The World Beyond Tomorrow [EPUB]

The World Beyond Tomorrow [EPUB]
The World Beyond Tomorrow by William Ruse, Donald Stansloski
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781543990157 | 7.6MB

Quantum Computing sets the stage for a revolutionary advancement in all of the 10 scenarios on the preceding slide.

  • Speech recognition software will transcribe the spoken word more accurately than typing health data into a laptop.
  • Technology will contain software that monitors your health continuously.
  • DNA mapping will advance to the stage that diseases will be identified before they occur, and eliminated at the point of identification.
  • Pharmaceuticals will target, control and eliminate chronic diseases.
  • Say goodbye to health insurance companies as we know them. They will morph into monitoring stations where software analyzes a procedure, assigns a code and bills the payer – most probably the government.
  • Transportation will include solar powered cars, flying cars and amphibious cars. Trains will run in tubes under the ground.
  • Food supplies will keep up with demand. New agricultural methods will be adopted. Food will be grown on the moon.
  • Housing will have wall -to-wall TV screens that will respond to the spoken voice and control the household.
  • Retail will be in a virtual reality mode.
  • The workplace will create enough new jobs to make up for lost manufacturing jobs. The new jobs will be robotic and technology driven.
  • Government will become more intrusive and be the payer for most of healthcare.
  • Branch banks will be reduced and financial transactions will be technology driven with a common world-wide currency competing with the US dollar and Chinese Renminbi.
  • Climate change will narrow with the advent of newer technologies.
  • The next war will be fought on economic fronts. Weapons will include an ability to stop anything electric.