Why Did I Buy This Book? [EPUB]

Why Did I Buy This Book? [EPUB]
Why Did I Buy This Book: Over 500 Fun Puzzlers, Quizzes, Teasers, and Challenges by Lynn Brunelle
2009 | EPUB | 16.03MB

Packed with over 500 mind-enhancing exercises, this ebook is the ultimate tool for attaining and maintaining optimalbrain health. Including word games, visual and spatial challenges, logic puzzlers, and memory boosters, the activitiesin this illustrated collection will improve overall mental fitness and the abilities to concentrate, analyze, and problemsolve.

Puzzles include Word Scramblers, Anagrams, Riddles, Whats Missing?, Trivia, and more. With multiple levels of difficulties and themes, this comprehensive activity book is challenging, entertaining, and a terrific way to keep those mental muscles moving and cerebral sparks flying.

Amazing 'Aha!' Puzzles [PDF]

Amazing Aha! Puzzles [PDF]
Amazing "Aha" Puzzles: Improve Your Ability to Think 'outside the Box' and Boost Your Creativity by Lloyd King
2004 | PDF | 2.37MB

Do you want to improve your ability to think ‘outside the box’ and boost your creativity?

This truly mind-altering and inspirational book of more than 300 brand new lateral puzzles provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone to improve their creativity and mental flexibility. It is packed with all kinds of fun and imaginative problems of varying degrees of difficulty that encourage you to break out of familiar thought patterns and to think creatively and ‘outside the box’. In addition, the puzzles have extremely rewarding and addictive “Aha!” answers absolutely guaranteed to make you both groan and smile at the same time. Puzzle wizards, young and old, will absolutely love this book as well as be completely enchanted by it!

The Paradoxicon [PDF]

The Paradoxicon [PDF]
The Paradoxicon: A Collection of Contradictory Challenges, Problematical Puzzles, and Impossible Illustrations by Nicholas Falletta
1983 | PDF | 16.66MB

This is an illustrated guide to a wonderland of reason where nothing is as it seems, through a maze of mental curiosities and contradictions. It discusses paradoxes of all types--mathematical, logical, scientific, philosophical and more. Though many involve sophisticated concepts and logical reasoning, none requires a highly technical background-knowledge of ordinary language and simple arithmetic will do.

Twenty-five stand-alone chapters each present and discuss a different paradox, including: the Barber Paradox; the Crocodile's Dilemma, M. C. Escher's Paradoxes, the Liar Paradox, the Prisoner's Dilemma, the Raven Paradox, Zeno's Paradox, and many others. Each chapter features an end note indicating related paradoxes elsewhere in the book. Includes 118 mind-boggling illustrations, optical illusions and visual acrobatics.

Challenging Optical Picture Puzzles [PDF]

Challenging Optical Picture Puzzles [PDF]
Challenging Optical Picture Puzzles by Irit Adler, Shem Levy
1996 | PDF | 4.04MB

Tired of the same old picture puzzles? Looking for a new twist on brain teasers? Then try these on for size! These puzzles challenge your ability to perceive and manipulate forms and shapes. Learn to use logical deduction and spatial perception as puzzle-solving weapons! "...true brain food..."

Challenging IQ Tests [PDF]

Challenging IQ Tests [PDF]
Challenging IQ Tests by Philip J Carter, Ken Russell
1998 | PDF | 3.78MB

Do you dare discover how smart you really are? If so, try out these twenty treacherous tests and see how you score! Each quiz has 20 problems that gauge mental flexibility and breadth of knowledge. Take an hour to find synonyms, make logical comparisons, complete equations, and tease out numerical progressions.

Humble Orthodoxy [EPUB]

Humble Orthodoxy [EPUB]
Humble Orthodoxy: Holding the Truth High Without Putting People Down by Joshua Harris
2013 | EPUB | 1.88MB

We don’t get to choose between humility and orthodoxy. We need both.

Orthodoxy, for the faithful, evokes what’s cherished and beautiful and eternal. Yet in our day, orthodoxy is too often wielded like a weapon, used to bludgeon others with differing points of view. The word has become associated with behavior like argumentative, annoying, and arrogant.

It’s time for God’s people to demonstrate both right thinking and right attitudes. We are called to embrace and defend biblical truth. But that truth includes repeated commands to love our neighbor, love our enemy, and be clothed in gentleness and respect.

In Humble Orthodoxy, bestselling author Joshua Harris examines New Testament teachings about the calling of believers to a love-infused courage that ignores foolish controversies, patiently endures evil, and champions truth with generosity of spirit. Without this kind of humility, Harris asserts, we become like the Pharisees—right in our doctrine, but ultimately destroying the cause of truth with our pride.

