Advanced Facebook Advertising [Lynda]

Advanced Facebook Advertising [Lynda]
Advanced Facebook Advertising [Lynda] with Brad Batesole
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Intermediate | 1 h 44 mins | 529.04MB

Learn how to leverage the most powerful tools in Facebook and manage large ad campaigns across different accounts and pages. Facebook advertising expert Brad Batesole shares a new set of advanced, time-saving techniques, such as bulk uploading ad images, using tags to organize campaigns, making campaign-wide changes quickly, and creating hundreds of custom ads on the spot.

The course also covers conversion tracking with conversion pixels, and retargeting users who have previously interacted with your brand's page or website. Plus, learn how to use the Power Editor to quickly duplicate ads with different targeting or imagery, and move ads between accounts. And last but not least, Brad reveals tips for mimicking A/B testing of ads and generating more leads.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the Power Editor
  • Managing ads and campaigns in bulk
  • Bulk uploading ad images
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Duplicating ads
  • Using conversion pixels
  • Setting up roles and permissions in Facebook Business Manager
  • Retargeting ads

Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda]

Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda]
Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda] with Brian Thurston Bralczyk
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Beginner | 1 h 41 mins | 664.67MB

If users really like your website or app, they're not logging in from a single device. They're visiting from their desktop at work, their phone on the train, and their tablet at home. Your design also needs to perform elegantly and consistently on all platforms. In this course, Brian Thurston shows how to design complete experiences that take visitors from one device to another, and back again. You'll leave with a solid understanding of the planning it takes to ensure your site is prepared for success, the importance of flexible content creation and preparation, and special considerations involved in designing for touch screens. Brian also takes a look forward at the impact wearable devices and future tech will have on the UX designs of today.

Topics include:

  • What is multidevice design?
  • Creating responsive web apps vs. native apps
  • Deciding which screen sizes to support
  • Delivering content across devices
  • Personalizing content
  • Designing for touch
  • Using animation on touch devices
  • Planning your user flow across devices

Foundations of UX: Accessibility [Lynda]

Foundations of UX: Accessibility [Lynda]
Foundations of UX: Accessibility [Lynda] with Derek Featherstone
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Beginner | 1 h 20 mins | 676.43MB

The Internet has removed many obstacles to communication and interaction. However, when websites, technologies, or tools are poorly designed, they can create barriers that exclude people with disabilities from using the web. In this course, you'll learn how accessibility lowers the barrier to entry, by providing equal access and opportunity to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. Derek Featherstone introduces the core concepts of accessibility as they apply to UX design, including an overview of the assistive technology visitors may use to access your projects. He includes practical examples, from re-creating visual interactions to writing great alternative text; introduces different personas and their unique challenges navigating the web; and shows how to make accessibility a regular part of your design workflow. Once you learn the foundations, you'll find that the benefits of accessibility—enhanced search, improved usability, and increased audience reach—aid your designs almost as much as they aid your users.

Topics include:

  • What is accessibility?
  • Managing flow
  • Ensuring proximity in your design
  • Understanding how screen readers and voice recognition programs work
  • Designing for hearing, vision, mobility, and cognitive issues
  • Considering accessibility in layout
  • Integrating accessibility into your content strategy

Understanding the Pen Tool in Photoshop [DigitalTutors]

Understanding the Pen Tool in Photoshop [DigitalTutors]
Understanding the Pen Tool in Photoshop [DigitalTutors] with Kurt Jones
Aug 15, 2014 | MP4 + Project Files | 1 h 1 min | 378.37MB

Photoshop's pen tool allows for a lot of precision when it comes to defining very specific selections, masks, line work, and vector shapes and can actually save you lot of time getting the results that you want when creating them.

We'll begin covering the basic functionality of the pen tool by learning how to set anchor points to create a path. Following this we'll see how we can adjust the placement of anchor points in addition to their bezier handles to dictate the direction and curvature of a path by using the direct selection and convert point tools. From here we'll learn how to apply a selection, stroke, and fill to paths.

As we continue on we'll also discuss how we can use the pen tool to create vector based shapes. Along the way we'll also discuss how to save paths, use path operations, and work with the freeform pen tool. After watching this tutorial you'll be better equipped to use the pen tool on your own projects with confidence.

Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda]

Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda]
Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda] with Todd Howard
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Beginner | 3 hrs 37 mins | 2.22GB

Songwriting in Logic Pro is an in-depth course geared toward musicians and songwriters who are starting to use Logic Pro to write, record, and mix their songs. There are two groups of techniques: one to get your demo ideas down quickly, and another to polish rough ideas into songs worth presenting to your band mates, producer, publisher, or label.

Author Todd Howard takes you through his creative process in real time, starting with an empty project based on one of Logic's prebuilt templates. Then he records the initial song idea and creates a groove with Drummer. He works on the lyric and then lays down additional tracks—a driving bassline, acoustic guitar, and some scratch vocals—and builds out the arrangement with layered keyboard parts. After using improvisation to create a bridge section, he adds effects for a layered and nuanced song. Next he shows techniques for editing and mixing the track, using EQ, compression, reverb, and delay. Finally, Todd shows how to bounce down the track and share it with the world.

