Chess Bitch [EPUB]

Chess Bitch [EPUB]
Chess Bitch: Women In The Ultimate Intellectual Sport by Jennifer Shahade
2005 | EPUB | 2.29MB

In the game of chess, the strongest piece—the Queen—is often referred to as "bitch," and being female has been long considered a major disadvantage.

Chess Bitch, written by the 2004 U.S. Woman’s Chess Champion, is an eye-opening account of how today’s young female chess players are successfully knocking down the doors to this traditionally male game, infiltrating the male-owned sporting subculture of international chess, and giving the phrase "play like a girl" a whole new meaning.

Through interviews with and observation of the young globetrotting women chess players who challenge male domination, Chess Bitch shines a harsh light on the game’s gender bias. Shahade begins by profiling the lives of great women players from history, starting with Vera Menchik, who defeated male professionals with incredible frequency and became the first woman’s World Champion in 1927. She then investigates the women’s chess dynasties in Georgia and China. She interviews the famous Polgar sisters, who refused to play in separate women's tournaments. She details her own chess adventures—traveling to tournaments from Reykjavik to Istanbul. And Shahade introduces us to such lesser-known chess personalities as the flamboyant Zambian player Linda Nangwale and the transgendered Texan Angela Alston and the European female chess players who hop from one country to another, playing chess by day and partying long into the night. For those who think of chess as two people sitting quietly across a table, Shahade paints a colorful world that most chess fans never knew existed.

You Can Learn to Remember [EPUB]

You Can Learn to Remember [EPUB]
You Can Learn to Remember: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Dominic O'Brien
2014 | EPUB | 0.4MB

As we become increasingly distracted by looking at the screens of our computers and mobile phones, our ability to memorize and recall information is weakening. The capacity of our memory depends on our ability to focus the mind and sustain concentration. You Can Learn to Remember shows you how to train your brain to peak performance and develop the ability to instantly recall details.

Drawing upon the extraordinary skills of eight-times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien, this guide provides an invaluable repertoire of proven ways to enhance your memory – from memorizing a speech, a shopping list and directions to never forgetting names, dates and faces. With 25 easy-to-follow exercises you will learn techniques and shortcuts to sharpen and extend your memory. Master the arts of storage and recall with Dominic’s highly effective memory systems based on imagery and association and improve your knowledge of the world.

The City Homesteader [EPUB]

The City Homesteader [EPUB]
The City Homesteader: Self-Sufficiency on Any Square Footage by Scott Meyer
2011 | EPUB | 2.43MB

The City Homesteader is the handbook for the world of self-sufficient living. It's about living tangibly in a virtual world. It's about being resourceful, saving money, reducing consumption, and increasing self-reliance. Join the many who are raising backyard chickens in the city and tilling their side yards: tapping into natural energy, managing homes more efficiently, and getting back to the earth.

Explore the homesteading arts:

  • gardening on small and large scales
  • raising dwarf fruit trees
  • sprouting grains
  • smoking meats and fish
  • grinding grains for flour
  • making cheese
  • making wine
  • cellaring
  • heating without fossil fuel
  • harvesting rainwater
  • composting
  • and much more

The City Homesteader provides all the basics, including how to find supplies and step-by-step instructions that make it easy to follow along. Original illustrations throughout help you create your very own homestead on any piece of earth.

Black Hole Focus [EPUB]

Black Hole Focus [EPUB]
Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create A Powerful Purpose For Their Lives by Isaiah Hankel
2014 | EPUB | 2.02MB

Don’t get stuck on a career path you have no passion for. Don’t waste your intelligence on something that doesn’t really mean anything more to you than a paycheck. Let Isaiah Hankel help you define a focus so powerful that everything in your life will be pulled towards it.

Create your purpose and change your life. Be focused. Be fulfilled. Be successful.

Black Hole Focus has been endorsed by top names in business, entrepreneurship, and academia, including 4 times New York Times bestseller AJ Jacobs and Harvard Medical School Postdoc Director Dr. Jim Gould.

The book is broken up into 3 different sections; the first section shows you why you need a purpose in life, the second section shows you how to find your new purpose, and the third section shows you how to achieve your goals when facing adversity.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to understand what you really want in life and how to get it
  • Why people with a powerful purpose live to 100
  • How to rapidly improve focus and change your life using the secret techniques of an international memory champion
  • How people like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling transformed pain into purpose
  • How to start a business by avoiding willpower depletion and the life hack lie

Black Hole Focus includes exclusive case studies from medical practitioners, research scientists, lawyers, corporate executives and small business owners who have used the techniques described in this book to achieve massive success in their own lives.

The Secrets of Italy: People, Places, and Hidden Histories [EPUB]

The Secrets of Italy: People, Places, and Hidden Histories [EPUB]
The Secrets of Italy: People, Places, and Hidden Histories by Corrado Augias
2014 | EPUB | 2.29MB

One of Italy's best-known writers takes a Grand Tour through her cities, history, and literature in search of the true character of this contradictory nation. There is Michelangelo, but also the mafia. Pavarotti, but also Berlusconi. The debonair Milanese, but also the infamous captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship. This is Italy, admired and reviled, a country that has guarded her secrets and confounded outsiders. Now, when this "Italian paradox" is more evident than ever, cultural authority Corrado Augias poses the puzzling questions: how did it get this way? How can this peninsula be simultaneously the home of geniuses and criminals, the cradle of beauty and the butt of jokes?

An instant #1 bestseller in Italy, Augias's latest sets out to rediscover the story-different from the history-of this country. Beginning with how Italy is seen from the outside and from the inside, he weaves a geo-historical narrative, passing through principal cities and rereading the classics and the biographies of the people that have, for better or worse, made Italians who they are. From the gloomy atmosphere of Cagliostro's Palermo to the elegant court of Maria Luigia in Parma, from the ghetto of Venice to the heroic Neapolitan uprising against the Nazis, Augias sheds light on the Italian character, explaining it to outsiders and to Italians themselves. The result is a "novel of a nation," whose protagonists are both the figures we know from history and literature and characters long hidden between the cracks of historical narrative and memory.