Scotch (Shire General) [EPUB]

Scotch (Shire General) [EPUB]
Scotch (Shire General) by Ted Bruning
2015 | EPUB | 15.36MB

Scotland today has more than 100 distilleries ranging from vast factories to artisanal workshops, and more than half of them welcome tourists.Scotch whisky is the world’s favourite spirit, with established European and North American sales being swelled by fast-growing markets in China, India, and Brazil. Once again new distilleries are being built in Scotland, and older ones that had been “mothballed” are being brought out of retirement.

Scotch outlines the history, heritage, and romance of the industry including the two-century conflict between illicit moonlighters and the Excisemen; the extraordinary boom in whisky production when phylloxera devastated the vineyards of France and created a shortage of Cognac; the challenges presented by two world wars, depression, and prohibition; and Scotch’s resurgence after facing down world-wide competition from white spirits.The heritage, the craft-based production method, and the picturesque locations of many distilleries are a huge part of scotch whisky’s appeal.

It also explains the production of grain whisky and the blending processes that give us our best-known brands, instructs in how to get the best out of expensive single malts, and guides readers as to sourcing unusual malts and visiting distilleries.It explains the raw materials – malted barley and water transformed by the degree of peatiness both in the maltings and the water – and the distillation and maturing processes, going into the sometimes minute variations in ingredients and equipment that give each malt whisky its unique character.

The Rush: America's Fevered Quest for Fortune, 1848-1853 [Audiobook]

The Rush: America's Fevered Quest for Fortune, 1848-1853 [Audiobook]
The Rush: America's Fevered Quest for Fortune, 1848-1853 [Audiobook] by Edward Dolnick, read by Bernard Setaro Clark
2014 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 9 hrs 59mins | 283.08MB

In the spring of 1848, rumors began to spread that gold had been discovered in a remote spot in the Sacramento Valley. A year later, newspaper headlines declared "Gold Fever!" as hundreds of thousands of men and women borrowed money, quit their jobs, and allowed themselves - for the first time ever - to imagine a future of ease and splendor. In The Rush, Edward Dolnick brilliantly recounts their treacherous westward journeys by wagon and on foot, and takes us to the frenzied gold fields and the rowdy cities that sprang from nothing to jam-packed chaos. With an enthralling cast of characters and scenes of unimaginable wealth and desperate ruin, The Rush is a fascinating - and rollicking - account of the greatest treasure hunt the world has ever seen.

Trading Controlled Leverage Financial and Commodity Futures [Video]

Trading Controlled Leverage Financial and Commodity Futures [Video]
Trading Controlled Leverage Financial and Commodity Futures [Video] by Scott Brown
MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 6 Lectures | 1 hour | 325.0MB

Discover how to make small tests like oil wildcatters do. Never risk more than a tenth of your trading capital to step firmly on the road to total financial freedom.

The possibilities are endless.

You can earn substantial investment returns that over time can add up to millions of dollars — all the while knowing 90 percent of your money is safely tucked away in secure guaranteed investments of your choosing!

What are the requirements?

Basic Math is needed for this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 6 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Estimating profits on your futures position will be a snap.
  • Hammer the market with the most powerful toolkit of futures market hedging strategies available on planet Earth.
  • Deploy the Gyroscopic portfolio to shield against downside risk with universal diversification from seven completely unrelated industries.

Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943 [Audiobook]

Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943 [Audiobook]
Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943 [Audiobook] by Antony Beevor, read by Michael Tudor Barnes, George Guidall
2015 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 12 hours | 484.83MB

In August 1942, an overconfident Adolf Hitler would attempt to invade Stalin's namesake city on the Volga. The battle of Stalingrad is extraordinary in every way: the triumphant invader fought to a standstill; then the Soviet trap sprung, surrounding their attackers; and the terrible siege, with Germans starving and freezing, forced to fight on by a disbelieving Hitler. Now Antony Beevor tells the story as it has never been told before, recounting the strategic brilliance and fatal flaws of the notorious generals, while telling the incredible tale from a soldier's-eye view. The author incorporates Russian reports on desertions and executions that have never been seen by Western scholars, German transcripts of prisoner interrogations, and private letters and diaries to re-create the human drama of the most terrible battle in modern warfare.

Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks [Video]

Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks [Video]
Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks by Patrick Howell, Ken Wells
MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 30 Lectures | 2.5 hours | 639.86MB

Work at Home Productivity Techniques to Overcome Procrastination & Skyrocket Your Income

Who is this Course For?

