Premiere Pro Guru: Working with Prelude [Lynda]

Premiere Pro Guru: Working with Prelude [Lynda]
Premiere Pro Guru: Working with Prelude [Lynda] with Jason Osder
Aug 22, 2014 | Level: Appropriate for all | MP4 + Exercise Files | 2 hours | 2.43GB

Adobe Prelude is a dedicated ingest and logging program that is part of the Creative Cloud suite. Premiere Pro Guru: Working with Prelude unlocks the power of this program and shows you how to transfer and transcode footage, log with markers and subclips, rough cut your clips, and transfer all of this work into the Premiere Pro editing environment. Join Jason Osder as he shows you how to incorporate this standalone, specialized tool in your editing workflow.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Prelude
  • Choosing a Prelude workflow
  • Transferring and transcoding footage
  • Adding metadata and markers
  • Using Live Logger
  • Creating a rough cut
  • Exporting to Premiere Pro
  • Adjusting advanced preferences

Instructional Design Essentials: Needs Analysis [Lynda]

Instructional Design Essentials: Needs Analysis [Lynda]
Instructional Design Essentials: Needs Analysis [Lynda] with Jeff Toister
Aug 21, 2014 | Level: Beginner | MP4 | 1 h 25 mins | 630.38MB

Need to understand the training requirements of your learners? A needs analysis is the first step of any ADDIE-aligned instructional design process. Join Jeff Toister in this installment of Instructional Design Essentials and learn the three-step process to conducting a needs analysis that will accurately capture and define the goals of your project. Jeff brings his 20+ years of instructional design experience to bear, and helps you set clear goals with project sponsors, gather data from participants quickly, and analyze the data to identify gaps in your current system and goals for your future one.

Topics include:

  • Setting project objectives
  • Identifying the target audience for training
  • Selecting data sources
  • Facilitating focus groups and interviews
  • Designing effective surveys
  • Identifying participant needs
  • Defining learning outcomes
  • Presenting results to project sponsors

Computer Forensics Essential Training [Lynda]

Computer Forensics Essential Training [Lynda]
Computer Forensics Essential Training [Lynda] with Jungwoo Ryoo
Aug 20, 2014 | Level: Intermediate | MP4 + Exercise Files | 1 h 57 mins | 724.99MB

Computer forensics is used to find legal evidence in computers or storage devices. Although this course won't teach you how to become a digital forensics detective, it will cover the basics of this growing (and exciting) technical field. Author Jungwoo Ryoo reviews the basics: the goals of computer forensics, the types of investigations it's used for, a forensic investigator's typical toolset, and the legal implications of this type of work. Then he'll show how to prepare for an investigation; acquire data "live" while the system is running, statically from a hard drive, or from a remote machine; make sure data is kept in its original state with software and hardware write blockers; analyze the data; and create a report of your findings. Jungwoo uses a combination of open-source and commercial software, so you'll be able to uncover the information you need with the tools that are in your budget.

Topics include:

  • Understanding computer forensics
  • Understanding partitioning
  • Using a hex editor
  • Preparing a target drive
  • Acquiring data
  • Ensuring data integrity with hashing
  • Indexing and searching
  • Generating a report

iWork for iPad Essential Training [Lynda]

iWork for iPad Essential Training [Lynda]
iWork for iPad Essential Training [Lynda] with Richard Harrington
Aug 19, 2014 | Appropriate for all | MP4 + Exercise Files | 4 hrs 48 mins | 2.6GB

Discover how to use iWork, Apple's office productivity suite, on the iPad. Author Rich Harrington shows how to get the most from each of the three apps: Keynote, for presentations; Pages, for working with text documents; and Numbers, for spreadsheets. Learn how to work with text, photos, tables, charts, shapes, and photos in each program. Plus, learn about the multiple benefits of iCloud: collaborating with others, synchronizing your iPad with your Mac or PC, and backing up important documents.

Topics include:

  • Installing iWork
  • Setting up an iCloud account
  • Syncing documents and photos
  • Creating new documents
  • Working with the touchscreen controls and onscreen keyboard
  • Working with text
  • Adding shapes and images
  • Creating tables and charts
  • Editing presentations
  • Adding transitions and animations to slideshows
  • Sharing and printing iWork documents

Office for iPad Essential Training [Lynda]

Office for iPad Essential Training [Lynda]
Office for iPad Essential Training [Lynda] with Jess Stratton
Aug 19, 2014 | Level: Beginner | MP4 | 1 h 09 mins | 191.78MB

What do you call it when the world's most popular productivity software meets the world's coolest tablet? Microsoft calls it Office for iPad. In this course, Jess Stratton shows you how to start using the rich features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the go. She explores the qualities the apps have in common (such as an interface optimized for tablet input), and then dives into the unique features of each app. Learn how to format text and insert images and tables in Word, manipulate rows and columns and enter formulas in Excel, and add slides, pictures, and speaker notes to your PowerPoint presentations. In the last chapter, Jess covers two collaboration tips: sharing your files and working with tracked changes.

