Europe and Love in Cinema [EPUB]

Europe and Love in Cinema [EPUB]
Europe and Love in Cinema edited by Luisa Passerini, Jo Labanyi, Karen Diehl
2012 | EPUB | 5.52MB

Europe and Love in Cinema explores the relationship between love and Europeanness in a wide range of films from the 1920s to the present. A critical look at the manner in which love—in its broadest sense—is portrayed in cinema from across Europe and the United States, this volume exposes constructed notions of "Europeanness" that both set Europe apart and define some parts of it as more "European" than others. Through the international distribution process, these films in turn engage with ideas of Europe from both outside and within, while some, treated extensively in this volume, even offer alternative models of love.

A bracing collection of essays from top film scholars, Europe and Love in Cinema demonstrates the centrality of desire to film narrative and explores multiple models of love within Europe's frontiers.

The People Vs. Barack Obama [EPUB]

The People Vs. Barack Obama [EPUB]
The People Vs Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration by Ben Shapiro
2014 | EPUB | 1.56MB

New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro presents a comprehensive case against Barack Obama’s abuses of power during his time in office.

From the DOJ to the NSA, from the EPA to the Department of Health and Human Services, Barack Obama’s administration has become a labyrinth of corruption and overreach touching every aspect of Americans’ lives. The People vs. Barack Obama strips away the soft media picture of the Obama administration to reveal a regime motivated by pure, unbridled power and details how each scandal has led to dozens of instances of as-yet-unprosecuted counts of espionage, involuntary manslaughter, violation of internal revenue laws, bribery, and obstruction of justice.

The story of the Obama administration is a story of abuse, corruption, and venality on the broadest scale ever to spring from the office of the presidency. President Obama may be the culmination of a century of government growth—but more important, he is the apotheosis of the imperial presidency. Obama chooses when to enforce immigration laws, delays his own Obamacare proposals when it is politically convenient to do so, micromanages the economy, attacks the Supreme Court, Congress, and the sovereign states. And he proclaims that he alone is the voice of the people while encroaching on their rights. In The People vs. Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro brings Obama into the people’s court and addresses each of his abuses of power.

Acrylic Solutions [EPUB]

Acrylic Solutions [EPUB]
Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer by Chris Cozen, Julie Prichard
2013 | EPUB | 12.4MB

Fresh new ways to create fabulous paintings with mixed media techniques!

Acrylic Solutions provides the "hows" behind a multitude of effects you've admired in other artists' works--and then some! Based on the popular online teaching collaboration of Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard, this book illustrates a wealth of layering methods and techniques. Mix and match to achieve countless variations, building layer upon layer to create unique and wonderfully complex abstract art.

  • Learn more than 30 step-by-step techniques for developing texture and visual interest, including collage, monoprinting, carving, color blocking, paint skins, raised stencils, glazing and so much more.
  • Chapters explore the phases of a multi-layered painting, from surface preparation through adding structure, developing complexity and adding finishing touches.
  • Follow the development of two paintings as each layer adds to the finished result, with tons of additional artwork throughout.
  • Gain insight on how to make paints, mediums and grounds work for you.

Embracing a spirit of freedom and spontaneity, Acrylic Solutions is a stimulating guide for contemporary artists of any skill level. Beginners will learn how to make visually compelling paintings from start to finish, while more experienced artists will find the tools and inspiration to take their work to the next level.

Simplifying Design and Color for Artists [EPUB]

Simplifying Design and Color for Artists [EPUB]
Simplifying Design & Color for Artists: Positive Results Using Negative Painting Techniques by Linda Kemp
2013 | EPUB | 9.82MB

When you become a better designer and colorist, you become a better painter.

Painting doesn't have to be complicated to be good. In fact, it shouldn't be. Artist and best-selling author Linda Kemp bypasses all the complexities of design and color to focus on a fresh, simplified strategy for success that features negative painting--a method that uses the space around your subject to help define it.

Improve your painting step by step with projects and exercises that will help your work stand out from the crowd. With Simplifying Design & Color for Artists, you'll learn:

  • Strategies for creating simple yet effective compositions, focusing on the relationship between shape, space, and color.
  • Useful tips on color--how to simplify it, mix your own, and work with value, hue and intensity.
  • Techniques for designing with shape: size and edge, layering, and building dimension and movement.
  • 18 step-by-step projects in watercolor and acrylic.

The approach may be simple, but your art will be spectacular!

The Lina Romay File [PDF]

The Lina Romay File [PDF]
The Lina Romay File: The Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist by Tim Greaves, Kevin Collins
1996 | PDF | 91.82MB

100 pages, including covers, staple-bound; looks like a digest-sized magazine. European film star Romay is given a rare biographical treatment in this scarce publication with an introduction penned by her most famous director (and longtime companion), Jess Franco. Filmography; black-and-white illustrations of every aspect of Ms. Romay's career.

The Ultimate Handgun Training Handbook [EPUB]

The Ultimate Handgun Training Handbook [EPUB]
The Ultimate Handgun Training Handbook by Gun Digest Editors
2014 | EPUB + MOBI | 15.2/16.13MB

Read The Ultimate Handgun Training Handbook, to learn more about:

  • Gun safety
  • Mindset
  • Psychological preparedness for combat survival
  • Modern technique
  • Sights
  • Proper trigger management
  • The draw
  • Reloading drills
  • Choosing your weapon
  • Ammunition selection