This course is for anyone who operates their business from home and is looking for productivity hacks and tools that are easy to use and effective. It would also appeal to:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Contract Workers
  • Telecommuters
  • Anyone who works from home

Here's What You'll Be Able to Do After Enrolling in This Course:

  • Increase Productivity by as Much as 30%
  • Manage Distractions by Implementing Productivity Hacks
  • Become Clear and Decisive
  • Create a Success Schedule
  • Organize Your Day For Maximum Productivity
  • Create Instant Drive & Lasting Motivation To Reach Your Business Goals
  • Establish Boundaries That Ensure Your Enjoyment While Creating Success
  • Feel Confident in Your Ability to Take Action on the Right Things
  • Fit More into the Time You Have
  • Build A Roadmap To Increased Success

Some of What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • The Secrets of Controlling Your Agenda
  • SMART Entrepreneurial Goals
  • A Simple Way to Organize Your Day and Get Boat Loads of Work Done
  • Simple Methods to Increase Your Motivation Immediately
  • Leverage this Essential Law of Productivity
  • What Are the Causes of Lack of Motivation? This May Surprise You…
  • Physical Success Energy - Activate Your Body for Success
  • An Easy Method to Maintain Composure & Regain Perspective as You Go About Your Day
  • Mental Success Energy - Activate Your Inner Einstein
  • How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons"
  • Overcoming One of the Biggest Challenges You Will Face When Working from Home
  • How to Find True Balance so You Don't Go Crazy
  • "The Productivity Compiler" and More…

Why You Should Take This Course:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Income
  • Reduced Clutter & Complexity in Your Business
  • Improved Clarity In Your Business
  • Decreased Mental Stress From Your Business
  • Increased Enjoyment While Building Your Business
  • More Self Confidence In Your Ability to Achieve Your Business Goals
  • Greater Awareness In your Business
  • More Time to Spend With Your Friends & Family
  • Have a More Well Organized Schedule

Learn to Make Superfood Desserts to Quit Sugar & Lose Weight [Video]

Learn to Make Superfood Desserts to Quit Sugar & Lose Weight [Video]
Learn to Make Superfood Desserts to Quit Sugar & Lose Weight by Danica Burton
MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 12 Lectures | 1 hour | 2.23GB

Become skilled at making your own superfood desserts giving you more energy and helping you lose weight naturally

Join the Super Food Revolution!

If you are you someone who relies on sugar and caffeine to get you through the day or if you crave sugar after every meal and you want to make changes. If you want more energy, glowing skin, and want to be happier and healthier, start baking with super foods!

Learn To Cook Super Food Treats To Be More Energized and Be Your Best Self

  • Learn about different healthy ingredients and why there good for you
  • Learn to make desserts without refined sugar, gluten, and animal fat
  • Learn step by step how to make interesting healthy desserts that are so good for you, you can eat them for breakfast
  • Why making your own treats is better then buying them
  • How to change and adapt the recipes to suit your tastes
  • How to choose alternatives for refined sugar that make you feel better
  • How to make treats that keep you satisfied and take you off the sugar roller coaster

Be in control of what goes in your body by making your own super food treats

You will learn which ingredients make you feel good and give you energy. What types of nutrients are in these powerful ingredients. How these healthy food make desserts that taste good and leave you satisfied not craving more and more. More people are realising the damaging effects of refined sugar and how it is in everything in large quantities. Some people want to stop being addicted to sugar and have more varied ingredients in their diet. That is what you can find in this course how to use different super foods to help you eat less damaging refined sugar.

11 super food sweet treat recipes

Step by step instruction that put you in the action so you can easily duplicate what you see in a fun short video with music (by BenSound), comments, and interesting ingredients overview.

How to make home made nut butter, granola, cookies, bars, crackers, muffins, coconut whipped cream, sweet pastry, fudge, brownies, and crumble topping.

Use super food ingredients:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • chia seeds
  • coconut oil
  • quinoa
  • chickpeas
  • coconut, almond, hazelnut, buckwheat flour
  • pumpkin, sesame, flax, sunflower seeds
  • oats
  • dates, figs, apricots, raisins, plums,
  • raspberries and many more

These recipes are good for you but taste like there not! They are easy enough for any skill level in the kitchen. You will not need to spend hours in the kitchen just an hour or two out of your busy week will give you enough time to have these treats ready for you and your family. They will live up to the taste buds of non healthy eaters and delicious enough to serve your friends.

