I Love Tasty: The Unofficial Cookbook [EPUB]

I Love Tasty: The Unofficial Cookbook [EPUB]
I Love Tasty: The Unofficial Cookbook by Catrine Kelty
2017 | EPUB | 39.0MB

Cook 100 Tasty-style recipes without losing your spot in the video, waiting for buffering, or dropping your phone in the mixing bowl with I Love Tasty!

Odds are you've already fallen in love with Tasty's fast-paced cooking videos. Food writer Catrine Kelty and photographer Adam DeTour sure have. Together, they have lovingly created this unofficial recipe book for their fellow fans--to enjoy, to cook from, or to give to another Tasty lover.

Each of the book’s 100 recipes has at least four step-by-step photographs, making this a whole new kind of cookbook for a new generation, with a minimum of words and loads of color photos.

I Love Tasty serves up:

  • Quick-fix dinners for the weekday whirl, plus fancy dinners—and awesome party foods—for lazy weekends with friends
  • Recipes that both help kitchen newbies learn how to cook and give experienced cooks new things to try
  • Easy-to-make grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches, including smoothies, sandwiches, and salads
  • Nutritious-but-delicious energy-boosting snacks for after school or after work
  • Lots of luxurious and decadent cookies, cakes, brownies, blondies, pies, tarts, and more, for anyone who loves sweet things

This is a fan book for anyone who loves Tasty and their visually driven, step-by-step videos. These recipes are easy to follow and create incredibly tasty results. And if you love someone who loves Tasty, this book is the perfect gift.