India: A Portrait [Audiobook]

India: A Portrait [Audiobook]

India: A Portrait [Audiobook] by Patrick French
Gildan Media | 2011 | ASIN: B005SZ6OBQ | MP3@64 kbps | 17 hrs 17 mins | 472.88MB

A monumental biography of the subcontinent from the award-winning author of The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul.

Second only to China in the magnitude of its economic miracle and second to none in its potential to shape the new century, India is fast undergoing one of the most momentous transformations the world has ever seen. In this dazzlingly panoramic book, Patrick French chronicles that epic change, telling human stories to explain a larger national narrative.

Melding on-the-ground reports with a deep knowledge of history, French exposes the cultural foundations of India’s political, economic and social complexities. He reveals how a nation identified with some of the most wretched poverty on earth has simultaneously developed an envied culture of entrepreneurship (here are stories like that of C. K. Ranganathan, who trudged the streets of Cuddalore in the 1980s selling sample packets of shampoo and now employs more than one thousand people). And even more remarkably, French shows how, despite the ancient and persistent traditions of caste, as well as a mind-boggling number of ethnicities and languages, India has nevertheless managed to cohere, evolving into the world’s largest democracy, largely fulfilling Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream of a secular liberal order.

French’s inquiry goes to the heart of all the puzzlements that modern India presents: Is this country actually rich or poor? Why has its Muslim population, the second largest on earth, resisted radicalization to such a considerable extent? Why do so many children of Indians who have succeeded in the West want to return “home,” despite never having lived in India? Will India become a natural ally of the West, a geostrategic counterweight to the illiberal rising powers China and Russia? To find the answers, French seeks out an astonishing range of characters: from Maoist revolutionaries to Mafia dons, from chained quarry laborers to self-made billionaires. And he delves into the personal lives of the political elite, including the Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, one of the most powerful women in the world.

With a familiarity and insight few Westerners could approach, Patrick French provides a vital corrective to the many outdated notions about a uniquely dynamic and consequential nation. His India is a thrilling revelation.

A History of the World in 100 Objects [Audiobook]

A History of the World in 100 Objects [Audiobook]
A History of the World in 100 Objects [Audiobook] by Neil MacGregor
2011 | MP3@96 kbps + EPUB + MOBI | 22 hrs 10 mins | 1009.38MB

In 2010, the BBC and the British Museum embarked on an ambitious project: to tell the story of two million years of human history using one hundred objects selected from the Museum’s vast and renowned collection.

Presented by the British Museum’s Director Neil MacGregor, each episode focuses on a single object—from a Stone Age tool to a solar-powered lamp—and explains its significance in human history. Music, interviews with specialists, and quotations from written texts enrich the listener’s experience. On each CD, objects from a similar period of history are grouped together to explore a common theme and make connections across the world. Seen in this way, history is a kaleidoscope: shifting, interlinked, constantly surprising, and shaping our world in ways that most of us have never imagined.

This box set also includes an illustrated booklet with additional background information and photographs, and each CD includes PDF images of the featured objects.

NOTE: Archive contains full liner note scans, as well as the pdf pictures of each object that came on each disk.

Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto [Audiobook]

Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto [Audiobook]

Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto [Audiobook] by David Kushner
Blackstone Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 1455130346 | MP3@80 kbps | 9 hrs 29 mins | 325.69MB

Inside the making of the multibillion-dollar Grand Theft Auto videogame empire

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest and most controversial videogame franchises of all time. Since its first release in 1997, GTA has pioneered the use of everything from 3D graphics to the voices of top Hollywood actors and repeatedly transformed the world of gaming. Despite its incredible innovations in the $75 billion game industry, it has also been a lightning rod of debate, spawning accusations of ethnic and sexual discrimination, glamorizing violence, and inciting real-life crimes. Jacked tells the turbulent and mostly unknown story of GTA's wildly ambitious creators, Rockstar Games, the invention and evolution of the franchise, and the cultural and political backlash it has provoked.

