Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You [TTC Video]

Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You [TTC Video]
Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You [TTC Video] by Valerie Fridland
Course No 2263 | M4V, AVC, 640x360 | AAC@128 kbps, 2 Ch | 24x30 mins | + PDF Guidebook | 10.9 GB
Language is not a passive medium of communication. In fact, it’s the active matrix through which we construct societies, and, within them, our own social lives and realities. It’s easy to view language as simply a system of symbols that describe experience. But a closer look reveals an astonishing truth: language—as we use it in our moment-to-moment living—fundamentally shapes our experience, our thinking, our perceptions, and the very social systems within which our lives unfold.

Ordinarily, we use language without examining how we are using it. But to look directly and rigorously at our language and speech—and how we construct our social reality through them—is to uncover richly illuminating insights into our societies, our social existence, and ourselves.

Nowhere are these insights more in evidence than in the remarkable field of sociolinguistics. This dynamic discipline offers a thoroughly fascinating and different lens for looking at society and our lives as social beings. Sociolinguistics studies language as a social act—how we actually use it in our daily interactions—and its findings are hugely provocative and revealing.

Among many eye-opening perspectives, the work of sociolinguistics points out the following facts:

  • Language is strong social capital, and our linguistic choices carry both costs and benefits we rarely consider.
  • Our identity is strongly tied to the speech we use and our perceptions of the speech we hear.
  • Our children are raised, our relationships are made, and our careers succeed, in large part, through how we use language.
  • Language embodies a worldview: your linguistic system reflects and affects the way you organize and understand the world around you.

Language opens doors and it closes them. It establishes relationships and it severs them. It represents us and locates us firmly within our social universe. It builds and rebuilds our societies. And all of these powerful capacities of language reveal themselves when we explore the crucial relation between what we say and how we live.

Now, in Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You, sociolinguist Valerie Fridland of the University of Nevada, Reno fields all of these compelling topics and more, guiding you in a wide-ranging voyage into the extraordinary world of our language, with a penetrating focus on the multiple ways in which societies and language intersect. In these 24 highly engaging lectures, you’ll look closely at the different facets of language and speech that sociolinguists study, bringing the field’s original perspective to the profound role of language in everything we do.

Within the course’s inquiry, you’ll investigate in detail how social differences based on factors such as region, class, ethnicity, occupation, gender, and age are inseparable from language differences. Further, you’ll explore how these linguistic differences arise, and how they both reflect and generate our social systems. Offering an incisive look at the findings and insights of sociolinguistics, these lectures reveal a side of language and speech few of us ever fully explore. Anyone with an interest in language, communication, or societies will find this series both enthralling and uniquely informative.

Uncover the Hidden Functions of Language in Our Social Existence

In this spirited inquiry, Professor Fridland invites you to investigate our social use of language from many perspectives and vantage points. Across the arc of the lectures, you’ll delve into key topics such as:

  • How language shapes thought and perception—Investigate how concepts regarding matters such as time, space, and gender are encoded into language, influencing our patterns of thought, and how the grammatical categories that your language provides fundamentally affect the way you perceive the world.
  • Language change and variation—See how language changes over time, charting the colorful history of the English language. Study how dialects, regional speech, ethnic speech varieties, and “speech communities” develop, and how linguistic differences become important social markers.
  • Attitudes toward language—Would you feel comfortable taking surfing lessons from someone with the accent and vocabulary of a British barrister? Study the social categorizing we do when we hear someone speak, and how the social currency of language produces stigmatization or prestige of different linguistic varieties and their speakers.
  • The “anatomy” of conversation—In a rigorous and perhaps surprising look at conversation, learn about eight essential factors that underlie any successful dialogue; discover that conversation is actually highly structured, and delve into how those structures support conversational exchange. Explore the remarkable degree to which we say things without actually saying them, communicating instead through indirectness, inference, and shared social meanings.
  • Linguistic roles and repertoire—Observe how human beings are linguistic “chameleons” in that we switch between different social roles in various settings, changing our speech to fit each role or to present a different identity to others.
  • Language and speech as action—Grasp how language, beyond its communicative function, actually performs actions, as in the case of the words spoken during a marriage ceremony. Explore how different social roles entitle a speaker to perform particular speech acts.

