Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours [Video]

Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours [Video]
Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours by Allison Sutter
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6 figure income earners have specific mindset characteristics & habits. Learn the art of creating abundance today!

Welcome to Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours where you will learn the mental strategies necessary to earn 6 figures.

Examine the course image more closely. Notice how there are many different emotions?

How you feel about money is a clue regarding your current mindset.

Your mindset is effecting your results ... for better or worse.

This course covers:

  1. how an abundant mindset looks and feels. I'm giving you a pictorial representation of mindset (mindset is normally invisible) that's easy to work with, understand and use to create your mental changes.
  2. how to craft your own.
  3. what to do, and how to tell, when you don't know if you're mindset is changing.

The information in this course is practical and applicable, immediately. I'm giving you the structure for our family money mindset— which contains the same components, the same structure, that has been researched and proven to be found among wealthy individuals.

I explain the "wealth money mindset" in a simple way so you can see HOW it takes shape just by living a normal, everyday life. I teach you how an abundant mindset looks and feels.

Everything in this course can be applied immediately to help get on the abundant path you desire. It's specifically tailored for individuals with families—how I speak in the lessons and how I approach this topic—because this is how my husband and I work: partnership from the start.

This is how I'm inviting you to enter this course ... as a partnership from the start (between you and I). If you're willing to put in the time and effort to create the results you want, I will be here to help you along the way. I am truly dedicated to your success!

What are the requirements?

  • Ask yourself, "What it's worth to me to create the change in my life I desire?" and "What's the cost of me waiting another 6 months, 1 or 2 years before I make the changes I want?"
  • Creating anything, including greater abundance, takes time, energy and the fine-tuned ability to focus regardless of distractions. It takes a willingness to do something different. This course is a behind the scenes look at what my family does to cultivate an abundance and success "money" mindset that enables us to earn a 6 figure income. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. (Those methods are shady. Don't fall for them.) This course is about HOW to set the necessary mental foundation to create increasing wealth, over time. I can not promise that you'll earn 6 figures in your lifetime; that would be irresponsible. (I don't know you personally or whether you'll even follow my suggested formula.) However, I'm more than happy to share tips and and strategies to our mindset, with you here. It just so happens to be the same formula that is rampant among all the 6, and 7, figure earners I know.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 39 lectures and 4 hours of content!
  • Discover the top 3 things that are going to stop you from achieving your goal and what to do about it.
  • Shift from worry about money to feeling easy about it.
  • Utilize 16 rich habits to get on the right abundance track.
  • Establish calm, clear, confident decision making skills allowing you to be more productive and focused in a 24 hour, 30 or 90 day period regarding money. Indecision and anxiety, be gone!
  • Learn how tiny habits create big changes and how to create your own, bolstering your monetary success.
  • Become more consistently hopeful, appreciative and trusting about your current money path in life instead of always feeling fear, doubt and anger.
  • Distinguish whether or not, using two simple questions, you've altered your limiting beliefs about money. You'll know what steps to take if you haven't.
  • Become unstoppable in your ability to create the monetary outcomes you want in life.
  • Develop and use powerful mental techniques to create your desired money outcomes.
Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours [Video]