  • Explains how British prep school brothers Sam and Dan Houser took their dream of fame, fortune, and the glamor of American pop culture and transformed it into a worldwide videogame blockbuster
  • Written by David Kushner, author of Masters of Doom and a top journalist on gaming, and drawn from over ten years of interviews and research, including firsthand knowledge of Grand Theft Auto's creators and detractors
  • Offers inside details on key episodes in the development of the series, including the financial turmoil of Rockstar games, the infamous ''Hot Coffee'' sex minigame incident, and more

Whether you love Grand Theft Auto or hate it -- or just want to understand the defining entertainment product of a generation -- you'll want to read Jacked and get the real story behind this boundary-pushing game.

Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan [Audiobook] by Jake Adelstein
Random House Audio | 2009 | ASIN: B002TNABR8 | MP3 VBR V2 | 10 hrs 35 mins | 344.19MB

From the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club: a unique, firsthand, revelatory look at Japanese culture from the underbelly up.

At 19, Jake Adelstein went to Japan in search of peace and tranquility. What he got was a life of crime - crime reporting, that is, at the prestigious Yomiuri Shinbun.

For 12 years of 80-hour workweeks, he covered the seedy side of Japan, where extortion, murder, human trafficking, and corruption are as familiar as ramen noodles and sake. But when his final scoop brought him face to face with Japan's most infamous yakuza boss - and the threat of death for him and his family - Adelstein decided to step down...momentarily. Then, he fought back.

In Tokyo Vice, Adelstein tells the riveting, often humorous tale of his journey from an inexperienced cub reporter - who made rookie mistakes like getting into a martial-arts battle with a senior editor - to a daring, investigative journalist with a price on his head. With its vivid, visceral descriptions of crime in Japan and an exploration of the world of modern-day yakuza that even few Japanese ever see, Tokyo Vice is a fascination, and an education, from first to last.

Coming Up for Air [Audiobook]

Coming Up for Air [Audiobook]
Coming Up for Air [Audiobook] by George Orwell
Blackstone Audio | 2011 | ISBN: 1455120774 | MP3@80 kbps | 8 hrs 25 mins | 289.1MB

George Bowling, an insurance salesman, hits middle age and feels impelled to ''come up for air'' from his life of quiet desperation. With seventeen pounds he has won at a race, he steals a vacation from his wife and his family and pays a visit to Lower Binfield, the village where he grew up, to fish for carp in a pool he remembers from thirty years before. But the pool is gone, Lower Binfield has changed beyond recognition, and the principal event of Bowling's holiday is an accidental bombing by the R.A.F.

Bowling's everyman life is also a sort of cavalcade of England from 1893 to 1938. Written when the clouds of World War II were already gathering, this story of Bowling's journey into his own and his country's past is told with humor, warmth, and nostalgia which will surprise and delight George Orwell's many readers.

It's a shame that George Orwell's two best-known novels, "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty Four" are neither one his best novel. The peak of Orwell's fiction is this almost forgotten novel, "Coming Up for Air." Set in the last few years before a World War II that was obviously looming on the horizon, this elegant book memorably chronicles the life of George Bowling and his attempt to escape domesticity and the horrors to come for a few days by visiting his old home town. Every time I reread "Coming Up for Air," I wonder what Orwell might have achieved if he had lived longer and had not been as ill as he was in the ten years that remained to him. If all you've read of Orwell is his two "famous" novels, you owe it to yourself to read this. - By Susan Paxton

Songs of the Doomed [Audiobook]

Songs of the Doomed [Audiobook]
Songs of the Doomed [Audiobook] by Hunter S Thompson
1999 | MP3 VBR V2 | 3 hrs 31 mins | 284.36MB

Doomed is another compilation of HST's writing. It spans four decades - 1950 to 1990 - with fond memories of Jersey Shore, the assasination of JFK, and his rise as gonzo journalist, almost a sort of prelude to TPH. There is a lot of unpublished material - excerpts from The Rum Diary, Prince Jellyfish, "The Iguana Project", letters and memos to famous people, (my favourite) Via Certified Mail - "intercepted mail from the last time HST moved down the mountain", as well as long lost goodies "Bad Craziness in Palm Beach" (Roxanne Pulitzer trial), interviews from Viet Nam, snippets from The Curse Of Lono and FLLV. The last chapter, the nineties, details his infamous lifestyle bust, trial documents and proceedings. While Doomed did not reach the bestseller list, and Thompson admits he wrote it only to fulfill a two book contract (Whitmer, pxx), it is a valuable Thompson reader and is more palatable for the first time HST fan than, say, the crazy quilt that Shark is.