Explore the True Power of the Words You Speak

Professor Fridland enriches these lectures and adds considerable depth by playing many audio recordings of speech samples—early forms of English, regional American dialects, rural and urban speech—so that you learn about speech patterns, pronunciations, and linguistic varieties by actually hearing them.

In her teaching, Professor Fridland demonstrates both a deep knowledge of the work of sociolinguistics and incisive understanding of what its findings reveal. In numerous contexts, she presents intriguing and often startling evidence showing the importance and implications of our linguistic behavior:

  • In studies of courtroom conversations, where the same speaker testified using either a powerful or powerless speaking style, the use of the powerful style—a simple linguistic change—made the witness seem more believable and trustworthy to listeners.
  • Our beliefs about speakers can actually influence our perception of what we hear, as shown in studies where listeners who believed a speaker was Canadian reported hearing different vowel sounds than those who believed the speaker was American.
  • In multiple studies, listeners characterize language that is “correct” as being less friendly or pleasant than more informal or “incorrect” language.

Throughout the lectures, Professor Fridland engages you with illuminating questions, such as:

  • How did Northern and Southern American speech develop?
  • Why is there such a huge disconnect in English between spelling and pronunciation?
  • What accounts for gender differences in language? Is it a matter of biology—or society?

In the thought-provoking lectures of Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You, you’ll encounter the flip side of what we ordinarily assume about language and speech. You’ll look at the remarkable ways in which our society is a reflection of our language, how differences in the way people use language create differences in society, how people construct and define social contexts by their language use, and ultimately why our speech reveals so much about us. Join a brilliantly insightful sociolinguist and teacher in a compelling inquiry that sheds light on how our linguistic choices play a determining role in every aspect of our lives.

Language and Society: What Your Speech Says About You [TTC Video]

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days [Audiobook]

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days [Audiobook]
Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days [Audiobook] by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz, read by Dan Bittner
2016 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 6 hrs 10 mins | 171.74MB

From three design partners at Google Ventures, a unique five-day process for going from problem to prototype.

The companies that Google Ventures invest in face big questions every day: Where's the most important place to focus your effort, and how do you start? What will your ideas look like in real life? How many meetings and discussions does it take before you can be sure you have the right solution to a problem? Business owners and investors want their companies and the people who lead them to be equipped to answer these questions - and quickly. And now there's a surefire way to solve their problems and test solutions: the sprint.

While working at Google, designer Jake Knapp created a unique problem-solving method that he coined a "design sprint" - a five-day process to help companies answer crucial questions. His "sprints" were used in the development of everything from Gmail to Google X to Chrome. When he moved to Google Ventures, he joined Braden Kowitz and John Zeratsky, both designers and partners there who have worked on numerous products, including the YouTube redesign. Together Knapp, Zeratsky, and Kowitz have run over 100 sprints with their portfolio companies, inside Google, and in others companies or environments that have sought their help. They've seen firsthand how sprints can overcome challenges in all kinds of companies: health care, fitness, finance, retailers, and more.

A practical guide to answering business questions, Sprint is a book for groups of any size, from small start-ups to Fortune 100s, from teachers and PTAs to nonprofits and public institutions. It's for anyone with a big opportunity, problem, or idea who needs to get answers today.

Beauty Begins: Making Peace with Your Reflection [EPUB]

Beauty Begins: Making Peace with Your Reflection [EPUB]
Beauty Begins: Making Peace with Your Reflection by Chris Shook, Megan Shook Alpha
2016 | EPUB | 3.52MB

You are, and always have been, beautiful.

“Beauty begins. That’s the point of this book. Our understanding of beauty got started somewhere and somehow, and probably due to someone. Now that may have been a good start, but then again it may not have. But regardless of what your past looks like, we want to offer up this word of hope: it’s never too late to make peace with your reflection.”

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with beauty. Walk by any magazine stand, turn on a television, or visit the local shopping mall, and you’ll be bombarded with the images and ideals that our culture believes are the epitome of what it means to be beautiful. And if you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to measure up to this standard of beauty whether you realize it or not.

But if you don’t make peace with your reflection, you’ll end up declaring war on yourself.