The Constructed Mennonite [EPUB]

The Constructed Mennonite [EPUB]
The Constructed Mennonite: History, Memory, and the Second World War by Hans Werner
2013 | EPUB + MOBI | 6.09/3.84MB

John Werner was a storyteller. A Mennonite immigrant in southern Manitoba, he captivated his audiences with tales of adventure and perseverance. With every telling he constructed and reconstructed the memories of his life.

John Werner was a survivor. Born in the Soviet Union just after the Bolshevik Revolution, he was named Hans and grew up in a German-speaking Mennonite community in Siberia. As a young man in Stalinist Russia, he became Ivan and fought as a Red Army soldier in the Second World War. Captured by Germans, he was resettled in occupied Poland where he became Johann, was naturalized and drafted into Hitler’s German army where he served until captured and placed in an American POW camp. He was eventually released and then immigrated to Canada where he became John.

The Constructed Mennonite is a unique account of a life shaped by Stalinism, Nazism, migration, famine, and war. It investigates the tenuous spaces where individual experiences inform and become public history; it studies the ways in which memory shapes identity, and reveals how context and audience shape autobiographical narratives.

German Guns of the Third Reich [EPUB]

German Guns of the Third Reich [EPUB]
German Guns of the Third Reich (Images of War) by Ian Baxter
2007 | EPUB | 15.2MB

German Guns of the Third Reich is an illustrated record of German light and heavy artillery, heavy mortars, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns at war. Using previously unpublished photographs, many of which have come from the albums of individuals who took part in the war, it presents a unique visual account of the various German guns that were deployed for action between 1939 and 1945.

The book analyses the development of the German gun at war and shows how it became of decisive importance for the preparation and the successful conduct of attack and defense. It describes how German forces carefully built up their assault forces utilizing all available guns and making into an effective killing machine. It shows how various Panzerjäger and Panzergrenadier units fought on the battlefield using a host of antitank guns with lethal effect.

Throughout the book it depicts life as a gunner, how the guns were deployed for action, and illustrates the various modes of transport that were used to move the guns from one battle front to another. Each chapter details the various guns that went into production and eventually saw action on the battlefield.

Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]

Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]
Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction by D Stephen Long
2010 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.5/0.8MB

Christian ethics, writes theologian D. Stephen Long, is the pursuit of God's goodness by people "on the way" to a city not built by human hands. The cultivation of practical wisdom that comes from diverse sources, it draws on all that is good in God's creation and among the nations.

In this Very Short Introduction, Long examines these diverse sources, discusses the relationship between Christian, modern, and postmodern ethics, and explores practical issues including sex, money, and power. The book also examines some of the failures of the Christian tradition, including the crusades, the conquest, slavery, inquisitions, and the Galileo affair. Placing them in the context of the theory and practice of ethics and their historical perspective, Long notes the challenges they raise for Christian ethics. He concludes with a discussion of their implications in the modern era, considering how this affects our lives in the present age. Long recognizes the inherent difficulties in bringing together "Christian" and "ethics" but argues that this is an important task for both the Christian faith and for ethics.

The Bible: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]

The Bible: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]
The Bible: A Very Short Introduction by John Riches
2005 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.5/0.6MB

It is sometimes said that the Bible is one of the most unread books in the world, yet has been a major force in the development of Western culture and continues to exert an enormous influence over many people's lives.

This Very Short Introduction looks at the importance accorded to the Bible by different communities and cultures and attempts to explain why it has generated such a rich variety of uses and interpretations. It explores how the Bible was written, the development of the canon, the role of Biblical criticism, the appropriation of the Bible in high and popular culture, and its use for political ends.

Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]

Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]
Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Toye
2013 | EPUB | 5.1MB

Rhetoric was once an essential part of western education. Aristotle wrote an important treatise on it and Demosthenes remains famous to this day for his skills as a rhetorician. But skill with rhetoric today is no longer admired. Rhetoric is often seen as a synonym for shallow, deceptive language-empty words, empty rhetoric--and therefore as something quite negative. But if we view rhetoric in more neutral terms, as the "art of persuasion," it is clear that we are all forced to engage with it at some level, if only because we are constantly exposed to the rhetoric of others.

In this Very Short Introduction, Richard Toye explores the purpose of rhetoric. Rather than presenting a defense of it, he considers it as the foundation-stone of civil society, and an essential part of any democratic process. Using wide-ranging examples from ancient Greece, medieval Islamic preaching, the wartime speeches of Winston Churchill, and modern cinema, Toye considers why we should all have an appreciation of the art of rhetoric.

Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]

Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]
Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction by Kevin Kenny
2013 | EPUb + MOBI | 0.5/0.6MB

What does diaspora mean? Until quite recently, the word had a specific and restricted meaning, referring principally to the dispersal and exile of the Jews. But since the 1960s, the term diaspora has proliferated to a remarkable extent, to the point where it is now applied to migrants of almost every kind.

This Very Short Introduction explains where the concept of diaspora came from, how its meaning changed over time, why its usage has expanded so dramatically in recent years, and how it can both clarify and distort the nature of migration. Kevin Kenny highlights the strength of diaspora as a mode of explanation, focusing on three key elements--movement, connectivity, and return--and illustrating his argument with examples drawn from Jewish, Armenian, African, Irish, and Asian diasporas. He shows that diaspora is not simply a synonym for the movement of people. Its explanatory power is greatest when people believe that their departure was forced rather than voluntary. Thus diaspora would not really explain most of the Irish migration to America, but it does shed light on the migration compelled by the Great Famine. Kenny also describes how migrants and their descendants develop diasporic cultures abroad--regardless of the form their migration takes--based on their connections with a homeland, real or imagined, and with people of common origin in other parts of the world. Finally, most conceptions of diaspora feature the dream of a return to a homeland, even when this yearning does not involve an actual physical relocation.