There are two cassettes, with a total running time of 180 minutes. Listening to various parts of the book can be labourous - for some reason I found myself paying more attention to the words than I would in the book. Oddly, Doc's words seem funnier in print than out loud. Still, I have to admit that I like the tapes more than the FLLV CD. Unlike the CD, the Doomed tapes are very serious. The cartoonish quality is gone as HST's friends read his work. Of course, HST is on there too. He happily reads a press release from Owl Farm and makes commentary on the other pieces. If anyone thought Johnny Depp was incoherent, I didn't catch most of what HST was saying. He chuckles and drawls and you can hear him eating and drinking as those around him prod him with questions. The part proceeding the "War Junkies" bit is probably where he is the most understandable.

All the segments were recorded in Woody Creek. Plus, there is the added bonus of Ralph Steadman singing - that's right, singing - "Those Weird and Twisted Nights". In order, the pieces read were:

Owl Farm Press Release

Prince Jellyfish/Cherokee Park, First Visit with Mescalito - Semmes Luckett

High Water Mark - David McCumber

Whooping it Up with the War Junkies - Loren Jenkinss

Sugar Loaf Key/Tales of the Swine Family - Bob Rafelson

Everything else - Patrick Cadell

The parts, in order, go like this:

Tape One, Side A: Owl Farm Press release, Let the Trials Begin

Tape One, Side B: Prince Jellyfish/Cherokee Park, First Visit with Mescalito

Tape Two, Side A: The Iguana Project, High Water Mark, Whooping it Up with the War Junkies

Tape Two, Side B: Sugar Loaf Key, Bad Craziness in Palm Beach

The song is played in the breaks.

The Doomed tapes are much more heartfelt than the FLLV CD. HST's grizzled voice rattles in the manner of William S. Burroughs, his friend Semmes Luckett, a "good ol' boy from Mississippi" reads with great conviction. Loren Jenkins does an imitation of HST while reading the Vietnam war piece, and you can feel the panic in Bob Rafelson's voice as he tells of a joke gone wrong and the need to flee. In a sense, this is what HST's writing truly deserves - to be read out loud by the people he trusts. It's not something you can listen to all in one sitting, but it is very pleasant to listen to while loafing around the house.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Audiobook]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Audiobook]
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Audiobook] by Hunter S Thompson
Recorded Books | 2005 | ISBN: 1419356275 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 6 hrs 02 mins | 166.13MB

Heralded as the "best book on the dope decade" by the New York Times Book Review, Hunter S. Thompson's documented drug orgy through Las Vegas would no doubt leave Nancy Reagan blushing and D.A.R.E. founders rethinking their motto. Under the pseudonym of Raoul Duke, Thompson travels with his Samoan attorney, Dr. Gonzo, in a souped-up convertible dubbed the "Great Red Shark." In its trunk, they stow "two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half-full of cocaine and a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers.... A quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls," which they manage to consume during their short tour.

On assignment from a sports magazine to cover "the fabulous Mint 400"--a free-for-all biker's race in the heart of the Nevada desert--the drug-a-delic duo stumbles through Vegas in hallucinatory hopes of finding the American dream (two truck-stop waitresses tell them it's nearby, but can't remember if it's on the right or the left). They of course never get the story, but they do commit the only sins in Vegas: "burning the locals, abusing the tourists, terrifying the help." For Thompson to remember and pen his experiences with such clarity and wit is nothing short of a miracle; an impressive feat no matter how one feels about the subject matter. A first-rate sensibility twinger, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a pop-culture classic, an icon of an era past, and a nugget of pure comedic genius.

