The FBI Story: Leadership, Integrity, Agility, Integration [EPUB]

The FBI Story: Leadership, Integrity, Agility, Integration [EPUB]
The FBI Story: Leadership, Integrity, Agility, Integration by US Department of Justice
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781510750524 | 70.52MB

From the US Department of Justice, the true stories of the world’s top national security agency—the FBI—revealed for the first time!

There has been much turmoil at the Federal Bureau of Investigation as of late, including the firing of James Comey, the installation of Christopher Wray, the ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, and more. The FBI Story provides a look inside at the top intelligence organization in the United States and presents one hundred of the FBI’s most recent fascinating cases and how they were solved. Featured inside are incredible true stories, such as:

  • The scourge of child pornography
  • The case of the King Fu Panda fraud
  • Targeting the nationwide opioid epidemic
  • The James Ricks murder cold case finally being solved
  • A mother and son duo who stole millions from Medicare
  • And more!

Each of the case studies reveals dangers that the world’s best crime-fighting team tackles every day. The stories of deadbeats and their takedown were specifically chosen by members of the FBI’s own team and are given a full page in the book that delves deep into the story.

There’s also an introduction by FBI Director Christopher Wray that presents insight into the secretive organization, its crime fighting techniques, and a framework for the stories to come. An index in the back of the book organizes the contents into themes such as white-collar crime, organized crime, foreign counterintelligence, crimes against children, and cyber crimes.

The Mafia: The First 100 Years [EPUB]

The Mafia: The First 100 Years [EPUB]
The Mafia: The First 100 Years: The Inside Story of Organised Crime
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780753554326 | 12.68MB

The brutal truth at point blank range.

Drawing on two decades of original research and personal experience, multi award-winning writer the late George Carpozi Jr and William Balsamo, great nephew of the first godfather, Don Guiseppe 'Battista' Balsamo, trace the Mafia's beginnings from an underground patriotic society which sprang up six hundred years ago in Sicily, through the group of Italian immigrants - the Black Hand - who savagely tore control of New York's waterfronts away from the Irish racketeers, to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America, and whose insidious influence even reached into a presidential administration.

The Mafia has long been one of the most mythical and misunderstood criminal organisations. This book, with filmic detail, behind-closed-doors dialogue and first-hand story-telling, gets deeper inside it than ever before.

Compulsively chilling, The Mafia: The First 100 Years reads like the best crime fiction, yet is the terrifying, deadly truth.

Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar [EPUB]

Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar [EPUB]
Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar by Steve Murphy, Javier F. Peña
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781250202888 | 31.99MB

For the first time, legendary DEA operatives Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña tell the true story of how they helped put an end to one of the world’s most infamous narco-terrorists in Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar―the subject of the hit Netflix series, Narcos.

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s brutal Medellín Cartel was responsible for trafficking tons of cocaine to North America and Europe in the 1980s and ’90s. The nation became a warzone as his sicarios mercilessly murdered thousands of people―competitors, police, and civilians―to ensure he remained Colombia’s reigning kingpin. With billions in personal income, Pablo Escobar bought off politicians and lawmen, and became a hero to poorer communities by building houses and sports centers. He was nearly untouchable despite the efforts of the Colombian National Police to bring him to justice.

But Escobar was also one of America’s most wanted, and the Drug Enforcement Administration was determined to see him pay for his crimes. Agents Steve Murphy and Javier F. Peña were assigned to the Bloque de Búsqueda, the joint Colombian-U.S. taskforce created to end Escobar’s reign of terror. For eighteen months, between July 1992 and December 1993, Steve and Javier lived and worked beside Colombian authorities, finding themselves in the crosshairs of sicarios targeting them for the $300,000 bounty Escobar placed on each of their heads.

Undeterred, they risked the dangers, relentlessly and ruthlessly separating the drug lord from his resources and allies, and tearing apart his empire, leaving him underground and on the run from enemies on both sides of the law.

Manhunters presents Steve and Javier’s history in law enforcement from their rigorous physical training and their early DEA assignments in Miami and Austin to the Escobar mission in Medellin, Colombia―living far from home and serving as frontline soldiers in the never ending war on drugs that continues to devastate America.

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