The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow [EPUB]

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow [EPUB]
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow by Richard Wormser
2003 | EPUB | 7.77MB

From Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans fought the status quo, acquiring education and land, and building businesses, churches and communities, despite laws designed to segregate, terrorize, and disenfranchise them. White supremacy prevailed, but did not destroy, the spirit of the black community.

Richard Wormser has been working on this important documentary for seven years. Worse Than Slavery will incorporate historical commentary and oral history along with more than 100 images, bringing the brutality and courage of the African American struggle for equality to life. Beginning with the period from 1865 to 1896, the book covers the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction, periods that held so much promise for black men and women. What followed was the dramatic rise of a successful black middle class and the determination of white supremacists to destroy this fledgling black political power. The years between World Wars I and II (1951 to1954) produced a period of black activism that ultimately resulted in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision which desegregated public schools.

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow not only tells the stories of leaders like W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington, but also portrays ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things, bearing witness to the determination and strength of their forebears.

A Century of Royalty [EPUB]

A Century of Royalty [EPUB]
A Century of Royalty by Edward West
2014 | EPUB | 40.38MB

The British royal family has endured remarkably in a remarkable, tumultuous century from 1910-2010 when many of the crown heads of Europe faced revolution and exile. Through a constitutional crisis, abdication, divorces, tragic deaths and unseemly scandals, the British royal family has shown an instinct for survival, tapping into the pulse of public sentiment, making necessary adjustments, modernizing and reinventing itself to remain the respected, admired and beloved symbol of British history and heritage.

This book chronicles a century of British royalty and features the story a nation witnessed as a compelling family saga of tragedy, fallibility and triumph like no other: the abdication of Edward VIII to be with the woman he loved, Mrs. Wallis Simpson; the now-commonplace royal infidelities and divorces and the public backlash and eventual recovery of public sympathy for Queen Elizabeth II following the death of Princess Diana. Through it all, the dutiful dedication to crown and country, unblinking stoicism, and absolute resolve of Queen Elizabeth II has guided the nation for five decades, culminating in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations where Britain put on display the pomp and splendor which are the envy of the world. The book also uniquely captures the streetview of how the people responded to news of and from the royals from spontaneous celebrations in pubs to a gathering around radios and televisions in times of trouble. This collection takes you into the moment as it happened and is the most intimately revealing photographic study of the British monarchy as a family, and as an extended family in its relationship with its subjects.

Sausage Making: The Definitive Guide with Recipes [EPUB]

Sausage Making: The Definitive Guide with Recipes [EPUB]
Sausage Making: The Definitive Guide with Recipes by Ryan Farr
2014 | EPUB | 27.04MB

With the rise of the handcrafted food movement, food lovers are going crazy for the all-natural, uniquely flavored, handmade sausages they're finding in butcher cases everywhere. At San Francisco's 4505 Meats, butcher Ryan Farr takes the craft of sausage making to a whole new level with his fiery chorizo, maple-bacon breakfast links, smoky bratwurst, creamy boudin blanc, and best-ever all-natural hot dogs.

Sausage Making is Farr's master course for all skill levels, featuring an overview of tools and ingredients, step-by-step sausage-making instructions, more than 175 full-color technique photos, and 50 recipes for his favorite classic and contemporary links. This comprehensive, all-in-one manual welcomes a new generation of meat lovers and DIY enthusiasts to one of the most satisfying and tasty culinary crafts.

Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked [EPUB]

Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked [EPUB]
Done: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked by James Peterson
2014 | EPUB | 28.45MB
Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked answers the age-old question that stumps all cooks: "Is it ready yet?" In this infinitely handy kitchen guide, foremost cooking authority James Peterson gives at-aglance answers for more than 85 of the most vexing-to-cook foods, from sauces, vegetables, fish, and meats to sweets. Detailed descriptions of smell, sound, look, and texture provide a quick reference, while more than 500 color photographs clearly capture each key stage of doneness. With distilled explanations of the 10 basic cooking methods for context, Done. is the solution to thermometer dependence. It's an instant classic for cooks of all skill levels.

Not For Tourists Guide to London 2014 [EPUB]

Not For Tourists Guide to London 2014 [EPUB]
Not For Tourists Guide to London 2014
2013 | EPUB | 75.16MB

Whether you’ve called London your home for decades or just arrived last night, there’s information in the Not For Tourists Guide to London that you need to know. From intimate neighborhood details to how to score tickets to the big football match, this guide will help you master this amazing city like an expert. Packed with over one hundred maps and thousands of restaurants, shops, theaters, and under-the-radar spots, you won’t find a better guide to London. The book also features:

  • An invaluable street index
  • A foldout map of the London Underground and bus system
  • Profiles of over one hundred neighborhoods
  • Listings for museums and landmarks
  • A guide to the best shopping

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to solve the mysteries of London; NFT has all the answers!

Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles 2014 [EPUB]

Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles 2014 [EPUB]
Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles 2014
2013 | EPUB | 53.04MB

The Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles is the essential urban handbook that thousands of Los Angelenos rely on daily. It divides the city into fifty-seven mapped neighborhoods and pinpoints all of the essential services and entertainment hotspots with NFT’s user-friendly icons.

The guide also includes:

  • A foldout highway map covering all of Los Angeles
  • Over 150 neighborhood and city maps
  • A guide to TV and movie studio locations
  • Details on sports and outdoor activities
  • Listings for the best shopping destinations

Everything from supermarkets, cafés, bars, and gas stations to information on twenty-four-hour services, beaches, public transportation, and city events—NFT will help you find a boutique for an Oscar gown and then show you how to get there.

A Chosen Calling: Jews in Science in the Twentieth Century [EPUB]

A Chosen Calling: Jews in Science in the Twentieth Century [EPUB]
A Chosen Calling: Jews in Science in the Twentieth Century by Noah J Efron
2014 | EPUB | 1.91MB

Scholars have struggled for decades to explain why Jews have succeeded extravagantly in modern science. A variety of controversial theories—from such intellects as C. P. Snow, Norbert Wiener, and Nathaniel Weyl—have been promoted. Snow hypothesized an evolved genetic predisposition to scientific success. Wiener suggested that the breeding habits of Jews sustained hereditary qualities conducive for learning. Economist and eugenicist Weyl attributed Jewish intellectual eminence to "seventeen centuries of breeding for scholars."

Rejecting the idea that Jews have done well in science because of uniquely Jewish traits, Jewish brains, and Jewish habits of mind, historian of science Noah J. Efron approaches the Jewish affinity for science through the geographic and cultural circumstances of Jews who were compelled to settle in new worlds in the early twentieth century.

Seeking relief from religious persecution, millions of Jews resettled in the United States, Palestine, and the Soviet Union, with large concentrations of settlers in New York, Tel Aviv, and Moscow. Science played a large role in the lives and livelihoods of these immigrants: it was a universal force that transcended the arbitrary Old World orders that had long ensured the exclusion of all but a few Jews from the seats of power, wealth, and public esteem. Although the three destinations were far apart geographically, the links among the communities were enduring and spirited. This shared experience—of facing the future in new worlds, both physical and conceptual—provided a generation of Jews with opportunities unlike any their parents and grandparents had known.

The tumultuous recent century of Jewish history, which saw both a methodical campaign to blot out Europe's Jews and the inexorable absorption of Western Jews into the societies in which they now live, is illuminated by the place of honor science held in Jewish imaginations. Science was central to their dreams of creating new worlds—welcoming worlds—for a persecuted people.

This provocative work will appeal to historians of science as well as scholars of religion, Jewish studies, and Zionism.

Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt [EPUB]

Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt [EPUB]
Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt by Barbara Mertz
2008 | EPUB | 6.97MB

A fascinating, erudite, and witty glimpse of the human side of ancient Egypt—this acclaimed classic work is now revised and updated for a new generation

Displaying the unparalleled descriptive power, unerring eye for fascinating detail, keen insight, and trenchant wit that have made the novels she writes (as Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels) perennial New York Times bestsellers, internationally renowned Egyptologist Barbara Mertz brings a long-buried civilization to vivid life. In Red Land, Black Land, she transports us back thousands of years and immerses us in the sights, aromas, and sounds of day-to-day living in the legendary desert realm that was ancient Egypt.

Who were these people whose civilization has inspired myriad films, books, artwork, myths, and dreams, and who built astonishing monuments that still stagger the imagination five thousand years later? What did average Egyptians eat, drink, wear, gossip about, and aspire to? What were their amusements, their beliefs, their attitudes concerning religion, childrearing, nudity, premarital sex? Mertz ushers us into their homes, workplaces, temples, and palaces to give us an intimate view of the everyday worlds of the royal and commoner alike. We observe priests and painters, scribes and pyramid builders, slaves, housewives, and queens—and receive fascinating tips on how to perform tasks essential to ancient Egyptian living, from mummification to making papyrus.

An eye-opening and endlessly entertaining companion volume to Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs, Mertz's extraordinary history of ancient Egypt, Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt offers readers a brilliant display of rich description and fascinating edification. It brings us closer than ever before to the people of a great lost culture that was so different from—yet so surprisingly similar to—our own.