Big Bad-Ass Book of Bar Bets and Drinking Games

Big Bad-Ass Book of Bar Bets and Drinking Games

Big Bad-Ass Book of Bar Bets and Drinking Games: Hundreds of Tricks and Tips to Keep the Party Going by Jordana Tusman
Running Press | 2012 | ISBN: 076244407X | EPUB | 3.83MB

Spice up a night out (or in) with hundreds of classics and 100% new drinking games and bar bets. Big Bad-Ass Book of Bar Tricks and Drinking Games is a handy, illustrated guide to 100 bar bets involving flying bottle caps, disappearing coins, animated cocktail napkins, and much more. Following the bar bets are 100 drinking games that keep the party going, with intriguing names such as Flip 'n' Strip, Snake Eyes, Shipwreck, and Death by Doubles. Easy-to-follow instructions—complete with illustrations—guarantee readers will be prepared to impress while having a great time.

Ads to Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age

Ads to Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age

Ads to Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age [2nd Edition] by Paul Springer
Kogan Page | 2009 | ISBN: 0749456477 | PDF | 5.32MB

The second edition of Ads to Icons examines current and future trends in advertising. Through 50 international case studies of new and iconic advertising campaigns, author Paul Springer identifies why these campaigns were successful and analyzes their contribution to the continued development of advertising.

New digital formats analyzed include Google’s AdSense and AdWords, which reworked their search facility as a revenue-generating advertising service. This updated new edition includes an online campaign entitled Non Stop Fernando which exploits the potential of online film. It also features the new Nike+ case study, which details Nike’s third party association with Apple iPod through Nike+ and brought together Apple’s digital know-how and music expertise with Nike’s industry sector experience.

The author shows how traditional media have been revitalized by the adoption of revolutionary approaches to their use, making the resulting ads more creative and impactful than before. Other campaigns have extended beyond conventional formats, including a text messaging campaign for Cadbury chocolate and Levi’s campaign involving Flat Eric, a character used to drive viral communication before the television commercials aired.

Finally, Springer discusses the impact of current advertising trends on the structure of agencies and job functions, illustrated by profiles of industry professionals.

IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea

IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea

IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea by Stephen Murdoch
John Wiley & Sons | 2007 | ISBN: 0471699772 | PDF | 5.84MB

With fast-paced storytelling, freelance journalist Murdoch traces now ubiquitous but still controversial attempts to measure intelligence to its origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He takes readers back to 1905 when French psychologist Alfred Binet first formulated tests to measure reasoning, language, abstract thinking and complex cognitive abilities. However, many psychologists began to use the tests as a device to separate the mentally retarded from the rest of society. As Murdoch points out, the tests were often administered unfairly to members of various races, offering proof to the test's administrators of their own theories that intelligence was linked to race. Murdoch also demonstrates that the tests were often used as eugenic devices. In the landmark case of Carrie Buck, faulty IQ testing was used as a justification for involuntary sterilization as part of a move to eliminate feeblemindedness in future generations. Murdoch concludes that IQ testing provides neither a reliable nor a helpful tool in understanding people's behavior, nor can it predict their future success or failure. While much of this material is familiar, this is a thoughtful overview and a welcome reminder of the dangers of relying on such standardized tests.

The Great Deleveraging

The Great Deleveraging

The Great Deleveraging: Economic Growth and Investing Strategies for the Future by Chip Dickson, Oded Shenkar
FT Press | 2010 | ISBN: 0132358107 | PDF | 12.71MB

In the past decade, the United States experienced two periods of excessive growth periods followed by two massive collapses: the technology and housing bubbles. Both were caused by illusions of growth and wealth creation: They were built on thin air. As an investor, how can you distinguish between “fake” wealth and the real thing? Where can you earn solid returns without falling victim to bubbles?

