Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 3rd Edition [PDF]

Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 3rd Edition [PDF]
Incident Response & Computer Forensics, Third Edition by Jason Luttgens, Matthew Pepe, Kevin Mandia
2014 | PDF | 15.81MB

The definitive guide to incident response--updated for the first time in a decade!

Thoroughly revised to cover the latest and most effective tools and techniques, Incident Response & Computer Forensics, Third Edition arms you with the information you need to get your organization out of trouble when data breaches occur. This practical resource covers the entire lifecycle of incident response, including preparation, data collection, data analysis, and remediation. Real-world case studies reveal the methods behind--and remediation strategies for--today's most insidious attacks.

  • Architect an infrastructure that allows for methodical investigation and remediation
  • Develop leads, identify indicators of compromise, and determine incident scope
  • Collect and preserve live data
  • Perform forensic duplication
  • Analyze data from networks, enterprise services, and applications
  • Investigate Windows and Mac OS X systems
  • Perform malware triage
  • Write detailed incident response reports
  • Create and implement comprehensive remediation plans

Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money [EPUB]

Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money [EPUB]
Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money by Terence Kealey
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.9/1.12MB

A clever, thought-provoking look at the biological roots of economics -- Kealey’s insightful work illuminates in the tradition of Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond.

In this highly original work, the author makes a groundbreaking and exciting connection between the evolutionary and economic history of humanity. He explains how the roots of barter, trade and the contract are embedded in human nature, and how markets work on the evolutionary patterns of natural selection.

Splendidly multi-faceted, the book travels across human history from Neolithic times, through Ancient Egypt and the Renaissance European explorers, to the failure of the Soviet economy in recent years. Through this journey Kealey skillfully demonstrates how an understanding of biology and natural selection radically transforms our view of economics, business, technology and the economic history of the human species. This exceptional study will appeal to anyone who enjoys popular science, history or serious business books. Sex, Science and Profits is witty, magnificent, thought- provoking and provocative. It promises to be an important and highly controversial book.

Inside the CIA [EPUB]

Inside the CIA [EPUB]
Inside the CIA: Revealing the Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Spy Agency by Ronald Kessler
2012 | EPUB | 1.46MB

Ronald Kessler's explosive bestseller, The Secrets of the FBI, brought down FBI Director William S. Sessions. Now, in this unparalleled work of investigative journalism, Kessler reveals the inner world of the CIA.

Based on extensive research and hundreds of interviews, including two with active Directors of Central Intelligence, William H. Webster and Robert M. Gates, and with three former DCI's Inside The CIA is the first in-depth, unbiased account of the Agency's core operations, its abject failures, and its resounding successes. Kessler reveals how: CIA analysts botched the job of foreseeing the Soviet economy's collapsethe Agency spies on every country in the world except Great Britain, Australia, and Canadathe CIA undertakes covert action to influence or overthrow foreign governments or political partiesthe Agency trains its officers to break the laws of other countries Inside The CIA is an extraordinary guide to the world's most successful house of spies.

The Economist Audio Edition [August 30, 2014]

The Economist Audio Edition [August 30, 2014]
The Economist Audio Edition [August 30, 2014]
English | MP3@48 kbps + EPUB + MOBI | 145.27MB

The Criminalisation of American Business

  • The euro crisis is back
  • Putin's new front in Ukraine
  • House prices bubble up
  • India discovers diplomacy
  • The last roar of Iran's lioness

The audio edition contains word-for-word recordings of all articles published in The Economist, read by professional broadcasters and actors. It is ideal for anyone who wants to listen to articles while travelling, exercising or just relaxing.

The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication owned by "The Economist Newspaper Ltd" and edited in London. It has been in continuous publication since James Wilson established it in September 1843. As of summer 2007, its average circulation topped 1.2 million copies a week, about half of which are sold in North America. Consequently it is often seen as a transatlantic (as opposed to solely British) news source.

The aim of The Economist is "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress."Subjects covered include international news, economics, politics, business, finance, science, technology, and the arts. The publication is targeted at the high-end "prestige" segment of the market and counts among its audience influential business and government decision-makers.

It takes a strongly argued editorial stance on many issues, especially its support for free trade and fiscal conservatism; it can thus be considered as a magazine which practises advocacy journalism.