Topics include:

  • Installing Office for iPad
  • Exploring the interface
  • Creating new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Changing the page layout in Word
  • Inserting pictures and charts in Excel
  • Adding slide transitions in PowerPoint
  • Collaborating in Office for iPad

Captivate Projects: Publishing for Mobile and the Web [Lynda]

Captivate Projects: Publishing for Mobile and the Web [Lynda]
Captivate Projects: Publishing for Mobile and the Web [Lynda] with Anastasia McCune
Aug 18, 2014 | Level: Intermediate | MP4 + Exercise Files | 2 hrs 07 mins | 734.93MB

Help your students or employees access elearning anywhere. Learn how to publish Captivate projects that work beautifully on a variety of mobile devices, on the web, or with many of the popular learning management systems (LMSs). Author Anastasia McCune will help you prep and test your responsive and nonresponsive projects before output, including adjusting appearance and settings to make them more suitable for mobile, as a video demo, or even as an app. The last chapter shows you how to target your output for an LMS like Moodle, and bundle multiple projects into a single file with the Multi SCO Packager.

Guerilla Filmmaking [CreativeLive]

Guerilla Filmmaking [CreativeLive]
Guerilla Filmmaking [CreativeLive] with Ryan Connolly
MP4, h264, 1044x584 | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 4.97GB

Is there an idea for an incredible film banging on the walls of your brain and begging to come out? If so, join Film Riot founder Ryan Connolly for an immersion into envisioning, shooting, and producing films – with any gear on any budget.

In this course, you’ll explore the step-by-step process of making a film from start to finish. You’ll learn how to script, storyboard, location scout, and cast films. Ryan will offer insights on how to best work with your crew to make your sets fun, collaborative, and professional places to be. Ryan will demonstrate the process of getting the light you want for the shots you’ll need, whether you’re working with DIY lighting structures, available light, or gels and diffusion. Since lighting and sound are equally essential to professional-level work, you’ll also explore both production and post-production audio skills, including integrating music and sound effects. You’ll build a post-production workflow for editing, adding visual effects, and more to ensure you’re getting the pro look every time.

Whether you’re a first time filmmaker or a working professional ready to sharpen up your skills, this course will give you the tools you need to create superior quality films that reflect your unique vision as an artist.

Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda]

Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda]
Songwriting in Logic Pro [Lynda] with Todd Howard
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Beginner | 3 hrs 37 mins | 2.22GB

Songwriting in Logic Pro is an in-depth course geared toward musicians and songwriters who are starting to use Logic Pro to write, record, and mix their songs. There are two groups of techniques: one to get your demo ideas down quickly, and another to polish rough ideas into songs worth presenting to your band mates, producer, publisher, or label.

Author Todd Howard takes you through his creative process in real time, starting with an empty project based on one of Logic's prebuilt templates. Then he records the initial song idea and creates a groove with Drummer. He works on the lyric and then lays down additional tracks—a driving bassline, acoustic guitar, and some scratch vocals—and builds out the arrangement with layered keyboard parts. After using improvisation to create a bridge section, he adds effects for a layered and nuanced song. Next he shows techniques for editing and mixing the track, using EQ, compression, reverb, and delay. Finally, Todd shows how to bounce down the track and share it with the world.

The Beauty Diet [DVD]

The Beauty Diet [DVD]
The Beauty Diet by David Wolfe
2xDVD5 | NTSC, 720x480 | English, AC3@192 kbps | ~ 2 hrs | 3.49/2.94GB

In this DVD, world-famous health lecturer David Wolfe discusses how to make delicious recipes using fruits, vegetables, superfoods and superherbs, specifically designed to help you achieve radiantly beautiful, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair and strong bones and nails. This is a step- by-step youth enhancing program.

The Beauty Diet DVD Recipes Include:

  • Skin-Glow Sulfur Salad
  • Antioxidant Soup
  • Watermelon Berry Kefir
  • Citrus Kola
  • Acai Berry Colada
  • The Eliminator
  • Super Skin Radiance Elixir
  • Beta- Carotene Beauty Blast
  • Chocolate Beauty
  • Skin Cleanse Juice
  • Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie
  • Papaya Almond Smoothie
  • Bonus Facial Masque Recipes!

Filmed entirely at David Wolfe’s own kitchen in Hawaii, The Beauty Diet contains the best cleansing, nourishing, and beautifying recipes to help you build your body as a work of art. Try these recipes at home and have the best day ever!

Typing Fundamentals [Lynda]

Typing Fundamentals [Lynda]
Typing Fundamentals [Lynda] with Anson Alexander
Aug 07, 2014 | LEvel: Appropriate for all | MP4 + Exercise Files | 47 mins | 473.52MB

Stop the time-consuming hunting and pecking at the keyboard and learn how to type properly. In this course, you'll discover the advantages of knowing how to type, find out where your fingers should be positioned and which finger to use on each key, practice your positioning, and learn how to type for speed and accuracy. Instructor Anson Alexander will also show how to use a numeric keypad properly and measure your success, and our unique visuals allow you to see his fingers at work. Start now and learn to type your way to clearer, quicker communications, and use the course's game-like, interactive exercise file to practice each typing lesson and gauge your improvement.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the importance of typing ergonomics
  • Measuring your typing speed and accuracy
  • Managing your habits
  • Learning the home row keys
  • Locating letter, number, and math keys
  • Using modifier keys: Shift, Alt, Control, etc.
  • Using the numeric keypad effectively
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