Ultralight Boatbuilding [Video]

Ultralight Boatbuilding [Video]
Ultralight Boatbuilding by Thomas J Hill
AVI, DivX, 1200 kbps, 720x480 | MP3, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 2.2 hours | 1.26 GB

This two hour and thirteen minute DVD video describes in great detail the construction of Toms' most popular canoe with homebuilders, "The Charlotte", an 11' 6" solo double paddle, 27 lb. canoe. Over one thousand sets of plans have been sold for this model.

The techniques shown in this video apply to other designs as well. Professionally shot with excellent computer graphics, this video is a must for first-time builders.

Beyond Biofatalism: Human Nature for an Evolving World [EPUB]

Beyond Biofatalism: Human Nature for an Evolving World [EPUB]
Beyond Biofatalism: Human Nature for an Evolving World by Gillian Barker
2015 | EPUB + PDF | 1.7/2.08MB

Beyond Biofatalism is a lively and penetrating response to the idea that evolutionary psychology reveals human beings to be incapable of building a more inclusive, cooperative, and egalitarian society. Considering the pressures of climate change, unsustainable population growth, increasing income inequality, and religious extremism, this attitude promises to stifle the creative action we require before we even try to meet these threats.

Beyond Biofatalism provides the perspective we need to understand that better societies are not only possible but actively enabled by human nature. Gillian Barker appreciates the methods and findings of evolutionary psychologists, but she considers their work against a broader background to show human nature is surprisingly open to social change. Like other organisms, we possess an active plasticity that allows us to respond dramatically to certain kinds of environmental variation, and we engage in niche construction, modifying our environment to affect others and ourselves. Barker uses related research in social psychology, developmental biology, ecology, and economics to reinforce this view of evolved human nature, and philosophical exploration to reveal its broader implications. The result is an encouraging foundation on which to build better approaches to social, political, and other institutional changes that could enhance our well-being and chances for survival.

The Murder of King James I [EPUB]

The Murder of King James I [EPUB]
The Murder of King James I by Alastair Bellany, Thomas Cogswell
2015 | EPUB | 9.79MB

A year after the death of James I in 1625, a sensational pamphlet accused the Duke of Buckingham of murdering the king. It was an allegation that would haunt English politics for nearly forty years. In this exhaustively researched new book, two leading scholars of the era, Alastair Bellany and Thomas Cogswell, uncover the untold story of how a secret history of courtly poisoning shaped and reflected the political conflicts that would eventually plunge the British Isles into civil war and revolution. Illuminating many hitherto obscure aspects of early modern political culture, this eagerly anticipated work is both a fascinating story of political intrigue and a major exploration of the forces that destroyed the Stuart monarchy.

Impressionism - Paint this Aspen Autumn scene in oil/acrylic [Video]

Impressionism - Paint this Aspen Autumn scene in oil/acrylic [Video]
Impressionism - Paint this Aspen Autumn scene in oil/acrylic by Christopher Clark
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 2 hours | 1.96GB

Learn Impressionism techniques by creating this Aspen Autumn painting. For total beginner through advanced painters.

Impressionist painting with a focus on light. Bring a luminous quality to your paintings you’ve never thought possible. Learn how to build a painting in one sitting, “alla prima”, and how to savor interesting brushwork. You will also learn the invaluable concepts of drawing, value, color, and edges. Use these methods and knowledge to start your painting off right if you're a total beginner, or to take your painting style to the next level if you're more experienced. You’ve never painted like this before.

You can paint along with me during this entire course. I even have a camera angle that shows my palette as I'm mixing colors. You will learn crucial painting techniques in the process of creating a beautiful painting. Or feel free to just sit back and enjoy the show as I create a painting from scratch.

This course is partial toward using oil paint, and I highly recommend it, however you can use acrylics also. Many of the concepts I discuss in this course apply to all mediums of art.

So take this course if you're ready to improve your painting with methods you've probably never seen before, and will have you thinking about painting in a new way. For all levels of painters.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic painting and drawing skills are recommended, but I will help start you off right if you're brand new.
  • Materials required: regular oil painting materials (paints, brushes, palette, solvent, canvas, easel); also charcoal, eraser, and paper. I provide a detailed list of all painting materials that I use.
  • A love of painting! (that one's cheesy, but it's so true)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 12 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Create an entire painting in one sitting
  • Understand Impressionism and why it is so powerful
  • Understand how light works to make things look the way they do, and how to translate that into your paintings
  • Understand the concepts of Drawing, Values, Color, and Edges
  • Learn the value of brushwork. So much can be said with so few brushstrokes.
  • Apply all of these concepts to let your own personal style develop
Impressionism - Paint this Aspen Autumn scene in oil/acrylic [Video]

Metabolic Aftershock Workout [Video]

Metabolic Aftershock Workout [Video]
Metabolic Aftershock Workout by Dr Jade Teta
MP4, AVC, 640x360 | AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 4 hours | + PDF | 1.4GB

Everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong.

Most people think exercising to burn fat is simply about working harder. It’s not.

You can be as diligent and consistent as you like, but if you are working harder at the wrong thing you are increasing your odds of failure not success.

Exercise is not just about quantity. Longer is not better.

And it’s not a simple matter of quality either. Harder, shorter workouts don’t guarantee success either.

There is something else that is required. Something that determines whether or not your workout will make a difference in the way you look, feel and function.


Fat-burning exercise is about efficiency. It is about doing the maximum amount of intelligent exercise in the shortest amount of time while adjusting to your specific fitness level.

The most important word here is “intelligent.” Intelligent exercise is exercise that provides just the right type of stimulus, in just the right amounts, to get the body to do what you want.

Which is exactly what this program has been designed to do.

It accomplishes this by taking you through a three phase system. Each phase consists of three workouts. The workouts are short, yet intense—each routine is only 45 seconds, and you workout for a total of 15 minutes three times a week.

Metabolic Aftershock Workout [Video]

BEAT Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy [Video]

BEAT Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy [Video]
BEAT Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy by Hari Kalymnios
MP4, AVC, 1949 kbps, 960x540 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 38 Lectures | 5.5 hours | 3.63GB

Don't just survive - THRIVE. Learn the simple secrets guaranteed to increase your energy levels and get you playing BIG.

Do you feel exhausted after each day? Do you wake up tired? Do you feel like you're not "firing on all cylinders"?

