Corepower: Leadership from your Core [EPUB]

Corepower: Leadership from your Core [EPUB]
Corepower: Leadership from your Core by Baud Vandenbemden
2014 | EPUB | 3.33MB

Corepower – guiding yourself from the core

Knowing what is important to you and living your life according to that vision. Being balanced and regaining balance whenever you lose it. Living deeply connected to yourself and the world around you. Sounds hard?

Luckily personal leadership is something you can develop.

The Corepower book helps you strengthen your integrity. Exercises as varied as meditations, martial art techniques and psychological models give you the opportunity to grow in the area you want. The book is divided into different qualities with which you can connect: power, love, wisdom, spirit and earth. Simple skills such as breathing from your belly, opening your heart, and focusing your attention serve as the basis for more complex forms of self-guidance and deep transformation. They bring you more physical, emotional and mental balance and nurture you spiritually. The effects are quickly noticeable in daily life. They come in the following ways: obtaining better resistance to stress, dealing with boundaries in a healthy way, working from your heart, and being more conscious of your purpose on earth.

Corepower can also be useful for groups and organizations. The method can unblock group processes, heighten effectiveness and restore the balance between group dynamics and group work. Corepower is mainly inspired by insights from the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and the leadership methods of Teampower.