A Profound Mind [EPUB]

A Profound Mind [EPUB]
A Profound Mind: Cultivating Wisdom in Everyday Life by the Dalai Lama, edited by Nicholas Vreeland
2011 | EPUB | 2.15MB

For the first time for general readers, the Dalai Lama presents a comprehensive overview of the most important teaching of Buddhism.

Perhaps the main difference between Buddhism and other religions is its understanding of our core identity. The existence of the soul or self, which is central in different ways to Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is actually denied in Buddhism. Even further, belief in a “self” is seen as the main source of our difficulties in life. Yet a true understanding of this teaching does not lead one to a despairing, cynical worldview with a sense that life has no meaning—Far from it, a genuine understanding leads to authentic happiness for an individual and the greatest source of compassion for others.

In 2003 and in 2007, the Dalai Lama was invited to New York to give a series of talks on the essential Buddhist view of selflessness. This new book, the result of those talks, is now offered to help broaden awareness of this essential doctrine and its usefulness in living a more meaningful and happy life.

While the Dalai Lama offers a full presentation of his teachings on these key philosophical points for contemplation, he also shows readers how to bring these teachings actively into their own lives with recommendations for a personal practice. It is only by actually living these teachings that we allow them to bring about a genuine transformation in our perception of ourselves and our lives.

A Profound Mind offers important wisdom for those committed to bringing about change in the world through developing their own spiritual capabilities, whether they are Buddhists or not.

Big Gods [EPUB]

Big Gods [EPUB]
Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict by Ara Norenzayan
2013 | EPUB | 3.04MB

How did human societies scale up from small, tight-knit groups of hunter-gatherers to the large, anonymous, cooperative societies of today--even though anonymity is the enemy of cooperation? How did organized religions with "Big Gods"--the great monotheistic and polytheistic faiths--spread to colonize most minds in the world? In Big Gods, Ara Norenzayan makes the surprising and provocative argument that these fundamental puzzles about the origins of civilization are one and the same, and answer each other.

Once human minds could conceive of supernatural beings, Norenzayan argues, the stage was set for rapid cultural and historical changes that eventually led to large societies with Big Gods--powerful, omniscient, interventionist deities concerned with regulating the moral behavior of humans. How? As the saying goes, "watched people are nice people." It follows that people play nice when they think Big Gods are watching them, even when no one else is. Yet at the same time that sincere faith in Big Gods unleashed unprecedented cooperation within ever-expanding groups, it also introduced a new source of potential conflict between competing groups.

In some parts of the world, such as northern Europe, secular institutions have precipitated religion's decline by usurping its community-building functions. These societies with atheist majorities--some of the most cooperative, peaceful, and prosperous in the world--climbed religion's ladder, and then kicked it away. So while Big Gods answers fundamental questions about the origins and spread of world religions, it also helps us understand another, more recent social transition--the rise of cooperative societies without belief in gods.

The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics [EPUB]

The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics [EPUB]
The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things by A W Moore
2011 | EPUB | 1.24MB

This book is concerned with the history of metaphysics since Descartes. Taking as its definition of metaphysics 'the most general attempt to make sense of things', it charts the evolution of this enterprise through various competing conceptions of its possibility, scope, and limits.

The book is divided into three parts, dealing respectively with the early modern period, the late modern period in the analytic tradition, and the late modern period in non-analytic traditions. In its unusually wide range, A. W. Moore's study refutes the tired old cliché that there is some unbridgeable gulf between analytic philosophy and philosophy of other kinds. It also advances its own distinctive and compelling conception of what metaphysics is and why it matters. Moore explores how metaphysics can help us to cope with continually changing demands on our humanity by making sense of things in ways that are radically new.

The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle [EPUB]

The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle [EPUB]
The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle, translated by David Ross
2009 | EPUB | 5.36MB

In The Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle's guiding question is: what is the best thing for a human being? His answer is happiness, but he means, not something we feel, but rather a specially good kind of life. Happiness is made up of activities in which we use the best human capacities, both ones that contribute to our flourishing as members of a community, and ones that allow us to engage in god-like contemplation. Contemporary ethical writings on the role and importance of the moral virtues such as courage and justice have drawn inspiration from this work, which also contains important discussions on responsibility for actions, on the nature of practical reasoning, and on friendship and its role in the best life.

This new edition retains and lightly revises David Ross's justly admired translation. It also includes a valuable introduction to this seminal work, and notes designed to elucidate Aristotle's arguments.