The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book [EPUB]

The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book [EPUB]
The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book: The Movie and More, 2nd Edition by Pauline Bartel
2014 | EPUB | 8.92MB

A Must-Have for Gone With the Wind Fans!

From Margaret Mitchell’s tattered manuscript to the film’s seventy-fifth anniversary, this book is a behind-the-scenes chronicle of Gone With the Wind—the book, the movie, and the phenomenon that continues today.

Related in loving detail are inside stories of the writing and publishing of the novel; the Hollywood frenzy of transforming the book into film, including casting headaches, on-set tensions, and jinxed scenes; the premiere; and the Academy Awards. This updated edition also contains the scoop on the publication of two GWTW sequels; the disastrous debut of the Scarlett television miniseries; the post–GWTW lives of cast members, such as the news of Gable’s secret lovechild; the restoration of three original costumes in time for GWTW’s seventy-fifth anniversary; and much, much more.

The reader-friendly format—fact-packed features, profiles, quizzes, and photographs—will delight any GWTW fan and make this the one book that no “Windie” can do without.

The Encyclopedia of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List [EPUB]

The Encyclopedia of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List [EPUB]
The Encyclopedia of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List: Over Fifty Years of Convicts, Robbers, Terrorists, and Other Rogues by Duane Swierczynski
2014 | EPUB | 54.63MB

In 1949, a crime reporter looking for a way to fill a column published the nation’s ten worst criminals as classified by the FBI: two accused murderers, four escaped convicts, a bank robber, and three “confidence men.” In addition to the stark black and white photos that accompanied the article, the public was most moved by the idea that law enforcement was asking them for help. Fired up by the gesture of confidence, Americans banded together to wholeheartedly support the motion, leading to tips that helped facilitate the capture of the advertised criminals. Some of those on the list even surrendered voluntarily due to the increased publicity. The rogues’ gallery showcases fugitives such as:

  • William Raymond Nesbit, first on the list to be captured
  • James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Ted Bundy, ruthless serial killer
  • Ruth Eisemann-Schier, kidnapper and first woman to make the Top Ten
  • Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, 1993 World Trade Center bomber

This encyclopedia includes criminals’ photographs, crime details, and “interesting fugitive facts” as well as a brief history of the list and what it has accomplished in more than fifty years.

Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, 6th Edition [PDF]

Linux Administration: A Beginners Guide, 6th Edition [PDF]
Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition by Wale Soyinka
2012 | PDF | 15.44MB

Essential Linux Management Skills Made Easy

Effectively deploy and maintain Linux and other Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on your servers or entire network using this practical resource. Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition provides up-to-date details on the latest Linux distributions, including Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. Learn how to install and customize Linux, work from the GUI or command line, configure Internet and intranet services, interoperate with Windows systems, and create reliable backups. Performance tuning, security, and virtualization are also covered and real-world examples help you put the techniques presented into practice.

  • Install and configure popular Linux distributions, including the latest versions of Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu
  • Administer Linux servers from the GUI or from the command line (shell)
  • Manage users, permissions, folders, and native FOSS applications
  • Compile, tune, upgrade, and customize the latest Linux kernel 3.x series
  • Work with proc, SysFS, and cgroup file systems
  • Understand and manage the Linux TCP/IP networking stack and services for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Build robust firewalls, and routers using Netfilter and Linux
  • Create and maintain print, e-mail, FTP, and web servers
  • Use LDAP or NIS for identity management
  • Set up and administer DNS, POP3, IMAP3, and DHCP servers
  • Use GlusterFS, NFS, and Samba for sharing and distributing file system resources
  • Explore and implement Linux virtualization technologies using KVM

Learn Python the Hard Way, 3rd Edition [EPUB]

Learn Python the Hard Way, 3rd Edition [EPUB]
Learn Python the Hard Way: A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code, 3rd Edition by Zed A Shaw
2013 | EPUB + MOBI + PDF + DVDRip | 19.08/37.89/4.64MB/1.94GB

You Will Learn Python!

Zed Shaw has perfected the world's best system for learning Python. Follow it and you will succeed-just like the hundreds of thousands of beginners Zed has taught to date! You bring the discipline, commitment, and persistence; the author supplies everything else.

In Learn Python the Hard Way, Third Edition, you'll learn Python by working through 52 brilliantly crafted exercises. Read them. Type their code precisely. (No copying and pasting!) Fix your mistakes. Watch the programs run. As you do, you'll learn how software works; what good programs look like; how to read, write, and think about code; and how to find and fix your mistakes using tricks professional programmers use. Most importantly, you'll learn the following, which you need to start writing excellent Python software of your own:

  • Installing a complete Python environment
  • Organizing and writing code
  • Basic mathematics
  • Variables
  • Strings and text
  • Interacting with users
  • Working with files
  • Looping and logic
  • Data structures using lists and dictionaries
  • Program design
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Inheritance and composition
  • Modules, classes, and objects
  • Python packaging
  • Debugging
  • Automated testing
  • Basic game development
  • Basic web development

It'll be hard at first. But soon, you'll just get it-and that will feel great!

