Portraits by Damien Lovegrove [PDF]

Portraits by Damien Lovegrove [PDF]
Portraits by Damien Lovegrove
2016 | PDF | 1.17GB

“Everything I know about portrait photography is in this book. I hope it helps you to achieve a lifetime of enjoyment from your photography.”

In this no-holds-barred e-book, I deconstruct my complete portrait making process. From the planning stages and capture, through to delivery and archive – it’s all here. I reveal my secrets of creative success and the proven techniques I employ to capture fabulous portraits anywhere, at any time.

  • 356 richly illustrated pages
  • 384 high res photographs with all the exposure and lighting details used to create them
  • Over 50,000 words of creative vision that took me over two years to write
  • Everything you need to know in one place
  • An expert design with a layout that delivers the best reader experience for you