Trading Price Action Trading Ranges

Trading Price Action Trading Ranges
Trading Price Action Trading Ranges: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader by Al Brooks
2012 | EPUB | 4.91MB

The key to being a successful trader is finding a system that works and sticking with it. Author Al Brooks, a technical analysis contributor to Futures magazine and an independent trader for twenty-five years, has done just that. Over the course of his career, he's found a way to capture consistent profits regardless of market direction or economic climate. And now, with his new three-book series—which focuses on how to use price action to trade the markets—Brooks takes you step by step through the entire process.

In order to put his methodology in perspective, Brooks examined an essential array of price action basics and trends in the first book of this series, Trading Price Action Trends; provides important insights on trading ranges, breakouts, order management, and the mathematics of trading in this current book Trading Price Action Trading Ranges; and then moves on to discuss trend reversals, day trading, daily charts, options, and the best setups for all time frames in the third, and final, book of this series, Trading Price Action Reversals.

Divided into five comprehensive parts, Trading Price Action Trading Ranges skillfully addresses how to spot and profit from trading ranges—which most markets are in, most of the time—using the technical analysis of price action. Along the way, it touches on some of the most essential aspects of this approach, including:

  • Trading breakouts, which are transitions from trading ranges to trends, and understanding the gaps they create
  • The two types of "Magnets," Support and Resistance, and what they mean once the market breaks out and begins its move
  • Pullbacks, which are transitions from trends to trading ranges
  • The characteristics commonly found in trading ranges—areas of largely sideways price activity—and examples of how to trade them
  • Honing your order and trade management skills so that you can make more informed entry and exit decisions
  • And much more

Trading is a rewarding endeavor, but it's hard work and requires relentless discipline. To succeed, you have to stick to your rules and avoid emotion—and you have to patiently wait to take only the best trades. Understanding, and utilizing, the information found in Trading Price Action Trading Ranges is the next logical step to achieving this goal. With this guide, and the other two books in the series, you'll discover how to develop the patience and discipline to follow a sound system, and reap potentially huge financial rewards in the process.