That’s where mother-daughter team, Chris and Megan Shook, want to help. In Beauty Begins, they explore the origins of beauty (hint, it didn’t start with a fashion magazine) and challenge each of us to trade the pressure of perfection for God's perfect love.

Poignant, relevant, and relatable, Beauty Begins is for every woman who wants to reclaim what it means to be truly beautiful.

Do you feel beautiful?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Others may tell you that you’re beautiful, but do you believe them? Why not? Don’t let another day go by without believing and knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

It’s time for you to exchange society’s cookie-cutter suggestions for what is beautiful and instead discover and reclaim what true beauty looks like – and the One who created it.

In Beauty Begins, Chris and Megan Shook share with you their own experiences and struggles with appearance and body image, as well as equip you with the wisdom to distinguish what’s artificial beauty and what’s real. Filled with heartfelt encouragement, insightful challenges, and undeniable truth, after reading Beauty Begins, you’ll never look in the mirror the same way again.

Managing Depression with Mindfulness For Dummies [EPUB]

Managing Depression with Mindfulness For Dummies [EPUB]
Managing Depression with Mindfulness For Dummies by Robert Gebka
2016 | EPUB | 2.43MB

Rise above depression and build a positive future using mindfulness

If you suffer from depression, you know that it′s not something you can simply snap yourself out of. Depression is a potentially debilitating condition that must be treated and managed with care, but not knowing where to turn for help can make an already difficult time feel even more harrowing. Thankfully, Managing Depression with Mindfulness For Dummies offers authoritative and sensitive guidance on using evidence based and NHS approved Mindfulness Based Interventions similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help empower you to rise above depression and discover a renewed sense of emotional wellbeing and happiness. The book offers cutting edge self-management mindfulness techniques which will help you make sense of your condition and teach you how to relate differently to negative thought patterns which so often contribute to low mood and depression.

The World Health Organization predicts that more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem by the year 2030. While the statistics are staggering, they offer a small glimmer of hope: you aren′t alone. As we continue to learn more about how depression works and how it can be treated, the practice of mindfulness proves to be an effective tool for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, low self–esteem, and insomnia. With the tips and guidance offered inside, you′ll learn how to apply the practice of mindfulness to ease your symptoms of depression and get your life back.

  • Heal and recover from depression mindfully
  • Understand the relationship between thinking, feeling, mood, and depression
  • Reduce your depression with effective mindfulness practices
  • Implement positive changes and prevent relapse

Whether you are struggling with low mood or simply wish to learn mindfulness as a way of enriching your life, Managing Depression with Mindfulness For Dummies serves as a beacon of light and hope on your journey to rediscovering your sense of wellbeing, joy and happiness.

Think and Make It Happen [EPUB]

Think and Make It Happen [EPUB]
Think and Make It Happen: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Overcoming Negative Thoughts, and Discovering Your True Potential by Augusto Cury
2011 | EPUB | 0.4MB

Take control of your past, your memory, your emotions, your life!

While in medical school, Dr. Augusto Cury became fascinated with the impact a healthy mind can have on emotions and life. After many years of research and founding The Intelligence Institute, he concluded:

  • Every person is a genius because everyone has the power to think.
  • Harnessing "mind power" has been scientifically proven to enhance a person's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • The human act of thinking is the greatest wonder of the universe.

In Think, and Make It Happen, Dr. Cury unveils the multifocal intelligence process showing readers how to master their emotions, stress, thoughts, and relationships, as well as how to become creative thinkers and revolutionary leaders. Complete with a 12-week program, participants will learn to apply the universal laws for quality of life to their own lives: authorship, beauty, creativity, sleep, thoughts, emotions, memory, listening, dialogue, drive, and spirituality and celebration and start experiencing the life they desire.

Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others [EPUB]

Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others [EPUB]
Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others by Shane J Lopez
2013 | EPUB | 2.63MB

How do some people make good things happen and bounce back from setbacks? Why do they lead happier, healthier, more productive lives? It’s because they have hope—not because of luck, or intelligence, or money. So, what exactly is hope and how can you get it, too?