Read The Great Deleveraging and find out. Former Wall Street analyst, strategist and Associate Director of Equity Research Chip Dickson and leading global business scholar Oded Shenkar first identify the policies and characteristics of societies most likely to generate real economic growth and investor wealth. Next, they outline specific lessons learned about bubbles and growth from nearly a century of investment returns. Finally, they identify global markets and sectors poised for high levels of sustainable growth--and make specific investment recommendations for each of them. In the wake of massive debt creation, history’s greatest deleveraging is now underway. For many investors, the next decade will be brutal. This book’s messages are designed to achiever real profits and real wealth creation. They are meant to help you navigate a challenging environment--and, hopefully, thrive.

The Siren and the Sage

The Siren and the Sage

The Siren and the Sage: Knowledge and Wisdom in Ancient Greece and China by Stephen Durrant, Stephen Shankman
Wipf & Stock Publishers | 2003 | ISBN: 1592443478 | PDF | 16.3MB

A comparative study of what the most influential writers of Ancient Greece and China thought it meant to have knowledge and whether they distinguished knowledge from other forms of wisdom. It surveys selected works of poetry, history and philosophy from the period of roughly the eighth through to the second century BCE, including Homer's "Odyssey", the ancient Chinese "Classic of Poetry", Thucydides' "History of the Peloponnesian War", Sima Qian's "Records of the Historian", Plato's "Symposium", and Laozi's "Dao de Jing and the writings of Zhuangzi". The intention, through such juxtaposition, is to introduce the foundational texts of each tradition which continue to influence the majority of the world's population.

The Greek City States: A Source Book [Second Edition]

The Greek City States: A Source Book [Second Edition]

The Greek City States: A Source Book [Second Edition] by P J Rhodes
Cambridge University Press | 2007 | ISBN: 0521850495 | PDF | 5.02MB

Political activity and political thinking began in the cities and other states of ancient Greece, and terms such as tyranny, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy and politics itself are Greek words for concepts first discussed in Greece. Rhodes presents in translation a selection of texts illustrating the formal mechanisms and informal workings of the Greek states in all their variety. From the states described by Homer out of which the classical Greeks believed their states had developed, through the archaic period which saw the rise and fall of tyrants and the gradual broadening of citizen bodies, to the classical period of the fifth and fourth centuries, Rhodes also looks beyond that to the Hellenistic and Roman periods in which the Greeks tried to preserve their way of life in a world of great powers. For this second edition the book has been thoroughly revised and three new chapters added.

What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?

What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?

What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria? by Mostafa El-Abbadi, Omnia Mounir Fathallah, Ismail Serageldin
Brill Academic Publishers | 2008 | ISBN: 9004165452 | PDF | 3.06MB

In adopting the theme of What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria? This book aims at presenting afresh, a highly specialized discussion of primary sources related to the diverse aspects and episodes of that long disputed question. The book covers a wide range of topics, beginning with an initial presentation of different Ancient Egyptian types of library institutions, with a special focus on the later Coptic Nag Hamadi Library. It then deals with the troubled times under later Ptolemies and Romans, when the Royal Library, the Daughter Library and the Mouseion, came under a succession of threats: Caesar's Alexandrian War in 48 B.C., and during the tragic developments in the third and fourth centuries which ultimately culminated in the destruction of the Serapeum that housed the Daughter Library.A discussion of the intellectual milieu during the fourth and fifth centuries, follows, as well as the conflicting attitudes within the Church with regard to classical learning. An analysis of historical and new archaeological evidence confirms the fact that Alexandria continued to be a city of books and scholarship centuries after the destruction of the Library. Finally, the late medieval Arab story of the destruction of the Library by order of Caliph Omar, is fully considered and refuted through textual analysis of the original sources. The contributors include: William J. Cherf, Dimitar Y. Dimitrov, Maria Dzielska, Mostafa A. El-Abbadi, Jean-Yves Empereur, Fayza M. Haikal, Georges Leroux, Bernard Lewis, Grzegorz Majcherek, Mounir H. Megally, Birger A. Pearson, Lucien X. Polastron, Qassem Abdou Qassem, and Ismail Serageldin.

A Companion to Michael Haneke

A Companion to Michael Haneke

A Companion to Michael Haneke by Roy Grundmann
Wiley-Blackwell | 2010 | ISBN: 1405188006 | PDF | 3.28MB

A Companion to Michael Haneke is a definitive collection of newly-commissioned work that covers Haneke’s body of work in its entirety, catering to students and scholars of Haneke at a time when interest in the director and his work is soaring.

