The Consistent Consumer Revised and Expanded [Audiobook]

The Consistent Consumer Revised and Expanded [Audiobook]
The Consistent Consumer Revised and Expanded [Audiobook] by Ken Beller, Steve Weiss, Louis Patler, read by Aidan Hinshaw
2017 | MP3@64 kbps | 10 hrs 22 mins | 287.53MB

Behavior-based demographics are dead. Instead, values-based systems are what will ensure the success of your next marketing campaign. The authors of The Consistent Consumer say values, not past behaviors, will help you better define and understand today's diverse consumer groups and more accurately anticipate how these distinct populations are likely to behave in the future - and what they are likely to buy as a result.

Ken Beller, Steve Weiss, and New York Times best-selling author Louis Patler offer a values-based profiling system with six proprietary value populations you can use to quickly and effectively shape marketing strategy and increase the impact if your brand. With The Consistent Consumer as your guide, you'll learn how to make an instant connection with consumers, increase sales by learning what really drives consumer spending, enhance market share with products that speak to core values, motivate groups more effectively with customized messages, and influence consumer buying decisions for years to come.

The authors offer successful case studies from industries such as quick-serve restaurants, home improvement, and sports and entertainment, along with dozens of sales, marketing, and management insights that will teach you how a values-based system will help you brand your product at a much deeper, more enduring, and ultimately more consistently profitable level.