Inside the Artist's Studio [EPUB]

Inside the Artist's Studio [EPUB]
Inside the Artist's Studio by Joe Fig
2015 | EPUB | 40.1MB

What was your first artwork to receive recognition? What materials do you use and how did they come into your practice? What advice would you give a young artist just starting out? Joe Fig asked a wide range of celebrated and up-and-coming artists these and many other questions during the illuminating studio visits documented in Inside the Artist's Studio--the follow-up to his acclaimed Inside the Painter's Studio.

In this thought-provoking collection, twenty-four painters, video and mixed-media artists, sculptors, and photographers reveal their highly idiosyncratic techniques and philosophies, as well as their quotidian habits and strategies for getting work done: the music they listen to; the hours they keep; the relationships with gallerists and curators, friends, family, and fellow artists that sustain them outside the studio. Readers will learn how singeing off a friend's eyebrows provided the inspiration for Petah Coyne's wax pieces, how the cemeteries of Cypress Hills lured Leonardo Drew, how Judy Pfaff became a sculptor in order to avoid the painting crits at Yale, and numerous other artists' insights, advice, and stories of the art-making life.

In addition to Fig's interviews and extensive photography, Inside the Artist's Studio features Fig's own intricately constructed artworks depicting each subject's studio. Some are represented through meticulous sculptures, others through richly detailed paintings. A preface by Jonathan T. D. Neil, director of Sotheby's Institute of Art in Los Angeles and associate editor of ArtReview magazine, describes Fig's project as part of a lineage of work focusing on the artist's studio, from Diego Velázquez's Las Meninas through Hans Namuth's photographs of Jackson Pollock. Throughout this remarkable book, in images and words, Fig's investigation of the creative process forms a revealing portrait of the artist at work.