Introduces one of the most important directors to have emerged on the global cinema scene in the past fifteen years.

Caters to students and scholars of Haneke at a time when interest in the director and his work is soaring.

Includes exclusive interviews with Michael Haneke, including an interview discussion of his most recent film, The White Ribbon.

Considers themes, topics, and subjects that have formed the nucleus of the director’s life’s work: the fate of European cinema, Haneke in Hollywood, pornography, alienation, citizenship, colonialism, and the gaze of surveillance.

Features critical examinations of La Pianiste, Time of the Wolf, Three Paths to the Lake and Caché, amongst others.

Slow Cooker Revolution

Slow Cooker Revolution

Slow Cooker Revolution by The Editors at America's Test Kitchen
Boston Common Press | 2011 | ISBN: 1933615699 | EPUB | 5.56MB

Who doesn't like the idea of throwing ingredients into a slow cooker and coming back hours later to a finished meal? Too bad most slow cooker recipes deliver mediocre results you'd rather forget than fix again. A team of ten test cooks at America's Test Kitchen spent a year developing recipes, and what they discovered will change the way you use your slow cooker.

Did you know that onions garlic, and spices should be bloomed in the microwave for five minutes before they go into the slow cooker? This simple step intensifies their flavor and requires no extra work. Did you know that a little soy sauce mixed with tomato paste adds meaty flavors to almost any stew and can often replace the tedious step of browning the meat? And do you know the secret to a moist slow-cooker chicken? Start the bird upside down to protect the delicate white meat from drying out.

The 200 recipes in this family-friendly collection deliver a revolution in slow cooking like only America's Test Kitchen can!

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great by Neal Barnard, Robyn Webb
Da Capo Press | 2010 | ISBN: 0738213586 | EPUB | 1.41MB

In Dr. Neal Barnard’s Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook, the country’s leading diabetes team weighs in on America’s hottest dietary trend. The cookbook is based on a landmark two-year study conducted by Dr. Barnard, which showed that a vegan diet more effectively controls type 2 diabetes. In fact, it‘s also beneficial for weight loss, the reversal of heart disease, and the improvement of many other conditions. Dr. Barnard and nutritionist Robyn Webb now offer easy, delicious meals to improve your health.

Featuring 125 flavorful recipes, readers will find all-occasion dishes that use familiar ingredients and require minimal effort. All recipes are free of animal products, low in fat, and contain a low-to-moderate glycemic index.

Barnard and Webb explain how diet changes can have such dramatic health effects and provide simple ways to get started. With convenient menus, scientifically proven advice, and inspiring stories from real people who have used Barnard’s recommendations to turn their health around, there’s no better cookbook to help you eat well and feel great.

Foods That Fight Pain

Foods That Fight Pain

Foods That Fight Pain: Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief by Neal D Barnard
Three Rivers Press | 1999 | ISBN: 0609804367 | EPUB | 2.38MB

Did you know that ginger can prevent migraines and that coffee sometimes cures them? Did you know that rice can calm your digestion, that sugar can make you more sensitive to pain, that evening primrose can ease the symptoms of arthritis?

Drawing on new and little-known research from prestigious medical centers around the world, Neal Barnard, M.D., author of Eat Right, Live Longer and Food for Life, shows readers how they can soothe everyday ailments and cure chronic pain by using common foods, traditional supplements, and herbs.

Dr. Barnard reveals which foods regularly contribute to pain and how to avoid them. He guides the reader to specific pain-safe foods that are high in nutrition but don't upset the body's natural balance, as well as foods that actively soothe pain by improving blood circulation, relieving inflammation, and balancing hormones. Complete with delicious recipes, Foods That Fight Pain is a revolutionary approach to healing that will transform your life.