Do you want to have an abundance of TRUE ENERGY?

Have you ever met people who seem to be able to do it all? Work a full day, manage their household and affairs, see friends and family and still get a full day in either side of their regular work day? They seem to run on endless energy. How do they do it? They seem to sleep less than you, work more, live more and enjoy themselves more.

The truth is, to do any of that, to live a full and vibrant life, takes an incredible amount of ENERGY. But how do you get it?

This course is structured into 6 modules where I cover the four main components of my framework for energetic living.

This course has over 5.5 hrs of video training from me personally (and 20 handouts) and is a comprehensive course designed to give you what you need to know to move forward in your life - with energy.

Along with the video training lectures, there are a number of supplementary materials to print out and review. These are well worth it and will help from a practical point of view to implement some of the suggestions, as well serve as reminder for you, or be references for further research.

You should take this course only if you:

  • Want to have increased health, vitality or energy.
  • Want to accomplish more in your given 24hrs than you do currently.
  • The solutions I provide come from my own personal experience and what I've seen work for others.

If you apply these principles, I know that you will transform your life, as I have mine and the people that I work with.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 38 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • By the end of the course you will know exactly what you need to do to live with an abundance of health and energy.
  • In this course you will learn the Four Fundamentals to Energetic Living as explained in The Energy B.E.A.T. Model
BEAT Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy [Video]

Public Speaking: The Hidden Secret to Influence & Confidence [Video]

Public Speaking: The Hidden Secret to Influence & Confidence [Video]
Public Speaking: The Hidden Secret to Influence & Confidence by Ramesha Nani
MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 10 Lectures | 1.5 hours | 1.25GB

Voice Training To Be More Confident And Influential

Your voice is your primary tool of communication!

if you want to naturally convey trust, honesty, and integrity through the quality and presence of your voice; If you want to speak without getting tired or hoarse; if you want to be a more influential speaker or teacher; if the sound of your voice on recording makes you cringe; if you want to learn to communicate with clarity, power, and ease; if you want to become more effective at sharing your message and influencing others positively, this course is for you!

When hearing a recording of themselves, speakers and teachers frequently cringe because they realize that they sound very different from what they imagined!

The voice conveys so much information about who you are. If properly trained, your voice can become a powerful instrument to convey not just words, but the energy, the ideas, and the consciousness behind the words. A strong, resonant voice is confidence-building, commands attention, conveys trust and integrity, and establishes more easily a connection with your audience.

Bad habits and age are stressful to the voice. Over the years, it tends to crack more often and to sound thinner, weaker, and more shallow. The organs that produce the voice are muscles, and like any other muscle, they need to be kept in good shape in order to work properly. This course will show you how.

Voice training can turn a weak, thin, cracking voice into a powerful communication tool. A misplaced voice inhibits, instead of enhancing, your ability to convey effectively content and ideas. Besides making it easier and more natural to use the voice, proper vocal training develops your sound and resonance, which translates into the ability to communicate on a deeper level.

In this course you will learn the techniques to make your voice into a strong and reliable instrument to express your thoughts and feelings with clarity and conviction. The confidence that will come as a result, will make it easier for you to “get out of yourself” and connect with your audience on a deeper level. This synergy will help you feel that you and your audience are on the same side, taking away any sense of stress and building a subtle bridge between you and them.

Take action now! Every few minutes you’re delaying you’re not expressing your full potential as a speaker.

What are the requirements?

  • The most important requirement for taking this course is an open mind and willingness to change the way you use and perceive something as personal as your voice
  • You won't need hours of practice, but you should plan to dedicate at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day to voice training, in order to make your voice into a strong and reliable instrument to express your thoughts and feelings with clarity and conviction

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 10 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Become a more charismatic speaker or teacher
  • Develop more vocal resonance while also building endurance
  • Convey trust, honesty, and integrity through your voice
  • Communicate with increased clarity, power, and ease
  • Share your message more effectively and influence others more positively

From Russia With Doubt: The Quest to Authenticate 181 Would-Be Masterpieces of the Russian Avant-Garde [EPUB]

From Russia With Doubt: The Quest to Authenticate 181 Would-Be Masterpieces of the Russian Avant-Garde [EPUB]
From Russia With Doubt: The Quest to Authenticate 181 Would-Be Masterpieces of the Russian Avant-Garde by Adam Lerner
2015 | EPUB | 195.9MB

In 2010 the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver director Adam Lerner did something unheard of in the museum world: he mounted a large exhibition of paintings without first knowing whether they were real or fakes. Painted in the Suprematist and Constructivist style of early twentieth-century Russian avant-garde masters, the 181 canvases had been acquired by amateur collectors Ron and Roger Pollard from a mysterious seller in Germany they met on eBay who claimed the paintings were found in an abandoned shipping container held in German customs since the 1980s. In From Russia with Doubt, Lerner skillfully weaves together the tale—from the initial eBay find to his controversial decision to exhibit the collection—guiding readers through the looking glass into the Byzantine corridors of the art world and beyond, describing the owners' quest to authenticate and appraise the would-be masterpieces. What he finds raises powerful questions about our own relationship to art.

Effective Writing in Psychology: Papers, Posters,and Presentations [EPUB]

Effective Writing in Psychology: Papers, Posters,and Presentations [EPUB]
Effective Writing in Psychology: Papers, Posters,and Presentations by Bernard C Bein, Agatha M Beins
2012 | EPUB | 4.63MB

The second edition of Effective Writing in Psychology helps users produce crisp scientific communication, form concise unambiguous arguments, and render technical information clear and comprehensible. The new edition incorporates the latest guidelines contained within the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual.

  • Clear guidelines on effective writing illustrate how to generate strong and compelling prose, even when the writing is not aimed at a research audience
  • Incorporates changes to the guidelines contained in the 6th edition of the APA publication manual
  • Includes material on how to adapt APA style for poster presentations using PowerPoint, and for oral presentations
  • Contains a new section on using the Internet to present research papers and a new chapter on conducting a literature search, to guide students through databases, keywords, sources, and connections between articles
  • Highlights methods for selecting a research topic and organizing papers
  • Features a sample manuscript showing common deviations from correct APA style and a version demonstrating appropriate use of APA style

The Devil's Financial Dictionary [EPUB]

The Devil's Financial Dictionary [EPUB]
The Devil's Financial Dictionary by Jason Zweig
2015 | EPUB | 15.3MB

Your Survival Guide to the Hades of Wall Street

The Devil’s Financial Dictionary skewers the plutocrats and bureaucrats who gave us exploding mortgages, freakish risks, and banks too big to fail. And it distills the complexities, absurdities, and pomposities of Wall Street into plain truths and aphorisms anyone can understand.