Politics by Aristotle [EPUB]

Politics by Aristotle [EPUB]
Politics by Aristotle, translated by Ernest Barker
1995 | EPUB | 1.75MB

The Politics is one of the most influential texts in the history of political thought, and it raises issues which still confront anyone who wants to think seriously about the ways in which human societies are organized and governed. By examining the way societies are run--from households to city states--Aristotle establishes how successful constitutions can best be initiated and upheld.

For this edition, Sir Ernest Barker's fine translation, which has been widely used for nearly half a century, has been extensively revised to meet the needs of the modern reader. The accessible introduction and clear notes examine the historical and philosophical background of the work and discuss its significance for modern political thought.

Symposium by Plato [EPUB]

Symposium by Plato [EPUB]
Symposium by Plato, translated by Robin Waterfield
1998 | EPUB | 5.79MB

In his celebrated masterpiece, Symposium, Plato imagines a high-society dinner-party in Athens in 416 BC at which the guests include the comic poet Aristophanes and, of course, Plato's mentor Socrates.

The power, humour, and pathos of Plato's creation engages the reader on every page. This new translation is complemented by full explanatory notes and an illuminating introduction.

Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide [EPUB]

Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide [EPUB]
Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide to the Ideas of 100 Great Thinkers by Jeremy Harwood
2012 | EPUB | 17.48MB

Succinct biographies of the 100 most important philosophers, their key ideas, and most notable works.

From philosophy's founding fathers, such as Thales, Socrates, and Plato, to great minds of the postmodern era, such as Sartre, Ayer, and Feyerabend, this essential guide distills the thoughts of the world's most influential minds and explains their answers to some of philosophy's key questions. Is there a Supreme Being? Who am I? What is truth? Do we have free will? Why do bad things happen? How should we live? Is death the end of everything? What is the meaning of life? Arranged from the ancient world to the present day, each philosopher's notable works and pronouncements are encapsulated in a series of succinct, easy-to-read biographies, accompanied by illustrations, at-a-glance fact panels, and quotations, making Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide the ideal book to a fascinating but often daunting subject.

How to Outwit Aristotle [EPUB]

How to Outwit Aristotle [EPUB]
How to Outwit Aristotle: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Philosophy by Peter Cave
2012 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.7/0.72MB

Philosophy might make you think of dusty statues in togas or Zen masters meditating, but the philosophical world has far more to offer than ancient men in beards: it can also tell you everything there is to know about life, love and death.

In a series of highly original, entertaining and often extraordinary scenarios, How to Outwit Aristotle brings to life 35 key philosophy concepts in a way that anyone can understand. From the realm of the unconscious to the principles of logic, the 35 bite-sized chapters in this book will not only help you understand our world, how we find meaning in life, and how we think of right and wrong, they'll help you win arguments, learn the art of seduction, and even get one up on Aristotle. Easy to follow and impossible to put down, this book will not only help you to think like a bat – it will have you thinking like a philosopher.

The Big Questions: Philosophy [EPUB]

The Big Questions: Philosophy [EPUB]
The Big Questions: Philosophy by Simon Blackburn
2012 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.59/1.98MB

The Big Questions series confronts the fundamental problems of science and philosophy that have perplexed enquiring minds throughout history, and provides and explains the answers of our greatest thinkers.

In Big Questions: Philosophy, Simon Blackburn tackles 20 questions essential to our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Am I free? Is there such a thing as society? What is time? Why is there something and not nothing? What am I? Can we understand each other? What are my rights? Do we need God? What is beauty? Why be good? What do we really know? Can machines think? How can I deceive myself? What fills up space? Why do things keep on keeping on? Are we rational? Is truth relative? What is human nature? Is death to be feared? And what is the meaning of life?

The Big Questions: Evolution [EPUB]

The Big Questions: Evolution [EPUB]
The Big Questions: Evolution by Francisco Jose Ayala
2012 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.07/1.42MB

The Big Questions series is designed to let renowned experts address the 20 most fundamental and frequently asked questions of a major branch of science or philosophy. Each 3,000-word essay simply and concisely examines a question that has eternally perplexed enquiring minds, and provides answers based on the latest research. This ambitious project is a unique distillation of humanity’s best ideas.

In Big Questions: Evolution, Francisco Ayala answers the 20 key questions: What is evolution? What is natural selection? Is evolution a random process? What are chromosomes, genes and DNA? What is molecular evolution? What is the tree of life? What does the fossil record tell us? Is intelligence inherited? Can I clone myself? Is language a uniquely human attribute? Was Darwin right? What is 'survival of the fittest'? What is a species? How do genes build bodies? How did life begin? Am I really a monkey? What is the missing link? Will humans continue to evolve? Where does morality come from? Is Creationism true?

