Keith Moon: There is No Substitute [EPUB]

Keith Moon: There is No Substitute [EPUB]
Keith Moon: There is No Substitute by Ian Snowball
2016 | EPUB | 33.16MB

With an introduction by Pete Townshend, There Is No Substitute pays homage to Keith Moon, the late drummer of The Who

Keith Moon’s superb artistry on the drums catapulted him into stardom while his eccentric and self-destructive behavior kept him in the spotlight, crowning him as one of the most outrageously mischievous rock stars the world has ever seen. There Is No Substitute pulls the focus away from Moon’s antics offstage and highlights his superlative skill onstage, celebrating The Who’s unconventional drummer who put the beat into a litany of classic rock songs.

Containing a collection of both recognizable and previously unseen photographs and memories from friends and fans of Keith―a diverse cross section of drummers, musicians,fans, and writers―There Is No Substitute concentrates on Keith’s influence as a drummer and musician and the impact he has had on rock and roll. Alongside fellow drummers Kenney Jones (who took over the drums in The Who after Keith’s death in 1978), Don Powell of Slade,Mick Avory of the Kinks, and Clem Burke of Blondie,musicians and friends of Keith reminisce about the madcap genius who is remembered for his vast influence on and contribution to rock and roll.