This tutorial will reward you for every minute you put into it. Soon, you'll know one of the world's most powerful, popular programming languages. You'll be a Python programmer.

Watch Zed, too! The accompanying DVD contains 5+ hours of passionate, powerful teaching: a complete Python video course!

Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City's Story [Skillshare]

Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City's Story [Skillshare]
Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City's Story [Skillshare] with trashhand
MP4, h264, 960x540 | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 51 mins | 472.99MB

Show the world how you see your city. Scout meaningful locations, shoot in your own experimental style, and curate a final photo set of your one-of-a-kind story.

Tell the story of your city with this one-hour class from rising cityscape photographer trashhand. Travel with him to iconic Chicago landmarks and underground hideaways, scouring heights and corners, learning as he shows and shares his unique approach to scouting, shooting, and editing. This class is for all levels and all equipment: whether you iPhone or DSLR, his daring, ambition, and artistry will inspire you to develop and capture your city's story.

All you need is a camera. Smartphone, point-and-shoot, and DSLR all work.

Anatomy for Yoga [DVDRip]

Anatomy for Yoga [DVDRip]
Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley
DVDRip, MKV, AVC, 720x480 | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 3 hrs 35 mins | 1.9GB

An invaluable resource for both yoga students and teachers, this comprehensive DVD includes nearly 4 hours of in-depth lectures, demonstrations and comparisons of human skeletal anatomy as it relates to yoga practice. Using a wide range of yoga students, acclaimed teacher Paul Grilley explains the key concepts of compression, tension, proportion and orientation. These concepts help us to understand why no two people will ever experience the same yoga posture in the same way. Paul's light-hearted yet provocative approach will challenge many misconceptions about yoga while providing the foundation for the development of a truly personal yoga practice.

Sacred Yoga Practice: Vinyasa Flow [DVDRip]

Sacred Yoga Practice: Vinyasa Flow [DVDRip]
Sacred Yoga Practice: Vinyasa Flow with Rainbeau Mars
4xDVDRip, AVI, XviD, 640x480 | English/Russian, MP3@128 kbps, 2 Ch | 2 hrs 18 mins | 1.44GB

A place to breathe deeply, strengthen and nourish your body, and awaken your spirit… Yoga can help reverse the aging process by improving flexibility, massigning the internal organs and glands, sending oxygen to all the body’s tissues, and enhancing a state of serenity. Breathing deeply into certain postures affects the nervous and lymphatic systems. It increases circulation and promotes radiant skin. It helps relieve tight muscles, increases energy, and improves strength. On a deeper level, it’s a tool for observation. It brings us into the present so that we may fully receive what each moment has to offer and teach. Join Rainbeau Mars and experience yoga in paradise on the breathtaking beaches of Maui. This 4 Volume Gift Boxed Set includes: For Beginners, Pure Sweat, Pure Tranquility, and Pure Power.

Vinyasa Flow for Beginners:
Yoga can help reverse the aging process by improving flexibility, massaging the internal organs and glands, sending oxygen to all the body's tissues, and enhancing a state of serenity. Breathing deeply into certain postures affects the nervous and lymphatic systems. It helps relieve tight muscles, increases energy and circulation, improves strength, and promotes radiant skin. On a deeper level, it's a tool for observation. It brings us into the present so that we may fully receive what each moment has to offer and teach.

Join Rainbeau Mars and experience yoga in paradise on the breathtaking beaches of Maui. Vinyasa Flow: Beginners features easy-to-follow, flowing yoga postures to give you a foundation to begin your own yoga journey. The body is like a recording device. Each time we hold our breaths, get angry, stressed or experience pain, it's recorded in the body. Vinyasa Flow: Beginners is a mind/body practice, focusing on the breath and peaceful meditation. Practice with Rainbeau regularly and you will feel powerful results, both physically and mentally. This is truly the heart of yoga. Enjoy!

Pure Power:
Pure Power is designed to align, strengthen and stabilize your body, mind and spirit. Evolving from the traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is likened to a beautiful and dynamic dance as the postures and asanas are connected through breath and balance. Pure Power focuses on core strength and alignment, as we integrate towards our center, or core, we increase our courage and the ability to meet all that life has to offer. Enjoy your own courage and strength as you wake up, strengthen, and enjoy the Pure Power journey.

Pure Sweat:
Pure Sweat is a vinyasa flow sequence designed to detoxify, strengthen, and open your body. Stay with your breath as you build internal heat. Welcome the heat as it purifies and cleanses your body. Listen to your body, take breaks and enjoy your Pure Sweat journey. How long you live is up to fate. How you live is up to you!

Pure Tranquility:
Pure Tranquility is a gentle practice, designed to open your body and prepare your mind for meditation. For some of us, the real challenge is to be still, quiet and simply be with ourselves. Pure Tranquility gives you the tools to help balance the demands that are put upon our body, mind and spirit. Replenish the source and you can live in a state of inner peace, vibrancy, health and harmony.

