [Audiobook]

Precious Objects: A Story of Diamonds, Family, and a Way of Life [Audiobook]
Precious Objects: A Story of Diamonds, Family, and a Way of Life [Audiobook] by Alicia Oltuski, read by the Author
2011 | MP3@64 kbps | 9 hrs 18 mins | 272.77MB

In the middle of New York City lies a neighborhood where all secrets are valuable, all assets are liquid, and all deals are sealed with a blessing rather than a contract. Welcome to the diamond district. Ninety percent of all diamonds that enter America pass through these few blocks, but the inner workings of this mysterious world are known only to the people who inhabit it.

Alicia Oltuski, daughter and granddaughter of diamond dealers, seamlessly blends family narrative with literary reportage to reveal the fascinating secrets of the diamond industry and its madcap characters, including her own eccentric father. Entertaining and illuminating, Precious Objects offers an insider's look at the history, business, and society behind one of the world's most coveted natural resources.