The Concise History of the Crusades [EPUB]

The Concise History of the Crusades [EPUB]
The Concise History of the Crusades, Third Edition by Thomas F Madden
2014 | EPUB | 10.37MB

What is the relationship between the medieval crusades and the problems of the modern Middle East? Were the crusades the Christian equivalent of Muslim jihad? In this sweeping yet crisp history, Thomas F. Madden offers a brilliant and compelling narrative of the crusades and their contemporary relevance.

Placing all of the major crusades within their medieval social, economic, religious, and intellectual environments, Madden explores the uniquely medieval world that led untold thousands to leave their homes, families, and friends to march in Christ’s name to distant lands. From Palestine and Europe's farthest reaches, each crusade is recounted in a clear, concise narrative. The author gives special attention as well to the crusades’ effects on the Islamic world and the Christian Byzantine East.

New Orleans Carnival Krewes [EPUB]

New Orleans Carnival Krewes [EPUB]
New Orleans Carnival Krewes: The History, Spirit and Secrets of Mardi Gras by Rosary O'Neill
2014 | EPUB | 3.6MB

New Orleans is practically synonymous with Mardi Gras. Both evoke the parades, the beads, the costumes, the food—the pomp and circumstance. The carnival krewes are the backbone of this Big Easy tradition. Every year, different krewes put on extravagant parties and celebrations to commemorate the beginning of the Lenten season. Historic krewes like Comus, Rex and Zulu that date back generations are intertwined with the greater history of New Orleans itself. Today, new krewes are inaugurated and widen a once exclusive part of New Orleans society.

Through careful and detailed research of over three hundred sources, including fifty interviews with members of these organizations, author and New Orleans native Rosary O’Neill explores this storied institution, its antebellum roots and its effects in the twenty-first century.

London: The Autobiography [EPUB]

London: The Autobiography [EPUB]
London: The Autobiography by Jon E Lewis
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 2.12/2.27MB

From Roman times to the twenty-first century, Londoners and visitors to the city have witnessed the extraordinary events and everyday life and character of this unique and influential city—from politics, culture, sports, religion, and reportage. Bringing to vivid life the human trial of the capital, the book includes the rise and fall of the world-spanning empire, as well as the everyday life of the city. Here, the life of the capital is told, for the first time, by first-hand witnesses. Packed with personality and character, this book is a must for anyone interested in London as well as a wonderful story of a world city.

The Ascent of George Washington [Audiobook]

The Ascent of George Washington [Audiobook]
The Ascent of George Washington: The Hidden Political Genius of an American Icon [Audiobook] by John Ferling, read by Norman Dietz
2009 | MP3@64 kbps | 17 hrs 25 mins | 476.45MB

Bestselling historian John Ferling draws on his unsurpassed knowledge of the Founding Fathers to provide a fresh and provocative new portrait of the greatest of them all, George Washington.

Even compared to his fellow founders, George Washington stands tall. Our first president has long been considered a stoic hero, holding himself above the rough-and-tumble politics of his day. Now John Ferling peers behind that image, carefully burnished by Washington himself, to show us a leader who was not only not above politics, but a canny infighter—a master of persuasion, manipulation, and deniability.

In the War of Independence, Washington used his skills to steer the Continental Army through crises that would have broken less determined men; he squeezed out rival generals and defused dissent from those below him. Ending the war as a national hero, Washington “allowed” himself to be pressed into the presidency, guiding the nation with the same brilliantly maintained pose of selfless public interest. In short, Washington deftly screened a burning ambition behind his image of republican virtue—but that image, maintained not without cost, made him just the leader the overmatched army, and then the shaky young nation, desperately needed.

Ferling argues that not only was Washington one of America’s most adroit politicians—the proof of his genius is that he is no longer thought of as a politician at all.

Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence [PDF]

Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence [PDF]
Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence: The Life Cycle of Birth, Growth, Transformation, and Demise by Dipak K Gupta
2008 | PDF | 4.19MB

This book explains the lifecycle of terrorist organizations from an innovative theoretical perspective, combining economics with social psychology. It provides a new approach to understanding human behaviour in organized society, and then uses this to analyze the forces shaping the lifecycle of violent political movements.

Economic and rational-choice theorists assume that human beings are motivated only by self-utility, yet terrorism is ultimately an altruistic act in the eyes of its participants. This book highlights the importance of the desire to belong to a group as a motivating factor, and argues that all of us face an eternal trade-off between selfishness and community concern. This hypothesis is explored through four key groups; the IRA in Northern Ireland, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Naxalites in India. Through this, the book analyzes the birth, growth, transformation and demise of violent political movements, and ends with an analysis of the conditions which determine the outcome of the war against terrorism.

Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence will be essential reading for advanced students of terrorism studies and political science, and of great interest to students of social psychology and sociology.

Cry of the Kalahari [EPUB]

Cry of the Kalahari [EPUB]
Cry of the Kalahari by Mark Owens, Delia Owens
2014 | EPUB | 7.39MB

This is the story of the Owens’ travel and life in the Kalahari Desert. Here they met and studied unique animals and were confronted with danger from drought, fire, storms, and the animals they loved. This best-selling book is for both travelers and animal lovers.

Border Patrol Nation [EPUB]

Border Patrol Nation [EPUB]
Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security by Todd Miller
2014 | EPUB | 1.85MB

Armed authorities watch from a military-grade surveillance tower as lines of people stream toward the security checkpoint, tickets in hand, anxious and excited to get through the gate. Few seem to notice or care that the US Border Patrol is monitoring the Super Bowl, as they have for years, one of the many ways that forces created to police the borders are now being used, in an increasingly militarized fashion, to survey and monitor the whole of American society.

In fast-paced prose, Todd Miller sounds an alarm as he chronicles the changing landscape. Traveling the country—and beyond—to speak with the people most involved with and impacted by the Border Patrol, he combines these first-hand encounters with careful research to expose a vast and booming industry for high-end technology, weapons, surveillance, and prisons. While politicians and corporations reap substantial profits, the experiences of millions of men, women, and children point to staggering humanitarian consequences. Border Patrol Nation shows us in stark relief how the entire country has become a militarized border zone, with consequences that affect us all.

Late Victorian Holocausts [EPUB]

Late Victorian Holocausts [EPUB]
Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World by Mike Davis
2002 | EPUB | 7.24MB

Examining a series of El Nino-induced droughts and the famines that they spawned around the globe in the last third of the 19th century, Mike Davis discloses the intimate, baleful relationship between imperial arrogance and natural incident that combined to produce some of the worst tragedies in human history.

Late Victorian Holocausts focuses on three zones of drought and subsequent famine: India, Northern China; and Northeastern Brazil. All were affected by the same global climatic factors that caused massive crop failures, and all experienced brutal famines that decimated local populations. But the effects of drought were magnified in each case because of singularly destructive policies promulgated by different ruling elites.

Davis argues that the seeds of underdevelopment in what later became known as the Third World were sown in this era of High Imperialism, as the price for capitalist modernization was paid in the currency of millions of peasants’ lives.

Rethinking Greek Religion [PDF]

Rethinking Greek Religion [PDF]
Rethinking Greek Religion by Julia Kindt
2012 | PDF | 4.16MB

Who marched in religious processions and why? How were blood sacrifice and communal feasting related to identities in the ancient Greek city? With questions such as these, current scholarship aims to demonstrate the ways in which religion maps on to the socio-political structures of the Greek polis ('polis religion').

In this book Dr Kindt explores a more comprehensive conception of ancient Greek religion beyond this traditional paradigm. Comparative in method and outlook, the book invites its readers to embark on an interdisciplinary journey touching upon such diverse topics as religious belief, personal religion, magic and theology. Specific examples include the transformation of tyrant property into ritual objects, the cultural practice of setting up dedications at Olympia, and a man attempting to make love to Praxiteles' famous statue of Aphrodite.

The book will be valuable for all students and scholars seeking to understand the complex phenomenon of ancient Greek religion.

A Philosophy of Walking [EPUB]

A Philosophy of Walking [EPUB]
A Philosophy of Walking by Frederic Gros
2014 | EPUB | 5.02MB
”It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth.” - Nietzsche

By walking, you escape from the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone, to have a name and a history ... The freedom in walking lies in not being anyone; for the walking body has no history, it is just an eddy in the stream of immemorial life.

In A Philosophy of Walking, a bestseller in France, leading thinker Frédéric Gros charts the many different ways we get from A to B — the pilgrimage, the promenade, the protest march, the nature ramble — and reveals what they say about us. Gros draws attention to other thinkers who also saw walking as something central to their practice. On his travels he ponders Thoreau's eager seclusion in Walden Woods; the reason Rimbaud walked in a fury, while Nerval rambled to cure his melancholy. He shows us how Rousseau walked in order to think, while Nietzsche wandered the mountainside to write. In contrast, Kant marched through his hometown every day, exactly at the same hour, to escape the compulsion of thought. Brilliant and erudite, A Philosophy of Walking is an entertaining and insightful manifesto for putting one foot in front of the other.

