Pensativities: Selected Essays [EP'UB]

Pensativities: Selected Essays [EP UB]
Pensativities: Selected Essays by Mia Couto, translated by David Brookshaw
2015 | EPUB | 0.44MB

What would Barack Obama's 2004 campaign have looked like if it unfolded in an African nation? What does it mean to be an African writer today? How do writers and poets from all continents teach us to cross the sertão, the savannah, the barren places where we're forced to walk within ourselves? Bringing together the best pieces from his previously untranslated nonfiction collections, alongside new material presented here for the first time in any language, Pensativities offers English readers a taste of Mia Couto as essayist, lecturer, and journalist—with essays on cosmopolitanism, poverty, culture gaps, conservation, and more.