Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle [EPUB]

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle [EPUB]
Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle: Buy time, Find new experiences, and Keep more of what you worked for by Clayton Daniel
2017 | EPUB | 2.07MB

If the idea of failing to reach your potential and spending your best years working with nothing to show for it makes you sick, this book is for you. Inside you will find for the first time, the secrets from a quiet subculture of Financial Advisers spending time with people away from the balance sheet, and helping them achieve more out of life.

Written by Clayton Daniel, a former ‘amateur rockstar’ whose chance encounter with an entrepreneur led him down the path of learning about money, travelling the world on the gains, and finally building a business showing others how to do the same. He has helped over a thousand people improve their understanding of money as both a Tax Accountant and Financial Adviser.


  • Why Your Purpose + Your Skills = Your Professional Superpower, and how to leverage it to buy time
  • How to catapult yourself into motivation by focusing on your fears rather than your goals
  • How the Five Bucket Method allows you to enjoy guilt-free spending sprees without ruining your future
  • What silent monster in the background is eating your money, and what to do about it
  • How to go from buying assets with the hope of making money to designing a wealth creation strategy with purpose
  • How to use the legal ‘Offshore Bank Account’ to grow your assets faster by saving you tax today, saving you tax every year, and saving you tax in retirement