Using discoveries from the largest study of hopeful people ever conducted, world-renowned expert on the psychology of hope Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., reveals that hope is not just an emotion but an essential life tool. Hope is also a leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career, and business. With Making Hope Happen you can measure your level of hope and learn how to create and share it.

In this newest evolution of positive psychology, Dr. Lopez provides strategies for building a high-hope mind-set and shares uplifting stories of real people—parents, educators, entrepreneurs, young and old people with health challenges, and civic leaders— who create hope and who change their own lives as well as their schools, workplaces, and communities. They include:

  • The CEO who befriended a curious nine-year-old, bringing him into the company and transforming his attitude toward school and future goals.
  • A young entrepreneur who worked to change laws that stood in his way, recruited friends to support his start-up, and rebuilt from scratch after a fire.
  • The college president whose creative fundraising during the worst of the economic downturn kept her neediest seniors in school through graduation.
  • The city council members who developed a visionary recovery plan only days after their community was flattened by a tornado.
  • Two mothers and a principal who reversed decades of neglect and mismanagement to turn a failing school into a neighborhood magnet.
  • A college student who is thriving after two heart transplants, and whose hopeful self-care has been key to her survival.

Making Hope Happen is for people who believe that the future can be better than the past or the present and who are looking for a way to make it so. The message is clear: Hope matters. Hope is a choice. Hope can be learned. Hope is contagious.

Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes [Audiobook]

Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes [Audiobook]
Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes [Audiobook] by Svante Pääbo, read by Dennis Holland
2014 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 10 hrs 37 mins | 292.6MB

A preeminent geneticist hunts the Neanderthal genome to answer the biggest question of them all: What does it mean to be human?

What can we learn from the genes of our closest evolutionary relatives? Neanderthal Man tells the story of geneticist Svante Pbo's mission to answer that question, beginning with the study of DNA in Egyptian mummies in the early 1980s and culminating in his sequencing of the Neanderthal genome in 2009. From Pbo, we learn how Neanderthal genes offer a unique window into the lives of our hominin relatives and may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of why humans survived while Neanderthals went extinct. Drawing on genetic and fossil clues, Pbo explores what is known about the origin of modern humans and their relationship to the Neanderthals and describes the fierce debate surrounding the nature of the two species' interactions.

A riveting story about a visionary researcher and the nature of scientific inquiry, Neanderthal Man offers rich insight into the fundamental question of who we are.

Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet [Audiobook]

Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet [Audiobook]
Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet [Audiobook] by Robert Kingett, read by T. David Rutherford
2015 | MP3 VBR V6 | 3 hrs 26 mins | 93.76MB

Journalist Robert Kingett accepts a dare, one that at first seems simple: to adapt to his blindness without the Internet. This account is a cozy diary of battling with an FM radio, hooking up a landline phone, and the journey of adapting to a brand new way of living from someone who has never disconnected from the World Wide Web.

Memoirs of a Bitch by Francesca Petrizzo [EPUB]

Memoirs of a Bitch by Francesca Petrizzo [EPUB]
Memoirs of a Bitch by Francesca Petrizzo
2011 | EPUB | 2.08MB

The bitch. That's what the crew call me. The bitch. They say it behind my back. But I can hear them. My name's Helen, I was born in Sparta, but I went away for love. They used to say I was the most beautiful woman in the world. The minstrels are already making up stories about how little I've won and how much I've lost. Lying tales. They weren't there, after all. But I was. From her childhood in Sparta, through the turbulent years of her marriage, and of course her disappearance with Paris and its consequences, Helen of Troy tells her own story. In a lyrical and musical style, Helen sheds her legendary persona and walks from the page as a real woman of flesh and blood; the archetype of all the women who, throughout history, have followed their hearts, forsaking wealth and power.

Texas Rising: The Epic History of the Lone Star Republic and the Rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846 [Audiobook]

Texas Rising: The Epic History of the Lone Star Republic and the Rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846 [Audiobook]
Texas Rising: The Epic History of the Lone Star Republic and the Rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846 [Audiobook] by Stephen L Moore, read by PJ Ochlan
2015 | MP3@64 kbps | 11 hrs 20 mins | 311.72MB

The official nonfiction companion to the History Channel dramatic series Texas Rising (produced by the same team that made the record-breaking Hatfields and McCoys): a thrilling new narrative history of the Texas Revolution and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers who patrolled the violent Western frontier.