These desserts are not diet food but treats that have varied ingredients to keep snacking interesting, to keep you feeling good, and full of energy. All the ingredients in this course are easy to find at any food store and aren't crazy expensive. Making these treats will save you money by not having to buy chemical laden fake sugary food. So as a result you will lose weight naturally, boost your immune system, and have a healthy glow. How could you not want all of that by just making a few changes in the kitchen that will change your life. Start eating super foods!

What are the requirements?

For these recipes students will need a food processor, food scales, basic kitchen equipment

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 12 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Cook desserts that are full of healthy super foods
  • Improve your diet, quit refined sugar, lose weight, and be full of energy
  • Be a happier and healthier you!

Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur [EPUB]

Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur [EPUB]
Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Sivers
2015 | EPUB | 0.3MB

You can follow the beaten path and call yourself an entrepreneur or you can blaze your own trail and really be one.

When Derek Sivers started CD Baby, he wasn't planning on building a major business. He was a successful independent musician who just wanted to sell his CDs online. When no one would help him do it, he set out on his own and built an online store from scratch.

He started in 1998 by helping his friends sell their CDs. In 2000, he hired his first employee. Eight years later, he sold CD Baby for $22 million.

Sivers didn't need a business plan, and neither do you. You don't need to think big; in fact, it's better if you don't. Start with what you have, care about your customers more than yourself, and run your business like you don't need the money.

The Blue Zones, 2nd Edition [EPUB]

The Blue Zones, 2nd Edition [EPUB]
The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest, 2nd Edition by Dan Buettner
2012 | EPUB | 6.33MB

Since publishing his bestselling The Blue Zones, longevity expert and National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner has discovered a new Blue Zone and launched a major public health initiative to transform cities based on principles from this book. The Blue Zones, Second Edition is completely updated and expands his bestselling classic on longevity, drawing on his research from extraordinarily long-lived communities–Blue Zones–around the globe to highlight the lifestyle, diet, outlook, and stress-coping practices that will add years to your life and life to your years.

The new Blue Zone is Ikaria, Greece, where strong, sweet wine, family, and a Mediterranean diet all play a role in longer life. Also new in this book is a reading group guide, designed for groups to read about, discuss, and implement many of the simple changes advocated for better health.

A long, healthy life is no accident. It begins with good genes, but it also depends on good habits. If you adopt the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are you may live up to a decade longer. Buettner has led teams of researchers across the globe–from Costa Rica to Sardinia, Italy, to Okinawa, Japan and beyond–to uncover the secrets of Blue Zones. He found that the recipe for longevity is deeply intertwined with community, lifestyle, and spirituality. People live longer and healthier by embracing a few simple but powerful habits, and by creating the right community around themselves. In The Blue Zones, Second Edition, Buettner has blended his lifestyle formula with the latest longevity research to inspire lasting, behavioral change and add years to your life.

Region by region, Buettner reveals the "secrets" of longevity through stories of his travels and interviews with some of the most remarkable–and happily long-living people on the planet. It's not coincidence that the way they eat, interact with each other, shed stress, heal themselves, avoid disease, and view their world yield them more good years of life. Buettner's easy to follow "best practices" and list of healthy lifestyle choices from the Blue Zones will empower readers to live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

See also: The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People

The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm [EPUB]

The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm [EPUB]
The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm by Eric Maisel
2015 | EPUB + PDF | 0.5/2.0MB

The Future of Mental Health drills to the heart of the current mental health crisis, where hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide receive unwarranted “mental disorder diagnoses." It paints a picture of how mental health providers can improve their practices to better serve individuals in distress and outlines necessary steps for a mental health revolution. Eric Maisel’s goal is to inject more human interaction into the therapeutic process.

Maisel powerfully deconstructs the “mental disorder" paradigm that is the foundation of current mental health practices. The author presents a revolutionary alternative, a “human experience"paradigm. He sheds a bright light on the differences between so-called “psychiatric medication"and mere chemicals with powerful effects, explains why the DSM-5 is silent on causes, silent on treatment, and wedded to illegitimate “symptom pictures." Maisel describes powerful helping alternatives like communities of care, and explains why one day “human experience specialists" may replace current mental health professionals.

An important book for both service providers and service users, The Future of Mental Health brilliantly unmasks current mental health practices and goes an important step further: it describes what we are obliged to do in order to secure better mental health services—and better mental health—for everyone.

