How Plants Work [EPUB]

How Plants Work [EPUB]
How Plants Work: The Science Behind the Amazing Things Plants Do by Linda Chalker-Scott
2015 | EPUB | 36.67MB

Why would container plants wilt when they’ve been regularly watered? Why didn’t the hydrangea that thrived last year bloom this year? Why won’t slugs eat weeds instead of wiping out the vegetable garden? Plant physiology—the study of how living things function—can solve these and most other problems gardeners regularly have.

In How Plants Work horticulture expert and professor Linda Chalker-Scott uncovers the mysteries of how and why plants do the things they do. This accessibly written guide covers the science behind plants from the ground up, with information on cells, roots, nutrition, light, and reproduction. A basic understanding of plant physiology can help gardeners tremendously—knowing how mulch works can lead to a reduction in weeds; learning when and where it is best to prune will reduce the need to prune in the future. It can also save time and money; an understanding of the science of plants can help gardeners know what garden products are worth trying and which are best left on the shelf.

This helpful and enthusiastic guide arms gardeners of all levels with the knowledge they need to be better, smarter gardeners.