A Great and Glorious Adventure [EPUB]

A Great and Glorious Adventure [EPUB]
A Great and Glorious Adventure: A Military History of the Hundred Years War by Gordon Corrigan
2013 | EPUB | 4.06MB

In this succinct history of a conflict that raged for over a century, Gordon Corrigan reveals the horrors of battle and the machinations of power that have shaped a millennium of Anglo-French relationships. "The Hundred Years War was fought between 1337 and 1453 over English claims to both the throne of France by right of inheritance and large parts of the country that had been at one time Norman or, later, English.

The fighting ebbed and flowed, but despite their superior tactics and great victories at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, the English could never hope to secure their claims in perpetuity: France was wealthier and far more populous, and while the English won the battles, they could not hope to hold forever the lands they conquered.

The real and abiding significance of the war lies in the fact that, at its end, the English had become English, as opposed to Anglo-French, and France too had set out on the road to nationhood. (Both countries would subsequently become the very best of enemies.) The war also sparked a real revolution in the English way of waging war, with increasing professionalism and the use of technology to make up for lack of numbers - factors which remain relevant throughout the subsequent history of the English, and then the British, army and which are still critical to it today.

Military historian Gordon Corrigan's new history of these epochal events is brisk, combative and refreshingly straightforward, and the great kings, men and battles of the period receive the full attention and reassessment they deserve."

The Best Place on Earth: Stories [EPUB]

The Best Place on Earth: Stories [EPUB]
The Best Place on Earth: Stories by Ayelet Tsabari
2013 | EPUB | 1.3MB

Confident, original and humane, the stories in The Best Place on Earth are peopled with characters at the crossroads of nationalities, religions and communities: expatriates, travellers, immigrants and locals.

In the powerfully affecting opening story, “Tikkun,” a chance meeting between a man and his former lover carries them through near tragedy and into unexpected peace. In “Casualties,” Tsabari takes us into the military—a world every Israeli knows all too well—with a brusque, sexy young female soldier who forges medical leave forms to make ends meet. Poets, soldiers, siblings and dissenters, the protagonists here are mostly Israelis of Mizrahi background (Jews of Middle Eastern and North African descent), whose stories have rarely been told in literature. In illustrating the lives of those whose identities swing from fiercely patriotic to powerfully global, The Best Place on Earth explores Israeli history as it illuminates the tenuous connections—forged, frayed and occasionally destroyed—between cultures, between generations and across the gulf of transformation and loss.

A. J. Jacobs Omnibus [EPUB]

A. J. Jacobs Omnibus [EPUB]
A J Jacobs Omnibus: The Know-It-All, The Year of Living Biblically, My Life as an Experiment by A J Jacobs
2011 | EPUB | 5.83MB

An eBook boxed set that features the first three of A.J. Jacobs's riotous—and surprisingly informative—ventures into experiential journalism.

The Know-It-All: Puzzle along with A.J. as he endeavors to read—and retain—the entire encyclopedia, and discover what exactly it is he learns along the way.

The Year of Living Biblically: Discover what life would be like in the 21st century if you lived precisely by the dictates of the Bible—the insights gained about religion might surprise you.

My Life as an Experiment: Join A.J. on a roller-coaster tour of life as a human guinea pig: he explores both the perks and pitfalls of various undertakings in a series of charming essays, including those titled “My Outsourced Life" and "My Life as a Beautiful Woman."

The Visible Text [PDF]

The Visible Text [EPUB]
The Visible Text: Textual Production and Reproduction from Beowulf to Maus by Thomas A Bredehoft
2014 | PDF | 1.98MB

Oxford Textual Perspectives is a new series of informative and provocative studies focused upon literary texts (conceived of in the broadest sense of that term) and the technologies, cultures and communities that produce, inform, and receive them.

It provides fresh interpretations of fundamental works and of the vital and challenging issues emerging in English literary studies. By engaging with the materiality of the literary text, its production, and reception history, and frequently testing and exploring the boundaries of the notion of text itself, the volumes in the series question familiar frameworks and provide innovative interpretations of both canonical and less well-known works.

Covering materials ranging from Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and inscribed objects to contemporary comics, The Visible Text rewrites the history of textual media and technologies. Arguing that media are not defined by technologies alone, but by a combination of technologies and the ideas that people hold about those technologies, Bredehoft identifies four distinct periods or domains in the history of English literature that correspond to four ways in which media ideologies interacted with the two basic defining technologies of manuscripts and printed books.

Examining two complementary ways of defining texts (as subject to a reproductive medium, on the one hand, and as surrounded and defined by paratexts, on the other), The Visible Text points out how Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and contemporary comics share a remarkable similarity in being structured as productions rather than reproductions.

Contrastingly, the late-medieval and print-era periods share a cultural investment in textual reproduction, but they differ both in their characteristic technologies and in how they conceptualize the object of reproduction itself. A final epilogue, briefly considering the nature of electronically-mediated textuality, highlights the importance of understanding the history addressed here, as electonic text both parallels and departs from typographic print in ways that earlier reproductive domains clarify and complicate.

Filled with concrete examples of both books and texts, The Visible Text will be of interest to readers in the fields of literature, book history, literary theory, media studies, and visual culture.

Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World [EPUB]

Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World [EPUB]
Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World by Joel Levey, Michelle Levey
2014 | EPUB | 1.06MB

As our world grows increasingly more complex and stressful, developing our capacity for dynamic balance in our lives, work, and relationships becomes more and more vital. Based on the ancient wisdom traditions, contemporary neuroscience research, and the insights of indigenous cultures throughout our world, Living in Balance shows that, in each moment, we have the capacity to be mindful of whether our thoughts and actions are moving toward harmony and balance or away from it. Through this awareness we can make a conscious choice to continue on the path we are on or to change our attitude and direction.

With a foreword by H.H. the Dalai Lama, Living in Balance offers a rare synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions with cutting-edge research on peak human performance that points toward mindfulness as being truly the key to living in balance.

Cold-Blooded Kindness [EPUB]

Cold-Blooded Kindness [EPUB]
Cold-Blooded Kindness: Neuroquirks of a Codependent Killer, or Just Give Me a Shot at Loving You, Dear, and Other Reflections on Helping That Hurts by Barbara Oakley
2011 | EPUB | 8.34MB

In this searing exploration of deadly codependency, the author takes the reader on a spellbinding voyage of discovery that examines the questions: Are some people naturally too caring? Is caring sometimes a mask for darker motives? Can science help us understand how our concerns for others can hurt everything we hold dear? This gripping story brings extraordinary insight to our deepest questions. Is kindness always the right answer? Is kindness always what it seems?

Mexican Flavors [EPUB]

Mexican Flavors [EPUB]
Mexican Flavors: Contemporary Recipes from Camp San Miguel by Hugh Carpenter
2014 | EPUB | 36.51MB

Let best-selling author and master cooking teacher, Hugh Carpenter, lead you on a delicious adventure with new approaches to Mexican cuisine that can be easily reproduced in any American kitchen, including 115 recipes and 130 gorgeous location and food photographs centered around San Miguel de Allende.

Mexican Flavors is your chance to learn about contemporary Mexican cuisine from a master teacher, Hugh Carpenter. Hundreds of North Americans have traveled to San Miguel to cook with Hugh during the 6-day seminars that he runs with his wife, Teri Sandison, during the winter months. The recipes are based on Hugh's cooking school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a famous artist community located in the high mountain country north of Mexico City.

Mexican Flavors includes classic recipes such as Guacamole, Tortilla Soup, and Barbecue Chicken with Mole Sauce. But there are many gastronomic surprises such as Banana Salsa, Quesadillas with Papaya and Brie, Barbecued Caesar Salad with Chile Croutons, and Fallen Kahlua Chocolate Cake. The recipes use a wide range of seasonings to achieve innovative flavors with a Mexican flair - all from ingredients available at every American supermarket. Throughout the book, Hugh is at your side showing you easy preparation and cooking techniques, what can be completed in advance, and in page-after-page illuminating the techniques, the history, and the unique flavors of Mexican cuisine.

In Mexican Flavors, three special sections show an innovative approach to some of Mexico's most famous dishes. Chile Rellenos are filled with Pulled Pork or a Pine Nut Goat Cheese Herb stuffing, and then smoked on the barbecue. Tacos and tostadas are deconstructed so that even those new to Mexican cuisine can create their own masterpiece. And enchiladas, with their fillings of duck, shrimp, or shiitake mushrooms, are a master class on fail-safe ways to create perfection.

Acclaimed as a food photographer, Teri Sandison brings the recipes to life with stunning food photographs. She shows equal skill capturing the mood of San Miguel through shots of everyday life, festivals, markets scenes, and cooking class action shots. Visit San Miguel, a UNESCO World Heritage city, through the lens of Teri's camera. Open Mexican Flavors and step into the life of San Miguel de Allende; walk through the farmer's markets; people-watch on the Jardin; see behind the doors of old colonial homes; and attend the cooking classes at Camp San Miguel. Let master cooking teacher, Hugh Carpenter, lead you on a delicious adventure with new approaches to Mexican cuisine that can be easily reproduced in any American kitchen.

Work: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]

Work: A Very Short Introduction [EPUB]
Work: A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Fineman
2013 | EPUB | 2.06MB

The image of a job captures our imagination from an early age, usually prompted by the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'. Work -- paid, unpaid, voluntary, or obligatory -- is woven into the fabric of all human societies. For many of us, it becomes part of our identity. For others it is a tedious necessity. Living is problematic without paid work, and for many it is catastrophic.

Steve Fineman tells the fascinating story of work - how we strive for security, reward, and often, meaning. Looking at how we classify 'work'; the cultural and social factors that influence the way we work; the ethics of certain types of work; and the factors that will affect the future of work, from globalization to technology, this Very Short Introduction considers work as a concept and as a practical experience, drawing upon ideas from psychology, sociology, management, and social history.

Owner's Guide to the Small Business Website [EPUB]

Owner's Guide to the Small Business Website [EPUB]
Owner's Guide to the Small Business Website: What You Need and How to Get There - Without Paying the Earth by Lisa Spann
2014 | EPUB | 1.22MB

Many small business owners or starters are fearful and ignorant of the technology and expense required for setting up a website. And yet they know it's an absolute essential. This straightforward, jargon-free book is the answer for all small business owners from one-person concerns upwards. It will tell you all you need to know about your website whether you are designing and building it yourself or employing a web design agency to do it for you.

It includes:

  • content management systems and why you need one
  • effective search engine optimisation
  • ensuring your website works on all browsers and devices
  • how to integrate social media into your website
  • and complying with legal requirements and general web standards.