In 1836, if west of the Mississippi was considered the Wild West, then Texas was hell on earth - a hot bed of conflict. Who would win the war over Texas? Crushed from the outside by Mexican armadas and attacked from within by ferocious Comanche tribes, no one was safe. But this was a time of bravery, a time to die for what you believed in and a time to stand tall against the cruel rule of the Mexican General Santa Anna and his forces. The Texas Rangers, a ragtag crew of men fighting on horseback, were often outnumbered by as many as 50 to one. Yet under renowned General Sam Houston, they achieved victory against nearly impossible odds, earning a legendary place in American history.

Acclaimed Texas historian Stephen L. Moore's Texas Rising, the official companion to the epic History series of the same name, brings to life the violent Texas frontier and the Rangers' heroic deeds during the Texas Revolution. Published with the full support and backing of history, Texas Rising is an unforgettable history of this iconic band of fighters.

The Low Light Photography Field Guide [EPUB]

The Low Light Photography Field Guide [EPUB]
The Low Light Photography Field Guide: Go beyond daylight to capture stunning low light images by Michael Freeman
2011 | EPUB | 12.39MB

Like all the titles in this successful series, The Low Light Photography Field Guide offers advice from a respected expert and professional. In this volume, Michael Freeman looks at an area that remains problematic for photographers with even top-of-the range equipment: low light.

Opening with a section on the qualities of different kinds of low light, the book then deals with ways of overcoming gloomy situations, whether you’re shooting hand-held or on a tripod. Post-production fixes are also covered, allowing the reader to turn difficult shots into amazing images.

The Contours of American History [EPUB]

The Contours of American History [EPUB]
The Contours of American History by William Appleman Williams
2011 | EPUB | 0.8MB

William Appleman Williams was the American history profession’s greatest critic of US imperialism. The Contours of American History, first published in 1961, reached back into British history to argue that the relationship between liberalism and empire was in effect a grand compromise, with expansion abroad containing class and race tensions at home.

Coming as it did before the political explosions of the 1960s, Williams’s message was a deeply heretical one, and yet the Modern Library ultimately chose Contours as one of the best 100 nonfiction books of the 20th Century. This fiftieth anniversary edition will introduce this magisterial work to a new readership, with a new introduction by Greg Grandin, one of today’s leading historians of US foreign policy.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colon [Audiobook]

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colon [Audiobook]
War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colon [Audiobook] by Nelson A Denis, read by Peter Berkrot
2015 | M4B@64 kbps + EPUB | 9 hrs 9 mins | 251.04MB

In 1950, after over 50 years of military occupation and colonial rule, the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico staged an unsuccessful armed insurrection against the United States. Violence swept through the island: Assassins were sent to kill President Harry Truman, gunfights roared in eight towns, police stations and post offices were burned down. In order to suppress this uprising, the US Army deployed thousands of troops and bombarded two towns, marking the first time in history that the US government bombed its own citizens.

Nelson A. Denis tells this powerful story through the controversial life of Pedro Albizu Campos, who served as the president of the Nationalist Party. A lawyer, a chemical engineer, and the first Puerto Rican to graduate from Harvard Law School, Albizu Campos was imprisoned for 25 years and died under mysterious circumstances. By tracing his life and death, Denis shows how the journey of Albizu Campos is part of a larger story of Puerto Rico and US colonialism.

Through oral histories, personal interviews, eyewitness accounts, congressional testimony, and recently declassified FBI files, War Against All Puerto Ricans tells the story of a forgotten revolution and its context in Puerto Rico's history, from the US invasion in 1898 to the modern-day struggle for self-determination. Denis provides an unflinching account of the gunfights, prison riots, political intrigue, FBI and CIA covert activity, and mass hysteria that accompanied this tumultuous period in Puerto Rican history.

Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World [Audiobook]

Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World [Audiobook]
Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World [Audiobook] by Anthony Doerr, read by the Author
2015 | MP3@64 kbps | 6 hrs 17 mins | 173.35MB

Anthony Doerr, the Pulitzer Prize­–­winning author of All the Light We Cannot See, reads his 2007 memoir, Four Seasons in Rome—available on audio for the very first time!

