The Klondike Stampede [Audiobook]

The Klondike Stampede [Audiobook]
The Klondike Stampede [Audiobook] by Tappan Adney, read by Eric Martin
2018 | M4B@64 kbps | 11 hours and 46 minutes | 320.8MB

Gold was discovered in the Klondike in August 16, 1896.

When news of the discovery arrived in Seattle and San Francisco the following year it triggered one of the largest gold rushes in the history of North America.

Tappan Adney, a young writer and photographer who worked for Harper's Weekly, set out on a journey to uncover and record what it was like in the Klondike stampede.

This audiobook is a fascinating portrayal of adventurers and prospectors who descended on the Yukon during this extraordinary event in the late 19th century.

Adney explains in vivid detail the treacherous route that these gold-hunters were forced to make in order to make it to the Yukon. The White and Chilkoot Passes were fatal for many who attempted to get through them with poor equipment. He stayed in Dawson, where the gold rush was centered, from October 2nd through to September 16th the following year. While there he interviewed men and women who hoped to make their fortune, observed the community that had seemingly sprung up overnight, and recorded in detail how the prospectors searched for gold.