100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks [EPUB]

100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks [EPUB]
100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks: Easy Recipes For Natural Energy & Weight Control the Healthy Way by Emily von Euw
2014 | EPUB | 4.71MB

Standout Healthy and Satisfying Juices, Smoothies and Snacks

Juices and smoothies are packed with the vitamins and nutrients you need to nourish your body. And Emily von Euw, creator of, has recipes that are so delicious you'll be drinking to your health every day.

Recipes include:

  • Lime and Apple Aura?
  • Watermelon Wake Me Up
  • Carrot Ginger Sipper?
  • Apple Cinnamon Delight
  • Banana Spinach Almond Dream
  • Pineapple Berry Mixer
  • Vanilla Melon Magic
  • Strawberry Mylkshake
  • Dark Chocolate Chip, Oat and Hemp Cookies
  • Dare to Date Squares
  • Hippie Hemp Hummus?
  • Cheezy Garlic Kale Chips

Each sip will boost your metabolism, detox your body, strengthen your immune system and help you get your daily-recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Plus, swapping in some of these healthy drinks and quick snacks will help control your weight and save you time in the kitchen. With recipes that are not only good for you and easy to make, but tasty and portable as well, you'll be clinging to this healthy living companion with both hands.

Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History [PDF]

Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History [PDF]
Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History by Barry Reay, Kim M Phillips
2011 | EPUB | 2.86MB

Sexuality in modern western culture is central to identity but the tendency to define by sexuality does not apply to the premodern past. Before the 'invention' of sexuality, erotic acts and desires were comprehended as species of sin, expressions of idealised love, courtship, and marriage, or components of intimacies between men or women, not as outworkings of an innermost self. With a focus on c. 1100–c. 1800, this book explores the shifting meanings, languages, and practices of western sex. It is the first study to combine the medieval and early modern to rethink this time of sex before sexuality, where same-sex and opposite-sex desire and eroticism bore but faint traces of what moderns came to call heterosexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, and pornography.

This volume aims to contribute to contemporary historical theory through paying attention to the particularity of premodern sexual cultures. Phillips and Reay argue that students of premodern sex will be blocked in their understanding if they use terms and concepts applicable to sexuality since the late nineteenth century, and modern commentators will never know their subject without a deeper comprehension of sex's history.

Can Non-Europeans Think? [EPUB]

Can Non-Europeans Think? [EPUB]
Can Non-Europeans Think by Hamid Dabashi
2015 | EPUB | 0.8MB

Philosophy claims to be the search for knowledge, unbound by any fetters. Yet even a cursory analysis of how it is conceived when it exists outside the European tradition reveals a troubling bias. While European philosophy, for example is simply known as “philosophy,” African philosophy is all too often dubbed “ethnophilosophy.” The Western philosophical tradition simply hasn’t acknowledged the vast amount of innovative thought that has flourished outside the European philosophical pedigree—and that has led to awkward, and damaging, failures to properly reckon with the ideas of people like Japan’s Kojin Karatani, Cuba’s Roberto Fernandez Retamar, or even America’s Cornel West.

In Can Non-Europeans Think?, Hamid Dabashi brings together a unique group of historical and theoretical reflections on current affairs and the role of philosophy to argue that, in order to grapple with the problems of humanity today, we must eliminate the ethnographic gaze that infects philosophy and casts Arab and other non-Western thinkers as subordinates.

Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers [EPUB]

Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers [EPUB]
Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers by Sheldon Krimsky
2015 | EPUB + PDF | 2.84/1.66MB

"Stem cells" have become linked with both new frontiers in medical science and political and ethical controversy. The field, along with the emerging area of regenerative medicine, is creating the conditions for a time when damaged tissue and organs might be repaired through personalized cell therapy as easily as the body repairs itself, therefore revolutionizing the treatment of numerous diseases. Yet to obtain human embryonic stem cells, scientists must destroy human embryos – a prospect that has provoked intense reactions among the American public.

Addressing the moral and ethical issues of stem cell research while also educating readers about the biological function and medical applications of these cells, this book features fictional characters engaging in compelling inquiry and debate. Participants investigate the scientific, political, and socio-ethical dimensions of stem cell science using actual language, analysis, and arguments taken from scientific, philosophical, and popular literature.

Each dialogue centers on a specific, recognizable topic, such as the policies implemented by the George W. Bush administration restricting the use of embryonic stem cells; the potential role of stem cells in personalized medicine; the ethics of cloning; and the sale of eggs and embryos. Additionally, speakers debate the use of stem cells to treat paralysis, diabetes, stroke effects, macular degeneration, and cancer.