On the day Tony Doerr and his wife returned from the hospital with their newborn twins, he received a letter from the Academy of Arts and Letters informing him that he had won the prestigious Rome Prize, which provides a stipend, an apartment, and a writing studio at the beautiful American Academy for a year. Six months and a few Italian lessons later, they arrived in Rome.

Insatiably curious, an avid reader, and an extraordinary eloquent observer of nature, Doerr sets out to discover Rome. He reads Pliny, Dante, Shelley and visits the churches and piazzas and ancient cisterns they describe. He reads the history of the papacy and attends the vigil as Pope John Paul II lies dying. He takes his twins to the Pantheon in December to wait for snow to fall through the oculus. And he and his family are embraced by the butchers, grocers, and bakers in their little neighborhood on a Roman hill.

For anyone who loves Rome—or wants to know it—this is a gorgeous, informative audiobook. It is also an illuminating account of how a writer transforms experience into sentences, how this writer sees and captures the world.

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri [Audiobook]

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri [Audiobook]
The Divine Comedy [Audiobook] by Dante Alighieri, translated by Clive James, read by Edoardo Ballerini
2013 | M4B@64 kbps | 14 hrs 38 mins | 401.98MB

Renowned poet and critic Clive James presents the crowning achievement of his career: a monumental translation into English verse of Dante's The Divine Comedy.

The Divine Comedy is the precursor of modern literature, and this translation - decades in the making - gives us the entire epic as a single, coherent and compulsively listenable lyric poem. Written in the early 14th century and completed in 1321, the year of Dante's death, The Divine Comedy is perhaps the greatest work of epic poetry ever composed.

Divided into three books - Hell, Purgatory and Heaven - the poem's allegorical vision of the afterlife portrays the poet's spiritual crisis in terms of his own contemporary history, in a text of such vivid life and variety that modern readers will find themselves astounded in a hundred different ways. And indeed the structure of this massive single song is divided into a hundred songs, or cantos, each of which is a separate poetic miracle. But unifying them all is the impetus of the Italian verse: a verbal energy that Clive James has now brought into English.

For its range of emotion alone, Clive James's poetic rendering of The Divine Comedy would be without precedent. But it is also singled out by its sheer readability. The result is the epic as a page-turner, a work that will influence the way we read Dante in English for generations to come.

The Divine Comedy is performed by Edoardo Ballerini (2013 Audie Award winner, Best Solo Narration - Male), who had this to say about the book and his experience narrating it: "There are literary classics, and then then are those few books that serve as the cultural foundation for all of western civilization. Dante's Divine Comedy is one of those rarified titles. Being asked to narrate such a monumental work was an honor, and one of the highlights of my career, across film, TV, stage and audio. It was a humbling experience, and I only hope this recording inspires listeners to experience this profoundly beautiful work of art in a new, accessible and playful way."

The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923 [Audiobook]

The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923 [Audiobook]
The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923 [Audiobook] by Sean McMeekin, read by Richard Poe
2015 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 19 hrs 4 mins | 392.97MB

An astonishing retelling of 20th-century history from the Ottoman perspective, delivering profound new insights into World War I and the contemporary Middle East.

Between 1911 and 1922, a series of wars would engulf the Ottoman Empire and its successor states, in which the central conflict, of course, was World War I - a story we think we know well. As Sean McMeekin shows us in this revelatory new history of what he calls the "wars of the Ottoman succession", we know far less than we think. The Ottoman Endgame brings to light the entire strategic narrative that led to an unstable new order in postwar Middle East - much of which is still felt today. The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Modern Middle East draws from McMeekin's years of groundbreaking research in newly opened Ottoman and Russian archives. With great storytelling flair, McMeekin makes new the epic stories we know from the Ottoman front, from Gallipoli to the exploits of Lawrence in Arabia, and introduces a vast range of new stories to Western listeners. His accounts of the lead-up to World War I and the Ottoman Empire's central role in the war itself offers an entirely new and deeper vision of the conflict. Harnessing not only Ottoman and Russian but also British, German, French, American, and Austro-Hungarian sources, the result is a truly pioneering work of scholarship that gives full justice to a multitiered war involving many belligerents.