Also included is a jargon-busting glossary explaining the technical words likely to be encountered when talking to designers, plus useful references and links.

Designing and Publishing Websites With Adobe Muse [Tutsplus]

Designing and Publishing Websites With Adobe Muse [Tutsplus]
Designing and Publishing Websites With Adobe Muse [Tutsplus] with Michael Chaize
MP4, h264, 1280x800 | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 2,5 hrs | 1.92GB

With Adobe Muse, graphic designers can create and publish an engaging website without coding! In this step-by-step course, you'll learn how to design beautiful and modern web pages, how to create a mobile experience, add visual effects, interactive widgets, and finally publish your website. Adobe Muse is a great way to jump into the Web Design world without learning HTML or CSS.

JavaScript Testing With Jasmine 2.0 [Tutsplus]

JavaScript Testing With Jasmine 2.0 [Tutsplus]
JavaScript Testing With Jasmine 2_0 [Tutsplus] with Dan Wellman
MP4, h264, 1280x800 | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 1,8 hrs | 195.72MB

In this course we'll learn all about Jasmine, the unit test framework for JavaScript. We'll cover how to set up Jasmine to be used with Grunt and Node.js so that we can run the unit tests automatically as part of a build process, and we'll delve into all of the different features that the framework has to offer.

Starting with the structure of our test files, through to mocking dependencies, using asynchronous specs, adding plugins for things like jQuery and working with RequireJS modules.

Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers [PDF]

Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers [PDF]
Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers by William F Roth
2014 | PDF | 1.59MB

During the author’s decades of experience consulting in the corporate world and teaching management theory at the university level, he has often questioned many modern-day management practices. For example, why do so many companies have evaluation and reward systems that force employees to compete against each other while these same organizations preach the gospel of cooperation and teamwork? Why do companies continue to downsize when this practice has proven antithetical to long-term success?

Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers explains, in a user-friendly and sometimes humorous manner, why these practices are based on worn-out logic in some cases and complete falsehoods in others. Questioning numerous management practices that have been popular for decades, it details their weaknesses and explains why they continue to hamper attempts to improve productivity.

The book reviews a range of management theories, including Six Sigma, downsizing, and management by objective. After showing where the holes lie, it offers alternative approaches that have proven effective in a growing number of private and public sector organizations, including some that enable a more positive workplace culture.

Illustrating practical application with case studies, the book provides simple suggestions for change that can be highly beneficial to your organization. It addresses the major myths that managers need to examine and eventually do away with or, at least, replace with modified versions that make more sense in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Restaurant Success by the Numbers [EPUB]

Restaurant Success by the Numbers [EPUB]
Restaurant Success by the Numbers: A Money-Guy's Guide to Opening the Next New Hot Spot, Second Edition by Roger Fields
2014 | EPUB | 5.34MB

This one-stop guide to opening a restaurant from an accountant-turned-restaurateur shows aspiring proprietors how to succeed in the crucial first year and beyond.

Ninety percent of all restaurants fail, and those that succeed happened upon that mysterious X factor, right? Wrong! A man of many hats—money-guy, restaurant owner, and restaurant consultant—Roger Fields shows how a restaurant can survive its first year and keep diners coming back for years. Featuring real-life start-up stories (including many of the author’s own), this comprehensive how-to walks readers through the logistics of opening a restaurant: concept, location, menu, ambiance, staff, and, most important, profit. Updated to address current trends such as food trucks and to tackle online opportunities (and pitfalls!) including Groupon, Yelp, and Twitter, Restaurant Success by the Numbers remains a critical resource for navigating the food industry. Opening a restaurant isn’t easy, but this realistic dreamer’s guide helps set the table for lasting success.

Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions [PDF]

Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions [PDF]
Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions by Eric Maisel, Ann Maisel
2010 | PDF | 0.9MB

It’s true: a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yet that’s what we do when we spend our weekend — and neurons — reliving a workplace squabble, spend a family visit chewing over childhood issues, or spend hours beating ourselves up when someone brings one of our own long-held (but never worked on) ideas to fruition. This kind of obsessing gets us, like a hamster on a wheel, nowhere. But as noted creativity expert Eric Maisel asserts, obsessing productively leads to fulfillment rather than frustration. A productive obsession, whether an idea for a novel, a business, or a vaccine, is chosen deliberately and pursued with determination. In this provocative, practical guide, Maisel coaches you to use the tendency to obsess to your creative advantage, fulfilling both your promise and your promises to yourself.

Longevity Now [EPUB]

Longevity Now [EPUB]
Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Hormones, Detoxification, Super Immunity, Reversing Calcification, and Total Rejuvenation by David Wolfe
2013 | EPUB | 19.28MB

Lose weight, boost your immunity, cleanse your blood and organs, and live longer and happier with this comprehensive five-part approach created by leading nutrition and raw food authority David Wolfe.

In Longevity Now, Wolfe exposes the number-one cause of all degenerative illness and aging: calcification. Caused by an excess of calcium and the presence of nanobacteria, calcification can be found in some degree in virtually every adult and even some children. It leads to a plethora of illnesses and manifests as achy joints, hardened arteries, cellulite, cysts, kidney stones, gallstones, dental plaque, cataracts, and bone spurs, among many other health problems. By breaking down calcification and removing parasites, heavy metals, and other "unwanted guests" from your system, you can reverse the aging process and eliminate the prospect of degenerative disease from your future.