An Intimate Life

An Intimate Life

An Intimate Life: Sex, Love, and My Journey as a Surrogate Partner by Cheryl T Cohen-Greene
Soft Skull Press | 2012 | ISBN: 1593765061 | EPUB | 2.34MB

For the past forty years, Cheryl Cohen Greene has worked as a surrogate partner, helping clients to confront, consider, and ultimately accept their sexuality. In this riveting memoir, Cohen Greene shares some of her most moving cases, and also reveals her own sexual coming-of-age. Beginning with a rigid Catholic upbringing in the 1950s, where she was taught to think sex and sexual desires were unnatural and wrong, Cohen Greene struggled to reconcile her sexual identity.

An Intimate Life offers a candid look into the personal and professional life of a surrogate partner, examining the cultural and emotional ramifications of pursuing something most people do not immediately understand.

The memoir opens with Cohen Greene's work with Berkeley-based poet and journalist Mark O'Brien, whose essay "On Seeing A Sex Surrogate" was adapted into a major motion picture titled "The Sessions," which was released nationwide in October 2012.

In the Shadow of Greatness

In the Shadow of Greatness

In the Shadow of Greatness: Voices of Leadership, Sacrifice, and Service from America's Longest War by Joshua Welle, John Ennis, Katherine Kranz, Graham Plaster
US Naval Institute Press | 2012 | ISBN: 1612511384 | EPUB | 3.17MB

A Los Angeles Times Best Seller

They were walking to class on 9/11 when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were struck. These midshipmen were soon to graduate from the Naval Academy into a nation at war, the first officers to do so since Vietnam. The men and women of the Class of 2002 lost their youth to a decade of deployments and their innocence on battlefields in distant places. Each story provides a glimpse into the lives of modern day Navy or Marine Corps officers who were faced with unique challenges and sacrifices. Their stories poignantly explain the trials of war and reveal a world many don't understand. Refreshingly honest, their narratives take readers on a journey from Annapolis to the far corners of the world to experience the unique challenges of operations at sea, on the land, and in the skies. Themes of leadership and service are on display throughout. The editors spent three years inviting their classmates to open up their hearts to share what they endured on the frontlines. The end product is a superb collection of experiences that depict what Admiral Mike Mullen, USN (Ret.), 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, calls 'the next greatest generation.' Serving as a virtual podium for the voices of those unlikely to write about war, these first-person accounts of real-world operations are written with humility and respect for those they served with, bringing deserved recognition to all veterans of this so called 'Long War.' With a foreword by David Gergen.

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter by Josh Gates
Gallery Books | 2011 | ISBN: 0743491726 | EPUB | 1.11MB

Truth is stranger than legend . . . and your journey into both begins here.

World adventurer and international monster hunter Josh Gates has careened through nearly 100 countries, investigating frightening myths, chilling cryptozoological legends, and terrifying paranormal phenomena. Now, he invites fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at these breathtaking expeditions.

Follow Gates from the inception of the groundbreaking hit show (at the summit of Kilimanjaro) to his hair-raising encounters with dangerous creatures in the most treacherous locations on earth. Among his many adventures, he unearths the flesh-crawling reality of the Mongolian Death Worm, challenges an ancient curse by spending the night in King Tut’s tomb, descends into a centuries-old mine to search for an alien entity in subterranean darkness, pursues ghosts in the radioactive shadow of Chernobyl, and explores sightings of Bigfoot from the leech-infested rain forests of Malaysia to the dizzying heights of the Himalayas.

Part journey into the unexplained, part hilarious travelogue, part fascinating look at the making of a reality-based TV show—and featuring never-before-published photographs— this Destination Truth companion takes readers on the supernatural expedition of a lifetime.

Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization by John King, Dave Logan, Halee Fischer-Wright
HarperBusiness | 2011 | ISBN: 0061251321 | EPUB | 718.5KB

Every organization is composed of tribes—naturally occurring groups of between 20 and 150 people. Until now, only a few leaders could identify and develop their tribes, and those rare individuals were rewarded with loyalty, productivity, and industry-changing innovation. Tribal Leadership shows leaders how to assess, identify, and upgrade their tribes' cultures, one stage at a time. The result is an organization that can thrive in any economy.