Gaining Ground, 2nd Edition [EPUB]

Gaining Ground, 2nd Edition [EPUB]
Gaining Ground: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods, Second Edition by Jennifer A Clack
2012 | EPUB | 14.72MB

Around 370 million years ago, a distant relative of a modern lungfish began a most extraordinary adventure—emerging from the water and laying claim to the land. Over the next 70 million years, this tentative beachhead had developed into a worldwide colonization by ever-increasing varieties of four-limbed creatures known as tetrapods, the ancestors of all vertebrate life on land.

This new edition of Jennifer A. Clack's groundbreaking book tells the complex story of their emergence and evolution. Beginning with their closest relatives, the lobe-fin fishes such as lungfishes and coelacanths, Clack defines what a tetrapod is, describes their anatomy, and explains how they are related to other vertebrates. She looks at the Devonian environment in which they evolved, describes the known and newly discovered species, and explores the order and timing of anatomical changes that occurred during the fish-to-tetrapod transition.

The Earth Moved [EPUB]

The Earth Moved [EPUB]
The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms by Amy Stewart
2005 | EPUB | 4.82MB

In The Earth Moved, Amy Stewart takes us on a journey through the underground world and introduces us to one of its most amazing denizens. The earthworm may be small, spineless, and blind, but its impact on the ecosystem is profound. It ploughs the soil, fights plant diseases, cleans up pollution, and turns ordinary dirt into fertile land. Who knew?

In her witty, offbeat style, Stewart shows that much depends on the actions of the lowly worm. Charles Darwin devoted his last years to the meticulous study of these creatures, praising their remarkable abilities. With the august scientist as her inspiration, Stewart investigates the worm's subterranean realm, talks to oligochaetologists—the unsung heroes of earthworm science—who have devoted their lives to unearthing the complex life beneath our feet, and observes the thousands of worms in her own garden. From the legendary giant Australian worm that stretches to ten feet in length to the modest nightcrawler that wormed its way into the heart of Darwin's last book to the energetic red wigglers in Stewart's compost bin, The Earth Moved gives worms their due and exposes their hidden and extraordinary universe. This book is for all of us who appreciate Mother Nature's creatures, no matter how humble.

50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]

50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]
50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupré
2007 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.35/0.35MB

Have you ever lain awake at night fretting over how we can be sure of the reality of the external world? Perhaps we are in fact disembodied brains, floating in vats at the whim of some deranged puppet-master? If so, you are not alone - and what's more, you are in exalted company. For this question and other ones like it have been the stuff of philosophical rumination from Plato to Popper.

In a series of accessible and engagingly written essays, 50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know introduces and explains the problems of knowledge, consciousness, identity, ethics, belief, justice and aesthetics that have engaged the attention of thinkers from the era of the ancient Greeks to the present day.

50 Ethics Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]

50 Ethics Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]
50 Ethics Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupré
2013 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.33/0.42MB

Questions of ethics - about how we should act, our responsibilities to one another, the difference between right and wrong - have long been debated by philosophers the world over and form the foundations of government, culture and religion. Here, in concise, easy-to-read chapters, Ben Dupré explains the fundamentals of this discipline and how it is relevant to our lives today.

Covering essential ethical concepts, including relativism, the golden rule and utilitarianism, as well as high-profile issues such as terrorism, censorship and the death penalty, 50 Ethics Ideas You Really Need to Know will lead you through the moral maze - and rattle your conscience in the process.

50 Events You Really Need to Know: History of War [EPUB]

50 Events You Really Need to Know: History of War [EPUB]
50 Events You Really Need to Know: History of War by Robin Cross
2012 | EPUB | 862.12KB

Human history – from the empires of the ancient world to the superpowers of the 21st century – has been inextricably shaped by conflict and the weapons that have been used to wage it. The technologies that have produced advanced civilizations have also been harnessed to the grim business of warfare. The trains that carried working people to their first seaside holidays in the 19th century also took millions of young men to war in 1914. Nearly a century later, the computer revolution, which by 2000 had come to dominate almost every aspect of life in advanced societies, had also introduced us to a new fifth dimension of warfare, in which governments jostle brutally in cyberspace. This short history, stretching from the chariot to the Stuxnet virus which disabled Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme in 2007, charts some of the most significant weapons, fortifications and tactics that have been developed in the last 2,500 years. Since 1945, the pace of change has been relentless. In the present day, the main battle tank is facing obsolescence as the master of the battlefield, and the introduction of the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) threatens the livelihoods of many of the highly trained establishments of the world’s leading air forces. In contrast, the many asymmetric conflicts raging around the globe in countries of the Third World attest to the durability of one of the 20th century’s most remarkable weapons, the Kalashnikov assault rifle, developed in the later 1940s and still in service worldwide. This is a scintillating introduction to the world’s most enduring phenomenon.

