Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff [Audiobook]

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff [Audiobook]
Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff [Audiobook] by Pappy Pariah, read by Sean Penn, Frances McDormand, Ari Fliakos, Leila George
2016 | MP3 VBR V6 | 2 hrs 32 mins | 46.48MB

By turns tender and terrifying, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff captures America on the verge of political upheaval in 2016 and introduces us to a man who just might be able to save us from the oncoming horror. Yes, Bob Honey - carnival carny, sewage specialist, and government operative, among other occupations - has spent years in preparation, crisscrossing the world in the employ of a mysterious government program that pays in small bills. He stopped in New Orleans to help Katrina victims; traveled to Baghdad, Beirut, South Sudan, and elsewhere on sewage emergencies; and submerged himself in the Pacific Ocean in search of sea life - all while living out of a quiet house on a residential street in Woodview, California, where he sometimes disturbs the neighbors with the sound of his lawn mower.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff marks the debut of a dazzling literary talent. With comic bravado and an urgent agenda, Pappy Pariah has created a haunting, hilarious vision of an American middle-aged man with a mission - a loner struggling to find truth amid the chaos of a political campaign that threatens to destroy the values of the country he loves.

Bringing Pariah's revelatory prose to life is actor, director, and filmmaker Sean Penn (Mystic River, Milk, Dead Man Walking), whose knack for choosing nuanced roles and delivering emotionally rich character studies finds an apt bedfellow in Bob Honey. Penn's distinct voice - here, an expertly crafted tightrope walk between oddball jocularity and grave prophecy - perfectly captures the caustic truth telling of Pariah's message. With brazen and unabashed affection for Pariah's hero, Penn takes the story of Bob Honey to dizzying new heights.