Small Business Success Roadmap

Small Business Success Roadmap

Small Business Success Roadmap: A Winning Step By Step Guide To Extraordinary Entrepreneurship by JS Jenner
2012 | EPUB | 3.39MB

Struggling with the recession? Not sure which direction to take your business? Need some reassurance that you're on the right track?

If you are starting out or are an existing business and have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then this is the book for you.

Deep down you know that to be successful you need a plan. Now ... Not tomorrow ... Not in 12 months' time. Take control, create a plan and stop leaving your business success to chance.

The Easy Way:

The Small Business Success Roadmap: A Winning Step By Step Guide To Extraordinary Entrepreneurship is different to other business books.

It is not full of daunting details and head-spinning jargon all wrapped up in a lackluster format. Instead it is a friendly, inspiring and informative companion that will help you vastly outperform your competitors.

It is a practical, step by step guide full of thought-provoking Activity Sheets that all link together to form your overall actionable plan. There is no room for procrastination as you are drawn into the exercises straight away, ensuring you come up with an action plan as you work through the book.

Leave those stuffy, intimidating business books on the shelf and choose the Small Business Success Roadmap for an easy to follow and engaging alternative to a traditionally mundane process.

The Details:

In Section 1 "Starting Positions Please: Where & How Your Business Fits In" you will lay the groundwork to achieve the success you deserve by completing the following chapters:

  • Discover The Truth About Your Customers
  • How To Conquer The Competition
  • 9 Things You Must Know About Your Market
  • Planning Your Attack With 4 Quick Questions
  • Hit Them With Your 'Wow' Factor

In Section 2 "Destination Success - Where It Is & How To Get There" you will picture exactly where you're headed before identifying the key activities you need to carry out to:

  • delight your customers,
  • create great processes,
  • nurture your employees (if applicable),
  • get the word out about your business, and
  • focus on the numbers that really count.

In Section 3 "Driving Your Business To Destination Success" you will learn how to predict your future results, measure and track how close you are to Destination Success and create a 'To Do' list of the exact steps and activities needed to translate your plan into action.

The Conclusion:

Choose the Small Business Success Roadmap to give yourself peace of mind that you know where your business is going, how it is going to get there and that alarm bells will go off along the way if you veer off course.

Can you pass up this practical guide full of ideas, tips, tools and exercises that will help you bring your dreams to life?