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks [PDF]

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks [PDF]
Discrete Mathematics with Ducks by Sarah-Marie Belcastro
2012 | PDF | 11.85MB

Containing exercises and materials that engage students at all levels, Discrete Mathematics with Ducks presents a gentle introduction for students who find the proofs and abstractions of mathematics challenging. This classroom-tested text uses discrete mathematics as the context for introducing proofwriting.

Facilitating effective and active learning, each chapter contains a mixture of discovery activities, expository text, in-class exercises, and homework problems.

  • Elementary exercises at the end of each expository section prompt students to review the material
  • Try This! sections encourage students to construct fundamental components of the concepts, theorems, and proofs discussed.
  • Sets of discovery problems and illustrative examples reinforce learning.
  • Bonus sections can be used for take-home exams, projects, or further study
  • Instructor Notes sections offer suggestions on how to use the material in each chapter

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks offers students a diverse introduction to the field and a solid foundation for further study in discrete mathematics and complies with SIGCSE guidelines. The book shows how combinatorics and graph theory are used in both computer science and mathematics.

The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book [EPUB]

The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book [EPUB]
The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book: With Hints and Solutions by George Polya, Jeremy Kilpatrick
2009 | EPUB | 3.34MB

This volume features a complete set of problems, hints, and solutions based on Stanford University's well-known competitive examination in mathematics. It offers high school and college students an excellent mathematics workbook of rigorous problems that will assist in developing and cultivating their logic and probability skills.

These 20 sets of intriguing problems test originality and insight rather than routine competence. They involve theorizing and verifying mathematical facts; examining the results of general statements; discovering that highly plausible conjectures can be incorrect; solving sequences of subproblems to reveal theory construction; and recognizing "red herrings," in which obvious relationships among the data prove irrelevant to solutions. Hints for each problem appear in a separate section, and a final section features solutions that outline the appropriate procedures.

Ideal for teachers seeking challenging practice math problems for their gifted students, this book will also help students prepare for mathematics, science, and engineering programs. Mathematics buffs of all ages will also find it a source of captivating challenges.

Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions Vol.1

Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions Vol.1
Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions, Volume 1 by I M Yaglom, A M Yaglom
1987 | EPUB | 17.27MB

Volume I of a two-part series, this book features a broad spectrum of 100 challenging problems related to probability theory and combinatorial analysis. The problems, most of which can be solved with elementary mathematics, range from relatively simple to extremely difficult. Suitable for students, teachers, and any lover of mathematics. Complete solutions.

Challenging Problems in Algebra [EPUB]

Challenging Problems in Algebra [EPUB]
Challenging Problems in Algebra by Alfred S Posamentier, Charles T Salkind
1996 | EPUB | 14.22MB

Designed for high school students and teachers with an interest in mathematical problem-solving, this stimulating collection includes more than 300 problems that are "off the beaten path" — i.e., problems that give a new twist to familiar topics that introduce unfamiliar topics. With few exceptions, their solution requires little more than some knowledge of elementary algebra, though a dash of ingenuity may help.

Readers will find here thought-provoking posers involving equations and inequalities. Diophantine equations, number theory, quadratic equations, logarithms, combinations and probability, and much more. The problems range from fairly easy to difficult, and many have extensions or variations the author calls "challenges."

By studying these nonroutine problems, students will not only stimulate and develop problem-solving skills, they will acquire valuable underpinnings for more advanced work in mathematics.

100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics [EPUB]

100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics [EPUB]
100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics by Heinrich Dorrie
1965 | EPUB | 16.46MB

Problems that beset Archimedes, Newton, Euler, Cauchy, Gauss, Monge and other greats, ready to challenge today's would-be problem solvers. Among them: How is a sundial constructed? How can you calculate the logarithm of a given number without the use of logarithm table? No advanced math is required. Includes 100 problems with proofs.

Economics of the 1% [PDF]

Economics of the 1% [PDF]
Economics of the 1%: How Mainstream Economics Serves the Rich, Obscures Reality and Distorts Policy by John Weeks
2014 | PDF | 3.17MB

How much do economists really know? In most cases, they claim to have profound knowledge but in fact understand little and obscure almost everything. Most people are convinced that economics should be left to the ‘experts’, when they themselves are perfectly capable of understanding it.

This book explains that mainstream economics serves the interests of the rich through its logical inconsistency and unabashedly reactionary conclusions. John F. Weeks exposes the myths of mainstream economics and explains in straightforward language why current policies fail to serve the vast majority of people in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. Their failure to serve the interests of the many results from their devoted service to the few.

Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture [EPUB]

Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture [EPUB]
Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture: Advertising's Impact on American Character and Society, Fourth Edition by Arthur Asa Berger
2011 | EPUB | 2.05MB

Now in its fourth edition, Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture deals with the impact of advertising upon American character and culture.

