How to Write Killer Cover Letters & Resumes [EPUB]

How to Write Killer Cover Letters & Resumes [EPUB]
How to Write Killer Cover Letters & Resumes: Get the Interviews for the Dream Jobs You Really Want by Creating One-in-Hundred Job Application Materials by Richard J Scholl
2014 | EPUB | 2.64MB

Stand out from all the rest by crafting letters and resumes that will blow people away. This career reference guide provides a simple, compelling and foolproof way to create both cover letters and resumes that are uniquely powerful and, most importantly, virtually guarantees you the high value job interviews and career you really want.

If you follow the tips and strategies—and apply the principles shown in the sample cover letters and resumes—you can position yourself to command the attention of hiring managers, recruiters and the individuals to whom you will be reporting.

Effective Letter Writing will empower you to write about yourself as you never have before. How can you be sure? Take a look at the testimonials sprinkled throughout this guide that demonstrate proven methods that really work. You will get interviews—but only if you follow the steps presented in this job application preparation guide.