50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe [EPUB]

50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe [EPUB]
50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe by Joanne Baker
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.51/1.8MB

For millennia humanity has gazed in wonder at the night sky, tracked the motions of the planets and attempted to explain our place in the Universe. But only in our own time has the true scale, the astonishing variety and the remarkable strangeness of the cosmos come clearly into focus. The pace and sophistication of recent scientific discovery has been breathtaking, but breakthroughs are often difficult to understand and their impact is hard to fully appreciate.

In 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe, Joanne Baker clearly and concisely explains all of the essential concepts, major discoveries and the very latest thinking in astrophysics, including: the basic principles of astronomy - from heliocentrism to Newton's theory of optics; the constituent parts of the Universe, its creation and evolution; the key concepts of cosmology including the theory of relativity, supermassive black holes and 'multiverses'; the very latest developments in our understanding of quasars, exoplanets and astrobiology. From dwarf planets to dark energy; and from the Big Bang to the death of stars, this book is the perfect introduction to the cutting-edge science that is shaping our understanding of our place in the Universe and that could lead to the next great discovery - the detection of life beyond Earth.

50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know [EPUB]

50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know [EPUB]
50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know by Joanne Baker
2009 | EPUB | 3.46MB

In this, the second volume in an important new series presenting core concepts across a range of critical areas of human knowledge, author Joanne Baker unravels the complexities of 20th-century scientific theory for a general readership.

From Hubble’s law to the Pauli exclusion principle, and from Schrödinger’s cat to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, she explains ideas at the cutting-edge of scientific enquiry, making them comprehensible and accessible to the layperson.

50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]

50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]
50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know by Edmund Conway
2011 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.47/0.58MB

What exactly is a credit crunch? Why do footballers earn so much more than the rest of us? Which country is likely to be the world's leading economy in 10 years' time? And how does economics affect each one of us, every day?

In the seventh volume of the successful 50 Ideas series, economist Edmund Conway introduces and explains the central ideas of economics in a series of 50 clear and concise essays. Beginning with an exploration of the basic theories, such as Adam Smith's ‘invisible hand', and concluding with the latest research into the links between wealth and happiness, he sheds light on all the essential topics needed to understand booms and busts, bulls and bears, and the way the world really works.

Packed with real-life examples and quotations from key thinkers, 50 Economics Ideas provides a fascinating overview of how economics influences every aspect of our lives, from buying a house to what we had for breakfast this morning.

50 Political Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]

50 Political Ideas You Really Need to Know [EPUB]
50 Political Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupre
2011 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.53/0.49MB

At a time of corrosive popular cynicism and profound international unease, the need for clarity over the fundamental concepts of politics has never been greater: the forces of Terrorism and Fundamentalism endanger our Security, while government responses to it pose a basic threat to Liberty, Democracy and Human rights. Corruption, Spin and a suspect Political culture arouse public indignation, which is further aggravated by an array of Pressure groups and the far-from-disinterested attentions of the Mass media.

In 50 Political Ideas You Really Need to Know, Ben Dupré clears away the murk that obscures key concepts that we ignore at our peril.

How to Live Forever [EPUB]

How to Live Forever [EPUB]
How to Live Forever: and 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Science by Alok Jha
2012 | EPUB | 4.09MB

How can you live forever? What does it take to create life? How can we find other universes? Will we ever talk to aliens? What do you need to build a brain?

How to Live Forever is the essential survival guide for anyone who has ever been baffled by science. Embarking on a journey from the very small to the very big, readers will be taken on a glorious tour of the universe, taking in cloned sheep, alien worlds, bizarre life forms, quantum weirdness, parallel dimensions and dissected brains along the way. You'll discover how to travel through time, how to start (and cure) a plague, how the mind works, how to turn sunbeams into oak trees, how to boil a planet, how Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility works and much, much more. Both informative and enjoyable, this is a rip-roaring tour through the wonders of the natural world.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep [EPUB]

The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep [EPUB]
The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep by Lawrence Epstein, Steven Mardon
2007 | EPUB | 3.04MB

Put your sleep problems to rest with this proven six-step plan.

How many times have you heard it's important to get a good night's sleep? It sounds simple, but it isn't always easy. Now one of the nation's leading sleep experts gives you a step-by-step program for overcoming sleep problems from insomnia and snoring to restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.

Dr. Lawrence Epstein of Harvard Medical School reveals his proven six-step plan to maximize your nights and energize your days. He explains the health benefits of sleep and identifies signs of sleep problems as he gives in-depth advice on how to:

  • Turn your bedroom into the optimal sleep environment
  • Finally overcome insomnia
  • Silence buzz-saw snoring
  • Relax restless legs
  • Deal with daytime exhaustion
  • Determine if sleep medication is right for you
  • Improve your sleep by improving your child's sleep

One Simple Change [EPUB]

One Simple Change [EPUB]
One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life by Winnie Abramson
2013 | EPUB | 1.32MB

Small changes add up!