An indispensable survival guide to the hostile wilderness of today’s financial markets, The Devil’s Financial Dictionary delivers practical insights with a scorpion’s sting. It cuts through the fads and fakery of Wall Street and clears a safe path for investors between euphoria and despair.

Staying out of financial purgatory has never been this fun.

Calculus Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition [EPUB]

Calculus Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition [EPUB]
Calculus Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Mark Ryan
2015 | EPUB | 10.14MB

Your light-hearted, practical approach to conquering calculus

Does the thought of calculus give you a coronary? You aren't alone. Thankfully, this new edition of Calculus Workbook For Dummies makes it infinitely easier. Focusing "beyond the classroom," it contains calculus exercises you can work on that will help to increase your confidence and improve your skills. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you hundreds of practice problems on limits, vectors, continuity, differentiation, integration, curve-sketching, conic sections, natural logarithms, and infinite series.

Calculus is a gateway and potential stumbling block for students interested in pursuing a career in math, science, engineering, finance, and technology. Calculus students, along with math students in nearly all disciplines, benefit greatly from opportunities to practice different types of problems—in the classroom and out. Calculus Workbook For Dummies takes you step-by-step through each concept, operation, and solution, explaining the "how" and "why" in plain English, rather than math-speak. Through relevant instruction and practical examples, you'll soon learn that real-life calculus isn't nearly the monster it's made out to be.

  • Master differentiation and integration
  • Use the calculus microscope: limits
  • Analyze common functions
  • Score your highest in calculus

Complete with tips for problem-solving and traps to avoid, Calculus Workbook For Dummies is your sure-fire weapon for conquering calculus!

Productivity For Dummies [EPUB]

Productivity For Dummies [EPUB]
Productivity For Dummies by Ciara Conlon
2015 | EPUB | 1.96MB

Take your productivity to the next level and make the most of your time!

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Don't we all! Productivity For Dummies shows you how to overcome this common problem by tackling key issues that are preventing you from remaining focused and making the most of your time. This insightful text gets to the root of the problem, and shows you how to identify and analyse the items on your to-do list to deliver on deadlines and maximise your schedule. Numerous techniques and technologies have been developed to address productivity needs, and this resource shows you which will work for your situation.

Productivity is crucial to your success - whether you want to find a new job, earn a promotion you've had your eye on, or generally progress in your career, understanding how to improve your productivity is essential in increasing the value you bring to your organisation. At the very least, increased productivity means that you get things done faster—which translates into fewer overtime hours and more time concentrating on the things that are most important to you.

  • Eliminate procrastination and laziness from your daily routine
  • Organise your work environment to create a space conducive to productivity
  • Increase your concentration and stay focused on the task at hand
  • Make decisions quickly, and stay cool, calm, and collected no matter what the situation is

Productivity For Dummies helps you solve the age-old problem of having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Building Information Modeling For Dummies [EPUB]

Building Information Modeling For Dummies [EPUB]
Building Information Modeling For Dummies by Stefan Mordue, Paul Swaddle, David Philp
2015 | EPUB | 3.1MB

Everything you need to make the most of building information modeling

If you're looking to get involved in the world of BIM, but don't quite know where to start, Building Information Modeling For Dummies is your one-stop guide to collaborative building using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings. Inside, you'll find an easy-to-follow introduction to BIM and hands-on guidance for understanding drivers for change, the benefits of BIM, requirements you need to get started, and where BIM is headed.

The future of BIM is bright—it provides the industry with an increased understanding of predictability, improved efficiency, integration and coordination, less waste, and better value and quality. Additionally, the use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle and supporting processes, including cost management, construction management, project management, and facility operation. Now heavily adopted in the U.S., Hong Kong, India, Singapore, France, Canada, and countless other countries, BIM is set to become a mandatory practice in building work in the UK, and this friendly guide gives you everything you need to make sense of it—fast.

  • Demonstrates how BIM saves time and waste on site
  • Shows you how the information generated from BIM leads to fewer errors on site
  • Explains how BIM is based on data sets that describe objects virtually, mimicking the way they'll be handled physically in the real world
  • Helps you grasp how the integration of BIM allows every stage of the life cycle to work together without data or process conflict

Written by a team of well-known experts, this friendly, hands-on guide gets you up and running with BIM fast.

How to be Creative & Innovative in Business [Video]

How to be Creative & Innovative in Business [Video]
How to be Creative & Innovative in Business by Andrew Matthews, Robert Silva
MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 121 Lectures | 2 hours | 1.38 GB

Opportunities are not in things, but in the eye of the beholder. In this course, we will dive into four key areas that are essential to see new business opportunities and improve your business:

  • Regaining your creative genius The left side of the brain is vital to bring things down to earth. Nevertheless, the right side is important because it is the seat for new ideas. Tapping into creativity brings out groundbreaking ideas, products, services, and in due course, greater customer satisfaction. We will see that everyone can be much more creative and will explore this innate capacity.
  • Conceptual, emotional and behavioral blockbusting The idea here is to learn what may be holding us back – what kind of conceptual, emotional or behavioral paradigms we have that holds us back.
  • Breaking paradigms What does not allow us to accept new ideas? It is our paradigms. They are like a filter. Joel Barker encourages us to ask, what is impossible to do today, but if it were possible, would change radically the way things are done?
  • Creativity applied to business We are going to learn effective techniques to help you take the lead regarding innovation. Our aim is to have clear-cut manners to apply creativity to a business situation that brings results.

After having learned the above techniques, we now apply them in teams to guarantee that innovative improvements will be the lifeblood of your organization.

But wait, there´s more!