Educational, entertaining, and rigorously researched (with 300 references to scientific literature), Stem Cell Dialogues should be included in any effort to help the public understand the science, ethics, and policy concerns of this promising field.

Circulation: William Harvey’s Revolutionary Idea [EPUB]

Circulation: William Harvey’s Revolutionary Idea [EPUB]
Circulation: William Harvey’s Revolutionary Idea by Thomas Wright
2015 | EPUB | 1.87MB

Diminutive, brilliant and choleric, William Harvey had a huge impact on anatomy and modern biology. Arguably the greatest Englishman in the history of science after Newton and Darwin, Harvey's obsessive quest to understand the movement of the blood overturned beliefs held by anatomists and physicians since Roman times. His circulation theory was as controversial in its day as Copernicus' idea that the earth revolved around the sun.

Set in the beating heart of late Renaissance London, Thomas Wright's vivid and visceral biography shows how Harvey drew inspiration not only from his dissections and vivisections, but also from the world around him: from England's bustling trade networks to technological developments of the time. It features a dramatic cast of historical characters, including Francis Bacon, England's Lord Chancellor and a recalcitrant patient of Harvey's; John Donne, a poet and preacher fascinated with anatomy and the human heart; and King Charles I, Harvey's beloved patron and witness to many of his experiments.

Harvey's circulation theory, in turn, permeated and altered the culture and language of its time, influencing poets and economists. To the dismay of the arch-Royalist Harvey, it also encouraged radical political ideas - and just as cherished anatomical orthodoxies could be toppled, so was the King during the Civil War. In more ways than one, Harvey's idea was truly revolutionary, yet astonishingly, it gained currency in his lifetime.

Circulationcharts the remarkable rise of a yeoman's son to the position of King's physician, offers a fresh interpretation of his ideas, and above all, celebrates a brilliant mind that epitomized a rich moment in England's intellectual history.

Art of D*Face: One Man and His Dog [EPUB]

Art of D*Face: One Man and His Dog [EPUB]
Art of D*Face: One Man and His Dog by Dean Stockton
2015 | EPUB | 223.54MB

D*Face has been a leading figure in urban art for well over a decade. A contemporary of Banksy, he was at the forefront of the urban art movement, and has had a constant presence throughout its meteoric rise into popular culture.

This long-awaited monograph shows the development of his career as an artist to date, encompassing his continuing street work, and the path that led him from the early beginnings of the street art genre to multiple sell-out solo exhibitions around the world. Containing previously unseen images of his working process and studio, as well as firsthand anecdotes, and the stories behind his extraordinary work, the book provides an insider's view of one of Britain's most important urban artists.

Climbs & Punishment by Felix Lowe [EPUB]

Climbs & Punishment by Felix Lowe [EPUB]
Climbs & Punishment by Felix Lowe
2014 | EPUB | 12.66MB

After almost a decade of reporting on the exploits of the pro peloton, raconteur Felix Lowe takes to the saddle and sets out to conquer the road from Barcelona to Rome. Powered by local delicacies, painkillers and imaginary fans, Lowe pedals his way through three countries and over three mountain ranges, taking in some of the sport's most fabled climbs.

Following in the tracks of the world's greatest wheelmen, he puts professional cycling's three major stage races - the Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana and Giro d'Italia - under the microscope, whilst capturing the potent mix of madness, humour and human spirit that fuels stage winners and pedal spinners alike.

Tracing the footsteps of the celebrated Carthaginian general Hannibal, who led his own pachyderm peloton of thirty-seven elephants over the Alps and all the way to the gates of Rome, Lowe's epic quest pays homage to the sport, examines the psychology of both the crazed amateur and the pedalling pro, and delves into the awesome march of a military genius who almost brought the Roman Empire to its knees.

Picasso by Gertrude Stein [EPUB]

Picasso by Gertrude Stein [EPUB]
Picasso by Gertrude Stein
2012 | EPUB | 14.46MB

For more than a generation, Gertrude Stein's Paris home at 27 rue de Fleurus was the center of a glittering coterie of artists and writers, one of whom was Pablo Picasso. In this intimate and revealing memoir, Stein tells us much about the great man (and herself) and offers many insights into the life and art of the 20th century's greatest painter.

Mixing biological fact with artistic and aesthetic comments, she limns a unique portrait of Picasso as a founder of Cubism, an intimate of Appollinaire, Max Jacob, Braque, Derain, and others, and a genius driven by a ceaseless quest to convey his vision of the 20th century. We learn, for example, of the importance of his native Spain in shaping Picasso's approach to art; of the influence of calligraphy and African sculpture; of his profound struggle to remain true to his own vision; of the overriding need to empty himself of the forms and ideas that welled up within him.