We all want to look and feel better, and One Simple Change shows us how. In this wellness guide, Healthy Green Kitchen blogger Winnie Abramson compiles 50 small changes that readers can easily make to improve their everyday well-being. Abramson—who has a doctorate in naturopathic medicine—throws fad diets out the door in favor of age-old culinary wisdom, green living tips, cutting-edge nutrition information, and 15 simple and easy recipes.

Readers can work through the tips week by week or dip in and out of the book at will. This game-changing guide will be treasured by anyone hoping to look and feel healthier, younger, and happier.

The Lean Mindset [EPUB]

The Lean Mindset [EPUB]
The Lean Mindset: Ask the Right Questions by Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck
2013 | EPUB + MOBI | 2.51/3.4MB

What company doesn’t want energized workers, delighted customers, genuine efficiency, and breakthrough innovation? The Lean Mindset shows how lean companies really work–and how a lean mindset is the key to creating stunning products and delivering amazing services.

Through cutting-edge research and case studies from leading organizations, including Spotify, Ericsson, Intuit, GE Healthcare, Pixar, CareerBuilder, and Intel, you’ll discover proven patterns for developing that mindset. You’ll see how to cultivate product teams that act like successful startups, create the kind of efficiency that attracts customers, and leverage the talents of bright, creative people.

The Poppendiecks weave lean principles throughout this book, just as those principles must be woven throughout the fabric of your truly lean organization.

Learn How To

  • Start with an inspiring purpose, and overcome the curse of short-term thinking
  • Energize teams by providing well-framed challenges, larger purposes, and a direct line of sight between their work and the achievement of those purposes
  • Delight customers by gaining unprecedented insight into their real needs, and building products and services that fully anticipate those needs
  • Achieve authentic, sustainable efficiency without layoffs, rock-bottom cost focus, or totalitarian work systems
  • Develop breakthrough innovations by moving beyond predictability to experimentation, beyond globalization to decentralization, beyond productivity to impact

Lean approaches to software development have moved from novelty to widespread use, in large part due to the principles taught by Mary and Tom Poppendieck in their pioneering books. Now, in The Lean Mindset, the Poppendiecks take the next step, looking at a company where multidiscipline teams are expected to ask the right questions, solve the right problems, and deliver solutions that customers love.

The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement [EPUB]

The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement [EPUB]
The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement by Christopher Marrison
2002 | EPUB | 11.35MB

Today’s Most Detailed, Step-by-Step Guidebook for Understanding—and Implementing—Integrated Financial Risk Measurement and Management

Banks take financial risks, with their overall profits based on maximizing the returns from those risks. Losses—or in the case of Britain’s Barings Bank, utter devastation—can occur when assumed risks are unregulated internally and become too large, either in relation to potential returns or in the bank’s ability to cover the risks.

Between the two lies the effective measurement and management of financial risk.

The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement introduces the state-of-the-art tools and practices necessary for planning, executing, and maintaining risk management in today’s volatile financial environment. This comprehensive book provides description and analysis of topics including:

  • Economic capital
  • Risk adjusted return on capital (RAROC)
  • Shareholder Value Added (SVA)
  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Asset/liability management (ALM)
  • Credit risk for a single facility
  • Credit risk for portfolios
  • Operating risk
  • Inter-risk diversification
  • The Basel Committee Capital Accords

The banking world is driven by risk. The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement shows you how to quantify that risk, outlining an integrated framework for risk measurement and management that is straightforward, practical for implementation, and based on the realities of today’s tumultuous global marketplace.

In The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement, financial industry veteran Chris Marrison examines what banks must do to succeed in the business of making money by taking risk. Encompassing the three primary areas of banking risk—market, credit, and operational—and doing so in a uniquely intuitive, step-by-step format, Marrison provides hands-on details on the primary tools for financial risk measurement and management, including:

  • Plain-English evaluation of specific risk measurement tools and techniques
  • Use of Value at Risk (VaR) for assessment of market risk for trading operations
  • Asset/liability management (ALM) techniques, transfer pricing, and managing market and liquidity risk
  • The many available methods for analyzing portfolios of credit risks
  • Using RAROC to compare the risk-adjusted profitability of businesses and price transactions

In addition, woven throughout The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement are principles underlying the regulatory capital requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, and what banks must do to understand and implement them. The requirements are defined, implications of the New Capital Accord are presented, and the major steps that a bank must take to implement the New Accord are discussed. The resulting thumbnail sketch of the Basel Committee, and specifically the New Capital Accord, is valuable as both a ready reference and a foundation for further study of this important initiative.