You will begin to prepare your mindset for new things to come. Many products and services will be common in the near future. Just to name a few things, we are marching to a future of:

  • Renewable energy – turbines around the world are being designed to harness the power of the ocean.
  • Non-invasive medical procedures – a pen-size device is being developed at the University of Texas to detect skin cancer without the need for a biopsy.
  • 3D printing that goes beyond “printing” – scientists have been experimenting using the technology to reconstruct human tissue.
  • Smarter and smarter Apps – we already have currently mobile applications that can identify what song is playing. Imagine what is coming.

Wouldn´t you like to be part of such transformation? The more creative you are, the better off you are to undertake these new possibilities.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 121 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Regain creativity.
  • Break barriers that disallow creativity.
  • Break bad paradigms.
  • Use innovation with their teams.
  • Apply creativity to real business situations.
  • As a result, the participant will be able to present better creative ideas, have new insights to create better designs, see business opportunities, improve processes to make it run smoother, unlock the mind for innovation and create new ingenious products and motivate the team.

Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Start the Right Way [Video]

Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Start the Right Way [Video]
Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Start the Right Way [Video] by Kofi Sonokpon
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 4.5 hours | 2.25GB

In Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Start the Right Way, you will discover:

  • 5 mistakes that most new entrepreneurs make, so you can avoid them;
  • 7 things that most successful entrepreneurs know or understand, so you can learn to emulate them and ensure your own success;
  • A street-smart 3-phase strategy to take into account in your planning process;
  • 12 steps to consider in your entrepreneurial journey.

Unlike most programs out there, this course has been designed and prepared by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, based on real entrepreneurial life experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

This program is intended for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners as well as professionals, authors, coaches, experts, consultants who want either launch a new business venture or transform an existing venture into the next success story.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 29 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Identify 5 mistakes most new entrepreneurs make and avoid them
  • Identify 7 things most successful entrepreneurs understand and emulate them
  • Apply a street-smart 3-phase strategy
  • Follow a 12-step process to planning your business

Healing Diabetes with Fruit Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet [Video]

Healing Diabetes with Fruit Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet [Video]
Healing Diabetes with Fruit Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet by Tasha Lee
MKV, AVC, 3757 kbps, 1280x720 | English, MP3, 256 kbps, 2 Ch | 3.5 hours | + PDF | 6.91 GB

Have you ever heard that diabetics should limit their carbs? How about that diabetics shouldn't eat a lot of fruit? What about that eating too much fruit sugar might give you diabetes? These all-too-common beliefs are about to be explored…and exposed for the myths they really are. In this revolutionary book, you will meet five courageous individuals who have healed their bodies, eliminated the need for diabetic medications, achieved excellent HbA1c's and blood sugar readings, and, in effect, reversed their type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes diagnoses…all while eating a diet mainly comprised of FRUIT! If they can heal diabetes with fruit, why should anyone else be afraid of it? These in-depth interviews answer all the commonly-asked questions and objections about diabetes and fruit. In this book you will find answers from ex-diabetics about food choices, blood tests, lab results, interaction with doctors, transition details, health improvements, tips for beginners, and much, much more. These honest and vulnerable interviews give the reader a thorough understanding of what is involved in becoming an ex-type 2 diabetic. My name is Tasha Lee. I have had type 1 diabetes for 25 years. Since my diagnosis, I have regularly visited endocrinologists and received a thorough diabetes education from practitioners of traditional medicine. I have read diabetes books, magazines, and websites; I have participated in diabetes camps, support groups, and online forums. Suffice it to say, I understand the popular approaches to management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. By “going against the grain” and transitioning to a fruit-based diet and healthy lifestyle, I personally have made significant improvements in insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, and overall health. Unlike so many others, I don't see fruit as "the bad guy" when it comes to diabetes. On the contrary, following a fruit-based diet has allowed me to have the best diabetes management of my life. I wouldn't wish diabetes on anyone, and to find out that type 2 could be healed–and rather quickly–on a low-fat, plant-based diet, I was ecstatic! I wanted to share this hope with the world. I am so blessed to have met these five individuals willing to share their diabetes reversal stories in this book. I can't wait for you to be blessed, and your life changed by them, as well.

Underground in Berlin: A Young Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany [EPUB]

Underground in Berlin: A Young Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany [EPUB]
Underground in Berlin: A Young Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany by Marie Jalowicz Simon
2015 | EPUB | 3.5MB

A thrilling piece of undiscovered history, this is the true account of a young Jewish woman who survived World War II in Berlin.

In 1941, Marie Jalowicz Simon, a nineteen-year-old Berliner, made an extraordinary decision. All around her, Jews were being rounded up for deportation, forced labor, and extermination. Marie took off her yellow star, turned her back on the Jewish community, and vanished into the city.

In the years that followed, Marie lived under an assumed identity, forced to accept shelter wherever she found it. Always on the run, never certain whom she could trust, Marie moved between almost twenty different safe-houses, living with foreign workers, staunch communists, and even committed Nazis. Only her quick-witted determination and the most hair-raising strokes of luck allowed her to survive.

Don't Know Much About Anything Else [EPUB]

Don't Know Much About Anything Else [EPUB]
Don't Know Much About Anything Else by Kenneth C Davis
2008 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.29/0.72MB

Now, the sky's the limit in his latest irresistible installment—a grand tour of knowledge that carries us from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Berlin Wall, from the Salem Witch Trials to Watergate, from Michelangelo to Houdini. Brimming with busted myths, gripping true stories, and peculiar particulars about a plethora of people, places, and events, this captivating compendium is guaranteed to delight information lovers everywhere as it feeds our insatiable appetite to know everything!

Build This Bong: Instructions and Diagrams for 40 Bongs, Pipes, and Hookahs [EPUB]

Build This Bong: Instructions and Diagrams for 40 Bongs, Pipes, and Hookahs [EPUB]
Build This Bong: Instructions and Diagrams for 40 Bongs, Pipes, and Hookahs by Randy Stratton
2007 | EPUB | 1.72MB

The first book ever to feature detailed directions for bongs, pipes, hookahs, and more, Build This Bong brings both the classics and entirely original showstoppers to the home workshop. Projects of all sorts—from a standard gravity bong to a rubber ducky hookah and a state of the art vaporizer—come to life with Popular Mechanics-inspired illustrations and simple instructions. No fancy materials necessary: handyman Randy Stratton shows how to construct everything from common household goods. Build This Bong's 40 inventive projectsmade from melons, coconuts, snow-globes, teapots, and moreare sure to be a big, mind-blowing hit.

Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower [Audiobook]

Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower [Audiobook]
Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower [Audiobook] by Henry M Paulson, read by Kevin Stillwell
2015 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 18 hrs 31 mins | 524.59MB

DEALING WITH CHINA takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and future of China's state-controlled capitalism.

Hank Paulson has dealt with China unlike any other foreigner. As head of Goldman Sachs, Paulson had a pivotal role in opening up China to private enterprise. Then, as Treasury secretary, he created the Strategic Economic Dialogue with what is now the world's second-largest economy. He negotiated with China on needed economic reforms, while safeguarding the teetering U.S. financial system. Over his career, Paulson has worked with scores of top Chinese leaders, including Xi Jinping, China's most powerful man in decades.

In DEALING WITH CHINA, Paulson draws on his unprecedented access to modern China's political and business elite, including its three most recent heads of state, to answer several key questions:

  • How did China become an economic superpower so quickly?
  • How does business really get done there?
  • What are the best ways for Western business and political leaders to work with, compete with, and benefit from China?
  • How can the U.S. negotiate with and influence China given its authoritarian rule, its massive environmental concerns, and its huge population's unrelenting demands for economic growth and security?

Written in the same anecdote-rich, page-turning style as Paulson's bestselling memoir, On the Brink, DEALING WITH CHINA is certain to become the classic and definitive examination of how to engage China's leaders as they build their economic superpower.

On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System [Audiobook]

On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System [Audiobook]
On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System [Audiobook] by Henry M Paulson, read by Dan Woren
2010 | MP3@96 kbps + EPUB | 15 hrs 8 mins | 644.11MB

When Hank Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was appointed in 2006 to become the nation's next Secretary of the Treasury, he knew that his move from Wall Street to Washington would be daunting and challenging.

But Paulson had no idea that a year later, he would find himself at the very epicenter of the world's most cataclysmic financial crisis since the Great Depression. Major institutions including Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup, among others - all steeped in rich, longstanding tradition - literally teetered at the edge of collapse. Panic ensnared international markets. Worst of all, the credit crisis spread to all parts of the U.S. economy and grew more ominous with each passing day, destroying jobs across America and undermining the financial security millions of families had spent their lifetimes building.

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime economic nightmare. Events no one had thought possible were happening in quick succession, and people all over the globe were terrified that the continuing downward spiral would bring unprecedented chaos. All eyes turned to the United States Treasury Secretary to avert the disaster.

This, then, is Hank Paulson's first-person account. From the man who was in the very middle of this perfect economic storm, On the Brink is Paulson's fast-paced retelling of the key decisions that had to be made with lightning speed.

More than an account about numbers and credit risks gone bad, On the Brink is an extraordinary story about people and politics - all brought together during the world's impending financial Armageddon.

Vulcan Boys: From the Cold War to the Falklands [Audiobook]

Vulcan Boys: From the Cold War to the Falklands [Audiobook]
Vulcan Boys: From the Cold War to the Falklands: True Tales of the Iconic Delta V Bomber [Audiobook] by Tony Blackman, read by Roger Davis
2015 | M4B@64 kbps | 11 hrs 17 mins | 318.1MB

The Vulcan, the second of the three V bombers built to guard the UK during the Cold War, has become an aviation icon like the Spitfire, its delta shape instantly recognizable, as is the howling noise it makes when the engines are opened for takeoff. Vulcan Boys is the first Vulcan book recounted completely firsthand by the operators themselves. It tells the story of the aircraft from its design conception through the Cold War, when it played out its most important job as Britain's nuclear deterrent - before unbelievably, at the end of its service life, also playing a significant role, with its bombs and missiles, in liberating the Falkland Islands, for which it gained much celebrity. The individual accounts detail how hours at a time were spent on readiness, waiting to be scrambled to defend their country in the event of a third world war. In addition they detail how their aggressive skills were honed by carrying out Lone Ranger sorties flying to the States and westward around the world and taking part in Giant Voice and Red Flag, competitive exercises against the United States Strategic Air Command. The attacks in the Falklands using Shrike missiles are described accurately and in great detail for the first time, including the landing at Rio de Janeiro alongside a vivid account of Black Buck 2. Vulcan Boys is a fascinating and completely authentic listen, reminding us of the Cold War, how it was fought, and the considerable effort required to prevent all-out nuclear war.

Emerging Forensic Tools for Locating and Analyzing Digital Evidence [Video]

Emerging Forensic Tools for Locating and Analyzing Digital Evidence [Video]
Emerging Forensic Tools for Locating and Analyzing Digital Evidence [Video] by Richard Boddington
MP4, AVC, 1920x1080 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 2.5 hours | 557.56MB

Digital evidence comprises information found on a broad range of electronic devices and is generally considered useful to the courts because of its probative value. Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent that complex technical issues, increasingly large datasets, and the special properties of digital evidence often makes it difficult for the courts to understand the true nature and value of the evidence presented.

The Emerging Forensic Tools for Locating and Analyzing Digital Evidence video lecture presents case studies highlighting the challenges associated with digital evidence location and analysis in criminal and civil legal cases. It introduces the world’s leading forensic tools to meet and overcome these challenges and presents new concepts in the way digital evidence is now being garnered and processed by more enlightened practitioners.This video lecture is a valuable educational resource for digital forensic practitioners involved in corporate investigations, law enforcement officers, forensic auditors, IT security professionals, and members of the legal community.

Emerging Forensic Tools for Locating and Analyzing Digital Evidence [Video]

How To Confidently Join The New Digital Money Revolution [Video]

How To Confidently Join The New Digital Money Revolution [Video]
How To Confidently Join The New Digital Money Revolution by Mark Lyford, Chris Coney
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 57 Lectures | 7 hours | 3.5GB

Master The Basics of Bitcoin and Own a Stake In The Future of Money


It’s not your fault.

I mean you can’t escape from a financial prison if you don’t even know you are in one. That’s like asking a fish what water is. If the fish has never been out of the water he has no idea what you are talking about.

Up until now we have all been trapped inside the corrupt financial system where the abuse of power and white collar financial crime is commonplace.

The abuse of political, financial and corporate power has reduced the probability of individual prosperity to the point that you would be forgiven for feeling hopeless.

They say adversity is the mother of all invention, and oh what an invention we have been given.