It offers a definition of advertising, explains the way advertising agencies work, discusses the functions of advertising, and provides a psycho-cultural perspective on advertising. Among the topics it deals with are the role of brands in selling products and the problem of self-alienation and its relation to consumption. It also analyzes consumer cultures, places advertising in the communication process, and considers the use of sexuality in advertising, political advertising, and marketing theory. The marketing discussion deals with the Values and Lifestyle Typology (VALS) and the Claritas typology.

The chapters analyzing print advertisements and television commercials are distinctive features of the book. For print advertising, it provides a list of topics to consider in analyzing print advertising and then provides a detailed analysis of a fascinating Fidji perfume advertisement that shows a Polynesian woman with a snake around her neck. It provides a semiotic, psychoanalytic, sociological, Marxist, mythic, and Feminist analysis of this advertisement.

For television commercials, it analyzes the famous Macintosh '1984' commercials in a number of different ways as well. In the last chapter it speculates about the role of advertising in selling drugs to people, children and advertising, and the problems advertising agencies have in getting people's attention.

It also offers a glossary to terms used in the book and an annotated bibliography.

Thorstein Veblen: Economics for an Age of Crises [PDF]

Thorstein Veblen: Economics for an Age of Crises [PDF]
Thorstein Veblen: Economics for an Age of Crises edited by Erik S Reinert, Francesca L Viano
2012 | PDF | 5.17MB

After his death Thorstein Veblen was hailed as ‘America’s Darwin and Marx’ and is normally portrayed as the perennial iconoclast. He severely criticised traditional economics and attempted to create an alternative approach based on a much more complex view of human beings. He is one of the most celebrated economists of our age and has been the inspiration for many books; the predatory version of capitalism we now again experience, the phenomenon of studying cultures of consumption and the darker sides of gilded ages can be traced back to Veblen. A conference in Veblen’s ancestral Norway marked the 150th anniversary of his birth. The aim of the conference was to consolidate Veblen scholarship and evaluate his relevance for the problems of today.

This collection offers the results of that endeavour; it is a milestone of Vebleniana which assesses all the most salient aspects of his life and influence. Many of its contributors also push into uncharted territory, examining the man and his work from new and necessary perspectives hitherto ignored by scholarship.

Keynes's General Theory: 75 Years Later [PDF]

Keynes's General Theory: 75 Years Later [PDF]
Keynes's General Theory: Seventy-Five Years Later edited by Thomas Cate
2012 | PDF | 3.02MB

This volume, a collection of essays by internationally known experts in the area of the history of economic thought and of the economics of Keynes and macroeconomics in particular, is designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of The General Theory.

The essays contained in this volume are divided into four sections. The first section contains three essays that explore the concept of fundamental uncertainty and its unique role in The General Theory. The second section contains four essays that examine the place of The General Theory in the history of macroeconomics since 1936. The third section contains three essays that explore the interrelationships among Keynes, Friedman, Kaldor, Marx and Sraffa and their approaches to macroeconomic theory and policy. The final section contains a pair of essays that provide several new interpretations of The General Theory and its position within macroeconomics.

Keynes's General Theory is intended for those students and scholars who are interested in the economics of Keynes and the rich variety of approaches to macroeconomic theory and policy.

The 52-Week Low Formula [EPUB]

The 52-Week Low Formula [EPUB]
The 52-Week Low Formula: A Contrarian Strategy that Lowers Risk, Beats the Market, and Overcomes Human Emotion by Luke L Wiley
2014 | EPUB | 1.92MB

A low risk, contrarian approach to investing that has proven itself in today's markets

In The 52-Week Low Formula: A Contrarian Strategy that Lowers Risk, Beats the Market, and Overcomes Human Emotion, wealth manager Luke L. Wiley, CFP examines the principles behind selecting the outstanding companies and great investment opportunities that are being overlooked.

Along the way, Wiley offers a melding of the strategies used by such investment giants as Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Michael Porter, Seth Klarman, and Pat Dorsey. His proven formula helps investors get the upper hand by identifying solid companies that are poised for growth but have fallen out of the spotlight.

  • Shows you how to investigate companies and identify opportunities
  • Includes detailed discussions of competitive advantage, purchase value, return on invested capital, and debt levels
  • Presents several case studies to examine companies that have overcome obstacles by trading around their 52-week lows

The 52-Week Low Formula is a must-read for investors and financial advisors who want to break through conventional strategies and avoid common mistakes.