Risk is unavoidable in the financial industry. It can, however, be measured and managed to provide the greatest risk-adjusted return, and limit the negative impacts of risk to a bank’s shareholders as well as potential borrowers and lenders. The Fundamentals of Risk Management provides risk managers with an approach to risk-taking that is both informed and prudent, one that shows operations managers how to control risk exposures as it allows decision-making executives to direct resources to opportunities that are expected to create maximum return with minimum risk. The result is today’s most complete introduction to the business of risk, and a valuable reference for anyone from the floor trader to the officer in charge of overseeing the entire risk management operation.

The One Minute Millionaire [EPUB]

The One Minute Millionaire [EPUB]
The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G Allen
2009 | EPUB | 2.4MB

Would you like to know the secrets to making all the money you’ll ever want?

Now, two mega-bestselling authors with decades of experience in teaching people how to achieve extraordinary wealth and success share their secrets. Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of the phenomenal Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Robert G. Allen, one of the world’s foremost financial experts, have helped thousands of people become millionaires. Now it’s your turn.

Is it possible to make a million dollars in only one minute? The answer just might surprise you. The One Minute Millionaire is an entirely new approach, a life-changing “millionaire system” that will teach you how to:

  • Create wealth even when you have nothing to start with.
  • Overcome fears so you can take reasonable risks.
  • Use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly.
  • Use “one minute” habits to build wealth over the long term.

The One Minute Millionaire is a revolutionary approach to building wealth and a powerful program for self-discovery as well. Here are two books in one, fiction and nonfiction, designed to address two kinds of learning so that you can fully integrate these life-changing lessons. On the right-hand pages, you will find the fictional story of a woman who has to make a million dollars in ninety days or lose her two children forever. The left-hand pages give the practical, step-by-step nonfiction strategies and techniques that actually work in the real world. You’ll find more than one hundred nuts-and-bolts “Millionaire Minutes,” each one a concise and invaluable lesson with specific techniques for creating wealth.

However, the lessons here are not just about becoming a millionaire—they are about becoming an enlightened millionaire and how to ethically make, keep, and share your wealth. Whether your goal is less than a million dollars or that amount many times over, there’s never been a better time to achieve abundance. Let The One Minute Millionaire show you the way.

How to Maximise Your Property Portfolio [EPUB]

How to Maximise Your Property Portfolio [EPUB]
How to Maximise Your Property Portfolio by Margaret Lomas
2011 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.21/1.55MB

In How to Maximise Your Property Portfolio, Margaret explains to new and experienced investors how to manage and profit from a positive cash flow property portfolio. Her approach to investment can provide investors with an income from day one without the usual risks associated with negative gearing. Written in her trademark easy-to-read engaging style, Margaret shares her common-sense financial wisdom, covering topics such as:

  • how the type of property you invest in can affect returns
  • the issues to consider when shopping for property
  • whether cash flow will continue and for how long
  • how to maximise each investment through optimal purchasing structures and tax benefits
  • capital gain and cash flow
  • choosing the best way to manage your property.

Margaret Lomas one of Australia foremost property investment authors claims that with a combination of common sense, hard work and patience you can ensure you have an income for life. Her low-risk techniques have allowed her and her husband to build their own extensive, profitable property portfolio. How to Maximise Your Property Portfolio will show you how.

KaChing [EPUB]

KaChing [EPUB]
KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays by Joel Comm
2010 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.51/2.44MB

For nearly fifteen years, Joel Comm has been generating revenue on the web via a number of avenues. In KaChing, he shares his five primary methods of making money online, combining traditional marketing with the new, offering detailed strategies and techniques that can be applied to any niche or market. Each of the five methods is broken down into simple, practical, duplicable steps.

How to Make Money in Stocks Trilogy [EPUB]

How to Make Money in Stocks Trilogy [EPUB]
How to Make Money in Stocks Trilogy by William O'Neil, Matthew Galgani, Amy Smith
2013 | EPUB + PDF | 58.88/132.11MB


The How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System
Through every type of market, William J. O'Neil's national bestseller How to Make Money in Stocks has shown over 2 million investors the secrets to successful investing. O'Neil's powerful CAN SLIM Investing System--a proven seven-step process for minimizing risk and maximizing gains--has influenced generations of investors.

How to Make Money in Stocks Getting Started
Through both bull and bear markets, Investor’s Business Daily’s CAN SLIM Investment System has consistently been the #1 growth strategy, according to the American Association of Individual Investors. How to Make Money in Stocks—Getting Started shows you how to put the CAN SLIM System to work for you.