Introducing Bitcoin, a technology platform that for the first time in human history provides a fair, equitable and incorruptible environment in which we can build a new financial system.

The door to the prison cell has been opened, and we invite you to step through it to freedom.

Welcome to The Digital Money Revolution.

Come with me on a journey through a new world created by this breakthrough technology called Bitcoin.

We’ll explore all the various aspects and explain them in clear, easy and precise ways.

By the end of this programme you will have journeyed through the world of Bitcoin technology, currency, the serious weaknesses in our current system, Bitcoin wallets, the Bitcoin economy, getting some Bitcoin of your own and how to use your Bitcoin.

If you are looking for a comprehensive answer to the question “What is Bitcoin?” that goes beyond simply repeating, parrot fashion what you can find out for yourself, this is the programme for you.

You can go through the entire programme and if you are not absolutely delighted, get a 100% refund.

And if that isn’t enough, as a paying participant in this course we will award you with 5 BanxShares upon completion.

BanxShares are Bitcoin like tokens that represent a share in the company that created the Digital Money Revolution Programme. As a holder of BanxShares you are entitled to a share of any profits that our company makes.

So by taking this course you are buying a product from a company you will be a part owner of!

These are the kind of opportunities that are being created by the new Bitcoin economy.

Even though Bitcoin has been around since 2009 it’s not too late to get involved.

So enroll in this programme now and fasten your seatbelt as we journey into this new world of money that is going to create more prosperity for humanity than we have ever seen before.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be willing to complete the full course to get a complete understanding
  • While you can take this course on a tablet or smartphone, it's ideally taken on a desktop or laptop computer
  • Ideally you should have a smartphone with the ability to install Apple or Andriod apps
  • Come to this course with the spirit of openness, Bitcoin is very different to anything that has come before
  • Be willing to go through the whole course twice and then a third time a month later in order to get a 3D picture of Bitcoin

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 57 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • Explain Bitcoin to other people so that they understand it
  • Setup your own Bitcoin wallet
  • Buy some Bitcoin
  • Acquire Bitcoin for free
  • Buy items with Bitcoin
  • Confidently talk about the Digital Money Revolution
  • Explain to people what's wrong with the current financial system
  • Explain to people why Bitcoin is inevitably going to change the world
  • Protect your wealth from economy crisis
  • Decide what role you want to play to support the Bitcoin economy
How To Confidently Join The New Digital Money Revolution [Video]

When Breath Becomes Air [Audiobook]

When Breath Becomes Air [Audiobook]
When Breath Becomes Air [Audiobook] by Paul Kalanithi, read by Sunil Malhotra
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 5 hrs 35 mins | 159.8MB

For readers of Atul Gawande, Andrew Solomon, and Anne Lamott, a profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir by a young neurosurgeon faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis who attempts to answer the question: What makes a life worth living?

At the age of 36, on the verge of completing a decade's worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. And just like that, the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated. When Breath Becomes Air chronicles Kalanithi's transformation from a naïve medical student "possessed", as he wrote, "by the question of what, given that all organisms die, makes a virtuous and meaningful life" into a neurosurgeon at Stanford working in the brain, the most critical place for human identity, and finally into a patient and new father confronting his own mortality.

What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present? What does it mean to have a child, to nurture a new life as another fades away? These are some of the questions Kalanithi wrestles with in this profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir.

Paul Kalanithi died in March 2015, while working on this book, yet his words live on as a guide and a gift to us all. "I began to realize that coming face to face with my own mortality, in a sense, had changed nothing and everything," he wrote. "Seven words from Samuel Beckett began to repeat in my head: 'I can't go on. I'll go on.'" When Breath Becomes Air is an unforgettable, life-affirming reflection on the challenge of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a brilliant writer who became both.

Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs [Audiobook]

Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs [Audiobook]
Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs [Audiobook] by Randy Gage, read by the Author
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 5 hrs 25 mins | 153.62MB

This is a manifesto about ideas. Big ideas, small ideas, and outlandish ideas. Ideas that innovate, ideas that disrupt markets, and especially ideas that irritate. More than ideas, though, Mad Genius is about how ideas are born and the role they play in entrepreneurial thinking.

This is a manifesto for managers who want to become leaders and leaders who want to blow up mediocrity. Because whether you work in a traditional business, a nonprofit service organization, or the public sector, the best way to create fresh and innovative solutions is to think like an entrepreneur.

Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul [Audiobook]

Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul [Audiobook]
Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul [Audiobook] by Eddie S Glaude Jr, read by Kevin Free
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 7 hrs 15 mins | 203.61MB

A powerful polemic on the state of black America that savages the idea of a postracial society.

America's great promise of equality has always rung hollow in the ears of African Americans. But today the situation has grown even more dire. From the murders of black youth by the police to the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act to the disaster visited upon poor and middle-class black families by the Great Recession, it is clear that black America faces an emergency - at the very moment the election of the first black president has prompted many to believe we've solved America's race problem.

Democracy in Black is Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.'s impassioned response. Part manifesto, part history, part memoir, it argues that we live in a country founded on a "value gap" - with white lives valued more than others - that still distorts our politics today. Whether discussing why all Americans have racial habits that reinforce inequality, why black politics based on the Civil Rights era have reached a dead end, or why only remaking democracy from the ground up can bring real change, Glaude crystallizes the untenable position of black America - and offers thoughts on a better way forward.

Forceful in ideas and unsettling in its candor, Democracy in Black is a landmark book on race in America, one that promises to spark wide discussion as we move toward the end of our first black presidency.

Watercolor Painting Workshop: Hummingbird [Video]

Watercolor Painting Workshop: Hummingbird [Video]
Watercolor Painting Workshop: Hummingbird by Joel Wright
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 37 mins | 538.62MB

Beginner Friendly! Paint this fun, fast, and easy painting - step by step - with inexpensive materials in under an hour.

This watercolor workshop guides you into painting an expressive hummingbird. Follow in steps to complete this with clear and concise instruction. You will be able to easily paint your own hummingbird painting in under an hour.

Allow yourself the enjoyment of the present moment by expanding your inner creative space. In other words - Have fun painting!

  • You don't need to know how to draw - You can if you want
  • Doesn't take much time to learn
  • You'll have your own painting to keep or give to friends and family
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • There isn't that many steps

Inspirational watercolor experience in the comfort of your own home.

