The Think Big Movement: Grow Your Business Big. Very Big! [Audiobook]

The Think Big Movement: Grow Your Business Big. Very Big! [Audiobook]
The Think Big Movement: Grow Your Business Big Very Big [Audiobook] by Jon Dwoskin, A J Reilly, read by Joe Formichella
2017 | MP3@64 kbps | 8 hrs 5 mins | 223.85MB

The Think Big Movement is a business book filled with invaluable insight on how to grow your business. It gives you the tools, best practices, and step-by-step guidance you've been craving to move your business forward, at any stage in its growth. The result? Your business soars to new heights.

Follow Jacob, the main character in this business book told as a fable, as he experiences the ups and downs of business like most business owners. He discovers a mentor in Marc Gardner, a wildly successful, humble man who built a thriving dental practice using true grit and tenacity. He takes Jacob under his wing and leads him down the path of not only what success means, but how to achieve it, maintain it, and grow it. As Jacob grows as a business man and as a human being, he begins to realize that the one thing he never realized is the secret sauce of every company in the world. Marc and Jacob, as well as the other characters, are reflections of not only the listener, but all businesspeople everywhere.

Many businesspeople experience the obstacles of inconsistency and understand the compound, negative effect they have on their business. The Think Big Movement teaches you, inspires you, and structures your mindset to dramatically shift your paradigm. By crushing the obstacles holding you back and re-learning the value of consistency, you will see, feel, and experience big results in your business. Like Jacob, you will have your own incredible epiphanies about growing your business big. Very big!

Get ready to start small, take action and think big!