Stein's close relationship with Picasso furnishes her with a unique vantage point in composing this perceptive and provocative reminiscence. It will delight any admirer of Picasso or Gertrude Stein; it is indispensable to an understanding of modern art.

Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America [EPUB]

Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America [EPUB]
Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America by Ioan Grillo
2016 | EPUB | 3.38MB

In a ranch south of Texas, the man known as The Executioner dumps five hundred body parts in metal barrels. In Brazil's biggest city, a mysterious prisoner orders hit-men to gun down forty-one police officers and prison guards in two days. In southern Mexico, a meth maker is venerated as a saint while enforcing Old Testament justice on his enemies.

A new kind of criminal kingpin has arisen: part CEO, part terrorist, and part rock star, unleashing guerrilla attacks, strong-arming governments, and taking over much of the world's trade in narcotics, guns, and humans. What they do affects you now–from the gas in your car, to the gold in your jewelry, to the tens of thousands of Latin Americans calling for refugee status in the U.S. Gangster Warlords is the first definitive account of the crime wars now wracking Central and South America and the Caribbean, regions largely abandoned by the U.S. after the Cold War. Author of the critically acclaimed El Narco, Ioan Grillo has covered Latin America since 2001 and gained access to every level of the cartel chain of command in what he calls the new battlefields of the Americas. Moving between militia-controlled ghettos and the halls of top policy-makers, Grillo provides a disturbing new understanding of a war that has spiraled out of control–one that people across the political spectrum need to confront now.

Murder by Candlelight: The Gruesome Slayings Behind Our Romance With the Macabre [Audiobook]

Murder by Candlelight: The Gruesome Slayings Behind Our Romance With the Macabre [Audiobook]
Murder by Candlelight: The Gruesome Slayings Behind Our Romance With the Macabre [Audiobook] by Michael Beran, read by Jonathan Yen
2015 | MP3@64 kbps | 7 hrs 43 mins | 220.6MB

In the early 19th century, a series of murders took place in and around London that shocked the whole of England. The appalling nature of the crimes - a brutal slaying in the gambling netherworld, the slaughter of two entire households, and the first of the modern lust-murders - was magnified not only by the lurid atmosphere of an age in which candlelight gave way to gaslight but also by the efforts of some of the keenest minds of the period to uncover the most gruesome details of the killings.

These slayings all took place against the backdrop of a London in which the splendor of the fashionable world was haunted by the squalor of the slums. Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, Thomas De Quincey, Thomas Carlyle, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and others were fascinated by the blood and deviltry of these crimes.

In their contemplations of the most notorious murders of their time, they discerned in the act of killing itself a depth of hideousness that we have lost sight of, now living in an age in which murder has been reduced to a problem of social science and skillful detective work. Interweaving these cultural vignettes alongside criminal history, acclaimed author Michael Knox Beran paints a vivid picture of a time when homicide was thought of as the intrusion of the diabolic into ordinary life.

Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio]

Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio]
Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio] by Professor Peter M Vishton
2013 | MP3@64 kbps | 12 hrs 12 mins | + PDF | 349.56

Your senses aren't just a part of you-they define you. Nothing you experience would be possible without the intricate power of your senses. But how much about them do you really know?

Your ability to sense and perceive the world around you is so richly detailed and accurate as to be miraculous. No tool in the entire universe of scientific exploration can come close to matching the ability of your brain to use information sensed by your eyes, ears, skin, tongue, and nose to produce a rich sensory experience in just milliseconds.

In recent years, neurobiologists and other scientists have uncovered new insights into how your senses work and the amazingly complex and fascinating things they can do. And now you can share in what they've discovered-through this intriguing series of 24 lectures from an award-winning teacher.

Knowing how your senses work and the ways they shape how you see, interact with, and understand your life will help you think more critically about everything you sense and perceive, strengthen your appreciation of the senses that make this possible, prepare you to be an active consumer of new scientific evidence on how our senses work, and much more.

With Professor Vishton as your guide, you'll. consider each of your senses from multiple perspectives:

  • Explore how your brain processes different sensory information
  • Consider how your senses work together and within the context of the environment around you
  • discover how your senses connect you to the world and other people.

Using both cutting-edge research and simple experiments, tests, and demonstrations to hone your understanding, he has created a world-class learning experience that will change the way you think about your senses.