Why a hummingbird? I’m most often asked how to paint watercolor hummingbirds because they are most amazing creatures. Hummingbirds have incredible speed and agility. They flap their tiny wings so fast that each wing travels in a figure 8 pattern or some say an infinity symbol. It’s because of this that hummingbirds seam to defy the laws of time.

That’s why hummingbirds are a symbol of eternity, continuity, and infinity. Although not many people consciously know that, the hummingbird is a cherished symbol of lost loved ones and their everlasting peace in the afterlife. Painting this hummingbird is to honor something that isn’t temporary and time bound. That is inspiring!

Most people are surprised by the structure of this course. An unstructured painting style presented in a structured format. You get loose and I keep you on track!

Step by Step:

  1. Gather your materials: I've painted this hummingbird with the most inexpensive materials I could find and you can too. It doesn't take much investment to paint. Makes painting guilt free with less financial commitment!
  2. Tape down your paper: I will explain to you how to secure your paper from warping and buckling. Will prevent frustration with your masterpiece curling up!
  3. Down load and print: You can print this on any printer. No problem!
  4. Trace and Transfer: I'll show you how to transfer the line drawing onto the paper. Shortcut past the need to understand drawing lines and form for now.
  5. Background wash: This is most fun and although there are no rules and I'll guide you through it. Get straight into your watercolor painting!
  6. Layering Effects: Learn how to give depth and brushstroke to your first wash. Make your painting look like you have years of experience and expertise!
  7. Details: This is where the magic happens. You can even take your hummingbird to a level of realism and that contrasts nicely with the abstract quality behind the main focal point. Simple shading and highlights gives depth and interest!
  8. Signing your work: Signing the work makes it personal. You artwork is invaluable.
  9. Photographing your artwork: A good photo makes a huge difference when sharing your artwork. I will show you some lighting techniques to use in order to take a good picture.
  10. Share on Social Media: Get likes, comments, and shares on your work. This gets good feedback from friends and family and empowers your motivation to keep on painting!

What are the requirements?

  • Look over the materials checklist and see if you already have most of the inexpensive materials need to paint watercolor.
  • Download and print the hummingbird line drawing. You do not need to know how to draw to paint this painting.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 9 lectures and 37 mins of content!
  • Paint a watercolor hummingbird in under an hour.
  • Loosen up and paint in an abstract watercolor style.
  • Have fun and create a successful painting.
Watercolor Painting Workshop: Hummingbird [Video]

Simple guide to professional video production [Video]

Simple guide to professional video production [Video]
Simple guide to professional video production by AMR Eldihemy
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 35 mins | 437.06MB

simple guide to professional video production using DSLR camera starting from pre-production steps to post-production

Simple guide to professional video production is entry course for you to start producing a professional video.

Simple guide to professional video production cover the following topics :

  • preproduction steps and required equipment to start recording your video.
  • How to record audio and video and set the parameters according to the scene .
  • Post-production process which include edit audio and video using a free software under Linux, windows or MAC operating system.
  • Simple guide to professional video production is for trainee who want to start recording and editing video and audio professional with low budge equipment .

Simple guide to professional video production will take about 30 minutes and then you will be able to produce a professional video from scratch .

Simple guide to professional video production course include PDFs and videos which contain the most important tips and tricks to shoot clear video and record perfect audio as well as how to avoid noise in video or audio .

During the course we will record 'Nemo' My fish together and see how to to set the parameters to get a better scene .

Simple guide to professional video production take you to the next level of producing videos in only 30 minutes with low budget equipment and free software under Linux,Mac or windows operating system.

At the end of the course, you will be able to make a perfect plan for your video and shoot an amazing video with a clear audio also add special effect to video like color correction and contrast.

What are the requirements?

  • this course is for beginner and you don't have to know anything about video production
  • also the required software are free and we will learn how to download and use them during the course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 11 lectures and 35 mins of content!
  • Determine the required equipment for producing a professional video
  • Make a pre-production plan for video production
  • Learn how to record professional audio and video
  • Learn how to edit audio and video using a free software under linux, windows and MAC
Simple guide to professional video production [Video]

KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution [Video]

KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution [Video]
KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution by Alex Isaly
MKV, AVC, 1200 kbps, 720x400 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 5.8 hours | + PDF | 3.66GB

KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution program takes the FAST, FUN and EFFECTIVE workout to a whole new level. We’ve re-energized the programming and coupled it with a complete program including the "Power of Eating in 3's" Meal Guide and Calendar to follow.

Product comes complete with:

  • 8 Week Rapid Evolution (4) DVDs - Introduction, Cardio, Core and Resistance
  • SuperCharged - (3) DVDs - Upper Body , Lower Body and Core
  • 8 Week Rapid Evolution Calendar
  • Personal Fitness Guide
  • Power of Eating in 3's Eating Guide

We’ve developed the road map, now you just need to follow these phases:


During the first two weeks you’ll be introduced to the KettleWorX 3-dimensional training. You will workout three days a week, 20- minutes per day. For beginners, it’s okay follow the modifications in the workouts or hit “pause.” Listen to your body to get the most out of this program.


KettleWorX is structured in intervals taking advantage of that massive calorie burn as well as the cardio fitness and core strength building. You should not only be feeling stronger, but understanding what “good” feels like. Push yourself to that next level as you get as much of this as you put into it.


3 new workouts that take it up a notch. You’ll begin to incorporate more full body movements. While you are still working out for 20-minutes a day, you should be feeling the intensity of the workouts increase.


This is where you will need to train like you mean it. You are in your last two weeks of THIS 8-week program. But it’s really only the beginning. These three workouts are going to make you sweat and feel your best.



KettleWorX is for any fitness level. If you are more experienced, take it to the next level, and incorporate the 10-minute Supercharge workouts into your training. If you are just starting out, It may be your second round of the 8 Week program, but know you can do anything you put your mind to.

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time [Audiobook]

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time [Audiobook]
Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time [Audiobook] by Rory Vaden, read by the Author
2015 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 6 hrs 16 mins | 128.37MB

Rory Vaden brings his high-energy approach and can-do spirit to the most nagging problem in our professional lives: stalled productivity. Whether we’re overworked, organizationally challenged, or have a motivation issue that’s holding us back, millions of us are struggling to get things done.