“Getting Started takes the guesswork out of investing. Anyone can use these routines and checklists to become a successful investor.” —Amy Smith, How to Make Money in Stocks—Success Stories
How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories

The most successful investors explain exactly how they have used O'Neil's CAN SLIM method to generate outsized returns. Packed with tips, strategies, lessons, and dos and donts, How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories gives first-hand accounts explaining the ins and outs of applying CAN SLIM in real situations, in the real market.

Learn how one woman, with no financial background at all, used the CAN SLIM method to get back on her feet after losing her husband and then shortly after, losing her job; she now invests full time and travels the world. She and many other regular people who have made huge gains with O’Neil’s investing method give their first-hand insights that can help anyone who reads this book.

Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully [EPUB]

Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully [EPUB]
Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully by James J Cramer
2013 | EPUB | 3.98MB

Tired of phony promises about getting rich quickly, promises that lead to reckless decisions (the stepping stones to the poor house)? How about trying something different? How about going for lasting wealth—and doing it the cautious way? In Get Rich Carefully, Jim Cramer uses his thirty-five years of experience as a Wall Street veteran and host of CNBC’s Mad Money to create a guide to high-yield, low-risk investing. In our recovering economy, this is the plan you need to make big money without taking big risks.

Drawing on his unparalleled knowledge of the stock market and on the mistakes and successes he's made on the way to his own fortune, Cramer explains—in plain English—why you can get rich in a prudent, methodical way, as long as you start now. In his own inimitable style, Cramer lays it on the line, no waffling, no on-the-one-hand-or-the-other hedging, just the straight stuff you need to accumulate wealth. This is a book of wisdom as well as specifics. Cramer names names, highlights individual and sector plays, and identifies the best long-term investing themes—and shows you how to develop the disciplines you need to exploit them.

The personal finance book of the year, Get Rich Carefully is the invaluable guide to turning your savings into real, lasting wealth in a practical, and yes—because this is, after all, a book by Jim Cramer—highly readable and entertaining way.

Jim Cramer's Getting Back to Even [EPUB]

Jim Cramer's Getting Back to Even [EPUB]
Jim Cramer's Getting Back to Even by James J Cramer with Cliff Mason
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.69/0.55MB

Cramer offers specific advice on how to make the best moves to position yourself and your investments for an economic recovery. With twenty new rules for investing in the current economic climate, Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even includes advice on rebuilding your portfolio and putting your financial life back on track. According to Cramer, before we make money we need to get back to even, setting aside fear and panic and taking control of our money. Whether you’re twenty-five and investing to build wealth or sixty-five and hoping to restore your retirement savings, you’ll need Cramer’s proven wealth-building advice in Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even.

The Secret to Success [Audiobook]

The Secret to Success [Audiobook]
The Secret to Success [Audiobook] by Eric Thomas, read by the Author and Charles Arrington
2013 | MP3@64 kbps | 5 hrs 29 mins | 151.21MB

Eric Thomas is a relatively well-known motivational speaker who conveys a message of hope and perseverance to audiences world-wide. In his first book, he recounts the fascinating story of his youth and how he, through faith, hard work and the timely guidance of others, manages to build, maintain and realize his dreams.

This book is a great story for a pleasant afternoon listening, while serving as a wonderful introduction to a truly successful personality. If you are traveling, listen and be inspired. If you are bored, listen. Likely, you will laugh. Maybe you'll cry. You may grip your seat in shock and anticipation, but you'll certainly be entertained and inspired.

The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter [EPUB]

The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter [EPUB]
The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter: From Big Macs to "Zombie Banks," the Indicators Smart Investors Watch to Beat the Market by Simon Constable, Robert E Wright
2011 | EPUB | 2.42MB

An entertaining, must-have guide to the indicators most investors aren't following—but should be!

To make the best possible investment decisions, savvy investors know that they should pay close attention to economic indicators. But while most are looking at conventional barometers like unemployment rates and housing starts, the smartest investors are following the often ignored, sometimes curious, but always interesting indicators that offer a true sense of where the economy is and where it's going. They provide the vital information needed to beat the market.

In The Wall Street Journal Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter, Simon Constable and Robert E. Wright offer investors powerful new tools to guide them through the markets. Whether it's the VIX index (which tracks the level of anxiety among investors) or the Vixen index (which tracks the number of attractive waitresses in your hometown), this essential guide includes in-depth analyses of 50 valuable economic indicators, as well as what to watch for, what to do when movement happens, and the risk level involved in taking action. This must-have guide entertains and enlightens while offering essential advice on navigating the global economic climate.