McMeekin also brilliantly reconceives our inherited Anglo-French understanding of the war's outcome and the collapse of the empire that followed. The book chronicles the emergence of modern Turkey and the carve up of the rest of the Ottoman Empire as it has never been told before, offering a new perspective on such issues as the ethno-religious bloodletting and forced population transfers that attended the breakup of empire, the Balfour Declaration, the toppling of the caliphate, and the partition of Iraq and Syria - bringing the contemporary consequences into clear focus.

Every so often, a work of history completely reshapes our understanding of a subject of enormous historical and contemporary importance. The Ottoman Endgame is such a book, an instantly definitive and thrilling example of narrative history as high art.

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World [Audiobook]

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World [Audiobook]
The Silk Roads: A New History of the World [Audiobook] by Peter Frankopan, read by Laurence Kennedy
2016 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 24 hrs 14 mins | 669.32MB

The epic history of the crossroads of the world—the meeting place of East and West and the birthplace of civilization

It was on the Silk Roads that East and West first encountered each other through trade and conquest, leading to the spread of ideas, cultures and religions. From the rise and fall of empires to the spread of Buddhism and the advent of Christianity and Islam, right up to the great wars of the twentieth century—this book shows how the fate of the West has always been inextricably linked to the East.

Peter Frankopan realigns our understanding of the world, pointing us eastward. He vividly re-creates the emergence of the first cities in Mesopotamia and the birth of empires in Persia, Rome and Constantinople, as well as the depredations by the Mongols, the transmission of the Black Death and the violent struggles over Western imperialism. Throughout the millennia, it was the appetite for foreign goods that brought East and West together, driving economies and the growth of nations.

From the Middle East and its political instability to China and its economic rise, the vast region stretching eastward from the Balkans across the steppe and South Asia has been thrust into the global spotlight in recent years. Frankopan teaches us that to understand what is at stake for the cities and nations built on these intricate trade routes, we must first understand their astounding pasts. Far more than a history of the Silk Roads, this book is truly a revelatory new history of the world, promising to destabilize notions of where we come from and where we are headed next.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome [Audiobook]

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome [Audiobook]
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome [Audiobook] by Charles Chiniquy, read by Dan Kassis
2016 | MP3@64 kbps | 31 hrs 45 mins | 876.45MB

This is an excellent look at the religious system of the Catholic Church from the inside.

Charles Chiniquy was born at Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada, to Roman Catholic parents. He studied at the college of Nicolet in Canada; after graduation he entered the priesthood (at an early age) and continued therein until he was an old man. At the age of 49 he left the Roman church, taking his congregation with him, and became a Presbyterian minister. His encounters with the inner workings of the Roman church are enlightening and could come only from someone who was embedded in such a system for so many years. He later published a number of books and tracts on temperance and about his life and experiences in the Catholic Church, some of which became very popular and were translated into several languages.

In this book he covers such subjects as:

  • The Bible and the priests of Rome
  • Preparation for the First Communion - initiation to idolatry
  • Intellectual education in the Roman Catholic Colleges
  • Moral and religious instruction in the Roman Catholic Colleges
  • Protestant children in the convents and nunneries of Rome
  • Rome and education: why the church of Rome hates the common schools of the United States and wants to destroy them
  • Theology of the church of Rome: its anti-Christian character
  • The vow of celibacy
  • The impurities of the theology of Rome
  • The priest of Rome and the holy fathers
  • How the author swore to give up the word of God to follow the word of men
  • The Roman Catholic priesthood, or ancient and modern idolatry
  • Nine consequences of the dogma of transubstantiation

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques [EPUB]

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques [EPUB]
Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques by Darren Levine, John Whitman
2007 | EPUB | 18.31MB

Developed for the Israel military forces and battle tested in real-life combat, Krav Maga has gained an international reputation as an easy-to-learn yet highly effective art of self-defense. Clearly written and extensively illustrated, Complete Krav Maga details every aspect of the system including dozens of hand-to-hand combat moves, over 20 weapons defense techniques and a complete physical conditioning workout program.