In this simple yet powerful new book, Procrastinate on Purpose, Vaden presents the five permissions that set us free to do our best work – on time and without wasting energy battling stress and anxiety.

Using the POP model, readers will learn to:

  • Eliminate
  • Automate
  • Delegate
  • Consolidate
  • Procrastinate (yes, you heard that right)

Anyone seeking to up their game, do meaningful work, and ditch the stress of looming deadlines and too many tasks on the front burner will embrace this smart, insightful guide.

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success [Audiobook]

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success [Audiobook]
Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success [Audiobook] by Rory Vaden, read by the Author
2012 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 4 hrs 7 mins | 115.71MB

Do you ride the escalator or do you take the stairs? No matter how you define success, it always requires one thing: self-discipline. But as popular speaker and strategist Rory Vaden explains, we live in an "escalator world", one that's filled with shortcuts, quick fixes, and distractions that make it all too easy to slide into procrastination, compromise, and mediocrity. What seems like an easier path is really much harder in the end - and, most important, it won't take you where you want to go.

How do successful people stay focused and achieve results? This lively and insightful guide presents a simple program for taking the stairs - that is, for overcoming the temptations of quick fixes and procrastination, conquering creative avoidance, and transcending personal setbacks in order to tackle the work that leads to real success. Whatever your goals are, Rory Vaden's proven approach will get you there - one stair at a time.

Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business [Audiobook]

Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business [Audiobook]
Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business [Audiobook] by Danny Meyer, read by the Author
2006 | MP3@64 kbps + PDF | 5 hrs 33 mins | 158.9MB

In October 1985, at age twenty-seven, Danny Meyer, with a good idea and scant experience, opened what would become one of New York City's most revered restaurants—Union Square Cafe. Little more than twenty years later, Danny is the CEO of one of the world's most dynamic restaurant organizations, which includes eleven unique dining establishments, each at the top of its game. How has he done it? How has he consistently beaten the odds and set the competitive bar in one of the toughest trades around?

In this landmark book, Danny shares the lessons he's learned while developing the winning recipe for doing the business he calls "enlightened hospitality." This innovative philosophy emphasizes putting the power of hospitality to work in a new and counterintuitive way: The first and most important application of hospitality is to the people who work for you, and then, in descending order of priority, to the guests, the community, the suppliers, and the investors. This way of prioritizing stands the more traditional business models on their heads, but Danny considers it the foundation of every success that he and his restaurants have achieved.

Some of Danny's other insights:

  • Hospitality is present when something happens for you. It is absent when something happens to you. These two simple concepts—for and to—express it all.
  • Context, context, context, trumps the outdated location, location, location.
  • Shared ownership develops when guests talk about a restaurant as if it's theirs. That sense of affiliation builds trust and invariably leads to repeat business.
  • Err on the side of generosity: You get more by first giving more.
  • Wherever your center lies, know it, name it, believe in it. When you cede your core values to someone else, it's time to quit.

Full of behind-the-scenes history on the creation of Danny's most famous restaurants and the anecdotes, advice, and lessons he has accumulated on his long and ecstatic journey to the top of the American restaurant scene, Setting the Table is a treasure trove of innovative insights that are applicable to any business or organization.

A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service [Audiobook]

A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service [Audiobook]
A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service [Audiobook] by Robert M Gates, read by George Newbern
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 8 hrs 5 mins | 229.6MB

From the former secretary of defense and author of the acclaimed number-one best-selling memoir Duty, a characteristically direct, informed, and urgent assessment of why big institutions are failing us and how smart, committed leadership can effect real improvement regardless of scale.

Across the realms of civic and private enterprise alike, bureaucracies vitally impact our security, freedoms, and everyday life. With so much at stake, competence, efficiency, and fiscal prudence are essential, yet Americans know these institutions fall short. Many despair that they are too big and too hard to reform.

Robert Gates disagrees. Having led change successfully at three monumental organizations - the CIA, Texas A&M University, and the Department of Defense - he offers us the ultimate insider's look at how major bureaus, organizations, and companies can be transformed, which is by turns heartening and inspiring and always instructive.

With practical, nuanced advice on tailoring reform to the operative culture (we see how Gates worked within the system to increase diversity at Texas A&M); effecting change within committees; engaging the power of compromise ("in the real world of bureaucratic institutions, you almost never get all you want when you want it"); and listening and responding to your team, Gates brings the full weight of his wisdom, candor, and devotion to civic duty to inspire others to lead desperately needed change.

The Right Kind of Crazy [Audiobook]

The Right Kind of Crazy [Audiobook]
The Right Kind of Crazy: A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership, and High-Stakes Innovation [Audiobook] by Adam Steltzner, William Patrick, read by Christopher Grove
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 7 hrs 17 mins | 208.86MB

The true story of how an unlikely leader helped inspire a team of rocket scientists to achieve the near impossible: landing a 2000-pound rover on Mars.

Few organizations solve as many impossible problems as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and nobody knows more about leading rocket scientists to unlikely breakthroughs than Adam Steltzner.

As the phase lead and development manager for EDL (entry, descent, and landing) of the Curiosity rover to Mars, Steltzner spearheaded the creation of one of engineering's wackiest kluges - the sky crane, which allowed the heaviest rover in the history of space exploration to land on Mars unscathed.

Steltzner is no ordinary engineer. His path to leadership was about as unlikely as they come. A child of beatnik parents, he was a daredevil and avid mountain biker, breaking 32 bones before squeaking through high school. He blew off college in favor of work at a health food store and playing bass in a band. After an interest in the movement of the stars led him to enroll part time at community college, Steltzner discovered an astonishing gift for math and physics. Within years he got his PhD and ensconced himself within the offbeat Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA's decidedly unbureaucratic cousin, where success in a mission is the only metric that matters.

The Right Kind of Crazy is the story of the teamwork, drama, and extraordinary feats of innovation at the Jet Propulsion Lab that culminated in landing the rover Curiosity on Mars in 2012. It also weaves Steltzner's professional life - centering on the 10 years he and his team spent planning and then executing the landing of the rover - with his unlikely journey from academic underachiever to rocket scientist.

Along the way listeners will learn about what makes effective teams, how to stay on task for the long haul, and strategies for solving incredibly complex problems. The Right Kind of Crazy is a book for anyone striving for excellence.