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations [EPUB]

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations [EPUB]
The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor by David S Landes
1999 | EPUB + MOBI | 2.25/2.14MB

Professor David S. Landes takes a historic approach to the analysis of the distribution of wealth in this landmark study of world economics. Landes argues that the key to today's disparity between the rich and poor nations of the world stems directly from the industrial revolution, in which some countries made the leap to industrialization and became fabulously rich, while other countries failed to adapt and remained poor. Why some countries were able to industrialize and others weren't has been the subject of much heated debate over the decades; climate, natural resources, and geography have all been put forward as explanations--and are all brushed aside by Landes in favor of his own controversial theory: that the ability to effect an industrial revolution is dependent on certain cultural traits, without which industrialization is impossible to sustain.

In The Wealth and Poverty of Nations Landes contrasts the characteristics of successfully industrialized nations--work, thrift, honesty, patience, and tenacity--with those of nonindustrial countries, arguing that until these values are internalized by all nations, the gulf between the rich and poor will continue to grow.

What Caused the Financial Crisis [PDF]

What Caused the Financial Crisis [PDF]
What Caused the Financial Crisis edited by Jeffrey Friedman
2011 | PDF | 5.04MB

The deflation of the subprime mortgage bubble in 2006-7 is widely agreed to have been the immediate cause of the collapse of the financial sector in 2008. Consequently, one might think that uncovering the origins of subprime lending would make the root causes of the crisis obvious. That is essentially where public debate about the causes of the crisis began—and ended—in the month following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the 502-point fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in mid-September 2008. However, the subprime housing bubble is just one piece of the puzzle. Asset bubbles inflate and burst frequently, but severe worldwide recessions are rare. What was different this time?

In What Caused the Financial Crisis leading economists and scholars delve into the major causes of the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression and, together, present a comprehensive picture of the factors that led to it. One essay examines the role of government regulation in expanding home ownership through mortgage subsidies for impoverished borrowers, encouraging the subprime housing bubble. Another explores how banks were able to securitize mortgages by manipulating criteria used for bond ratings. How this led to inaccurate risk assessments that could not be covered by sufficient capital reserves mandated under the Basel accords is made clear in a third essay. Other essays identify monetary policy in the United States and Europe, corporate pay structures, credit-default swaps, banks' leverage, and financial deregulation as possible causes of the crisis.

With contributions from Richard A. Posner, Vernon L. Smith, Joseph E. Stiglitz, and John B. Taylor, among others, What Caused the Financial Crisis provides a cogent, comprehensive, and credible explanation of why the crisis happened. It will be an essential resource for scholars and students of finance, economics, history, law, political science, and sociology, as well as others interested in the financial crisis and the nature of modern capitalism and regulation.

Generation of Wealth [EPUB]

Generation of Wealth [EPUB]
Generation of Wealth: The rise of Control Data and how it inspired an era of innovation and investment in the Upper Midwest by Donald M Hall
2014 | EPUB | 4.28MB

During the 1960s, an upstart Minnesota company, Control Data, made an enormous impact on the computer industry with the help of a handful of engineers and executives led by William Norris and Seymour Cray.

The rise of Control Data from a company selling stock at $1 a share to a multi-national firm manufacturing the world’s fastest computers is an extraordinary story in itself. But author Donald M. Hall also examines how the success of Control Data primed the pump of local investment and facilitated the flowering of a medical device industry that still flourishes in the state. He follows the careers of Norris and Cray, but also of Earl Bakken and Manny Villanova; he describes the changing world of computer sales, but also the ups and downs experienced by ordinary investors as firms producing innovative products sought out new investors willing to fund further research.

It’s a brisk and fascinating read, a portrait of a heady time, with lessons for today’s investors.

The Evolution of Aging [EPUB]

The Evolution of Aging [EPUB]
The Evolution of Aging: How New Theories Will Change the Future of Medicine [Third Edition] by Theodore Goldsmith
2013 | EPUB | 1.84MB

Why do we age? Many believe that aging is the result of fundamental and unalterable limitations. We can try to treat highly age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease but nothing can be done about aging itself. Anti-aging medicine is impossible.

Others believe that we age because our bodies do not try harder to prevent damage from natural deteriorative processes. Eventually, we might find pharmaceutical agents that enhance our natural anti-aging functions. For many decades this second theory was considered the most likely.

More recently, it has become increasingly clear that we age because we are designed to age and possess a sort of biological suicide or “programmed aging” mechanism that purposely limits our lifespans. Pharmaceutical agents can presumably be found that interfere with the aging program and thereby delay the incidence of many age-related diseases and conditions. Some such agents apparently already exist.

Evolution theory is critical to aging theories. All three aging theory concepts are derived from slightly different versions of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” idea.