Part 1 of the Longevity Now Program focuses on supplements to dissolve the buildup of calcium in your system, leading to freer movement, a clearer head, and a lighter step. Part 2 focuses on boosting your immunity, using a variety of supplements to make your body as resilient as possible. Part 3 focuses on rejuvenating each and every cell of your body with nutrient-packed supplements and superfoods. Part 4 focuses on using special electromagnetic grounding technologies to eliminate parasites and reconnect you with the rhythmic cycles of Earth's energy field. Part 5 focuses on deep-tissue bodywork and yoga, so that you can move blocked energy around and break up stagnation in typically unaccessed parts of the body.

In addition to all this, Wolfe offers abundant additional information to help you more fully live the Longevity Now lifestyle, such as foods to avoid, healthful alternative sweeteners, delicious recipes, and more tips and tricks to keep you on the path of rejuvenation, radiant health, and full-throttle vitality.

The Beauty Diet [DVD]

The Beauty Diet [DVD]
The Beauty Diet by David Wolfe
2xDVD5 | NTSC, 720x480 | English, AC3@192 kbps | ~ 2 hrs | 3.49/2.94GB

In this DVD, world-famous health lecturer David Wolfe discusses how to make delicious recipes using fruits, vegetables, superfoods and superherbs, specifically designed to help you achieve radiantly beautiful, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair and strong bones and nails. This is a step- by-step youth enhancing program.

The Beauty Diet DVD Recipes Include:

  • Skin-Glow Sulfur Salad
  • Antioxidant Soup
  • Watermelon Berry Kefir
  • Citrus Kola
  • Acai Berry Colada
  • The Eliminator
  • Super Skin Radiance Elixir
  • Beta- Carotene Beauty Blast
  • Chocolate Beauty
  • Skin Cleanse Juice
  • Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie
  • Papaya Almond Smoothie
  • Bonus Facial Masque Recipes!

Filmed entirely at David Wolfe’s own kitchen in Hawaii, The Beauty Diet contains the best cleansing, nourishing, and beautifying recipes to help you build your body as a work of art. Try these recipes at home and have the best day ever!

Mahamantra Yoga [EPUB]

Mahamantra Yoga [EPUB]
Mahamantra Yoga: Chanting to Anchor the Mind and Access the Divine by Richard Whitehurst
2011 | EPUB | 1.0MB

A guide to mantra recitation for ecstatic states, spiritual liberation, and higher consciousness

  • Ideal for those looking to deepen the spirituality of their physical yoga practice
  • Offers detailed instruction on the practice of mahamantra yoga and exercises to improve one’s practice and move beyond rote chanting

Based on a rich and ancient tradition revived more than five hundred years ago by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in India, mahamantra yoga involves repeated recitation of a sacred phrase, such as the name of a deity, to anchor the mind and access ecstatic states, higher consciousness, and, ultimately, as you vibrate the holy names, the Divine presence in sound. Part of the bhakti devotional tradition, mahamantra yoga is considered the best path to self-realization in the current age, offering a doorway into the hidden recesses of our innermost being--the internal forest of the heart.

Citing ancient Vedic texts and the insights of perfected mahamantra yogis, Richard Whitehurst reveals the methods of mahamantra yoga and his own profound experiences based on more than 20 years of intense practice. Using the core principles of this ancient tradition, he offers mental and physical exercises--such as how to coordinate the breath, vocal cords, and mouth--to move beyond rote chanting and pursue the practice consciously and joyfully. He explains how to overcome common obstacles to successful chanting as well as purification practices to intensify your efforts.

Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga

Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga
Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga by Kate Potter
DVDRip, AVI, XviD, 704x400 | English, AC3@192 kbps, 2 Ch | 1 h 56 mins | 1.46GB

Namaste: The Five Elements adds new teachings to the tradition of beauty, technique, and grace of the original Namaste Yoga television series. In this innovative DVD, Kate Potter translates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and applies it to your life today. Ayurveda, the holistic medicine of historic India, teaches that all life energy is expressed through the five elements; we require a balance of these forces within us in order to obtain perfect health. This DVD features unique practices ranging from two to forty minutes in length including a brand new Namaste TV extended episode.

The Five Elements continues Kate Potter's wonderful and unique vinyasa style yoga paired with fantastic cinematography and breathtakingly unique music; with an added bonus: an entire section devoted entirely to information about Ayruveda, a sister science to yoga and ancient form of holistic healing in India. She gives brief descriptions of each dosha, what takes them out of balance, and what helps them stay in balance.

No matter how much time you have, there is a practice for you on this DVD. Five breath-body links, each about 1-2 minutes long; three sequences about 15-20 minutes long, each uniquely tailored to help balance the doshas. There is also an expanded, 40 minute sequence called Firefan, geared to heat the body - it will get you going!

Kate Potter has passionately devoted herself to yoga most of her life, starting at the tender age of ten. Today, her unwavering commitment and focus have earned her a reputation as an innovative Hatha yoga teacher. Kate never fails to inspire her students and followers, a population that is continually growing. Kate has been a full time yoga instructor for 18 years. Her unique and intuitive style of practice is greatly informed by her study of Buddhism with current teacher and main influence, Norman Fischer.