This book describes the exciting developments that led to the conclusion that the programmed aging theory is correct and summarizes some research initiatives that are already underway based on this theory. The development of the evolutionary theories that are relevant to aging theory is discussed in detail.

Lunch with the FT [EPUB]

Lunch with the FT [EPUB]
Lunch with the FT: 52 Classic Interviews edited by Lionel Barber
2013 | EPUB | 10.87MB

A selection of Financial Times interviews with high-profile figures in business, politics, the arts, science and more.

From film stars to politicians, tycoons to writers, dissidents to lifestyle gurus, Lunch with the FT gathers fifty-two fascinating interviews conducted at the unforgiving proximity of a restaurant table.

The list of people who have participated in this popular feature since 1994 reads like an international Who’s Who of our times. Meet the rich and famous, the weird and the brilliant, the brave and the virtuous, all brought to you by the Financial Times’ global network of columnists and correspondents.

This book brings you right to the table to decide what you think of Angela Merkel or Martin Amis, George Soros or Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Angelina Jolie or Jimmy Carter. Meet not just oligarchs and royals, but the co-founder of Apple, the codiscoverer of DNA, the tycoon who will pay African presidents to quit, and one of the Arab world’s most notorious sons.

Every interview is illustrated with a drawing of its subject, making this collection as visually impressive as it is enlightening and fun to read.

Murder on the Home Front [EPUB]

Murder on the Home Front [EPUB]
Murder on the Home Front: A True Story of Morgues, Murderers and Mysteries in the Blitz by Molly Lefebure
2014 | EPUB | 2.88MB

It is 1941. While the 'war of chaos' rages in the skies above London, an unending fight against violence, murder and the criminal underworld continues on the streets below.

One ordinary day, in an ordinary courtroom, forensic pathologist Dr Keith Simpson asks a keen young journalist to be his secretary. Although the 'horrors of secretarial work' don't appeal to Molly Lefebure, she's intrigued to find out exactly what goes on behind a mortuary door.

Capable and curious, 'Miss Molly' quickly becomes indispensible to Dr Simpson as he meticulously pursues the truth. Accompanying him from sombre morgues to London's most gruesome crime scenes, Molly observes and assists as he uncovers the dark secrets that all murder victims keep.

With a sharp sense of humour and a rebellious spirit, Molly tells her own remarkable true story here with warmth and wit, painting a vivid portrait of wartime London.

It's the Customer, Stupid! [EPUB]

It's the Customer, Stupid! [EPUB]
It's the Customer, Stupid: 34 Wake-up Calls to Help You Stay Client-Focused by Michael Aun
2011 | EPUB | 1.24MB

Ruthlessly focus on what's convenient for customers, not what's convenient for you

Ninety percent of dissatisfied clients will take their business elsewhere and never tell you why. However, ninety-five percent will become loyal customers again if their needs and problems are addressed and remedied.

Speaker and salesperson Michael Aun shares these secrets and many more in It's the Customer, Stupid!, a guide to growing any business by gaining new customers, and, more importantly, by keeping the ones you have happy and coming back for more. This fun-to-read book explains common myths about sales and customer satisfaction, starting with the fact that most businesses think they're customer-centric, but they just aren't.

  • Get proven steps to REALLY put your customer at the center of what you do
  • Distinguish your business from the competition by understanding the principle that good sales ARE good service
  • Author received the Toastmasters "World Championship of Public Speaking" award and is also a full-time businessman practicing what he preaches daily

It's the Customer, Stupid! reveals key actions that will shake up your business approach. Your customers will love you for them, and you'll love the effect on sales!

The Economist Audio Edition [May 3, 2014]

The Economist Audio Edition [May 3, 2014]
The Economist Audio Edition [May 3, 2014]
English | MP3@48 kbps + EPUB + MOBI | 160.4MB

The audio edition contains word-for-word recordings of all articles published in The Economist, read by professional broadcasters and actors. It is ideal for anyone who wants to listen to articles while travelling, exercising or just relaxing.

The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication owned by "The Economist Newspaper Ltd" and edited in London. It has been in continuous publication since James Wilson established it in September 1843. As of summer 2007, its average circulation topped 1.2 million copies a week, about half of which are sold in North America. Consequently it is often seen as a transatlantic (as opposed to solely British) news source.

The aim of The Economist is "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress."Subjects covered include international news, economics, politics, business, finance, science, technology, and the arts. The publication is targeted at the high-end "prestige" segment of the market and counts among its audience influential business and government decision-makers.

It takes a strongly argued editorial stance on many issues, especially its support for free trade and fiscal conservatism; it can thus be considered as a magazine which practises advocacy journalism.