All the moves are described in depth from beginning Yellow Belt to advanced Black Belt, yet they are easy to learn because one of Krav Maga's strengths is its simplicity. Based on the principle that it is best to move from defense to attack as quickly as possible, Complete Krav Maga offers fast-escape maneuvers from attacks and holds. It then follows them up with specific counterattacks, including punches, kicks and throws.

The authors show how anyone (big or small, man or woman) can practice self defense by using Krav Maga to protect weak spots, exploit an assailant's vulnerabilities and turn the attacker s force against him. Complete Krav Maga teaches the reader how to get in shape, gain confidence and feel safer and more secure every day.

The Analysis of Mind [EPUB]

The Analysis of Mind [EPUB]
The Analysis of Mind by Bertrand Russell
2012 | EPUB | 0.3MB

Philosopher, logician, mathematician, social reformer and historian, the renowned Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell has been an intellectual force of the twentieth-century, his influence on contemporary thought far reaching. The Analysis of Mind is his attempt to "harmonize two different tendencies, one in psychology, the other in physics ... On the one hand, many psychologists, especially those of the behaviourist school, tend to adopt what is essentially a materialistic position ... They make psychology increasingly dependent on physiology and external observation, and tend to think of matter as something much more solid and indubitable than mind. Meanwhile the physicists, especially Einstein and other exponents of the theory of relativity, have been making 'matter' less and less material."

The Terracotta Army: China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation [EPUB]

The Terracotta Army: China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation [EPUB]
The Terracotta Army: China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation by John Man
2007 | EPUB | 1.72MB

The Terracotta Army is one of the greatest, and most famous, archaeological discoveries of all time. 6,000 life-size figures of warriors and horses were interred in the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China - each is individually carved, and they are thought to represent real members of the emperor's army. This is the remarkable story of their creation, the man who ordered them made, their rediscovery and their continuing legacy as a pre-eminent symbol of Chinese greatness.

The First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, was king of the Chinese state of Qin and the first man to unite China into a single empire. He built the first Great Wall and brought a single written script to the whole country. He was an inspired and ruthless ruler, but one also beset by paranoia and a desire for immortality. He is still considered the founding father of the modern state of China. On his death in 210 BC he was buried in a giant mausoleum near modern-day Xi'an. Legends of the treasures contained therein still tantalize the imagination today.

In 1974 local farmers digging a well for water broke through into the burial mound and found the first of the Terracotta warriors. Further excavations have revealed the full splendour of the buried army. But the majority of the mausoleum is yet to be opened, including the burial chamber itself - myth tells us that amongst the treasures yet to be uncovered is a vast map of the First Emperor's kingdom with rivers marked with channels of flowing mercury. The story of the First Emperor and the Terracotta Army is a fascinating one, not least for the discoveries yet to be made.

Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World [EPUB]

Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World [EPUB]
Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World by John Man
2014 | EPUB | 11.35MB

The true history behind the Netflix original series Marco Polo, here is the remarkable story of the world's most famous traveler, retracing his legendary journey from Venice to China, the moment East first met West.

In 1271, a young Italian merchant named Marco Polo embarked on a groundbreaking expedition from Venice, through the Middle East and Central Asia to China. His extraordinary reports of his experiences introduced medieval Europe to an exotic new world of emperors and concubines, amazing cities, huge armies, unusual spices and cuisine, and imperial riches. Marco Polo also revealed the wonders of Xanadu, the summer capital of Mongol emperor Kublai Khan.

Almost 750 years later, acclaimed author John Man traveled in Marco Polo's footsteps to Xanadu then on to Beijing and through modern China in search of the history behind the legend. In this enthralling chronicle, Man draws on his own journey, new archaeological findings, and deep archival study to paint a vivid picture of Marco Polo and the great court of Kublai Khan.

Spain: The Centre of the World 1519-1682 [EPUB]

Spain: The Centre of the World 1519-1682 [EPUB]
Spain: The Centre of the World 1519-1682 by Robert Goodwin
2016 | EPUB | 7.45MB

The Golden Age of the Spanish Empire would establish five centuries of Western supremacy across the globe and usher in an era of transatlantic exploration that eventually gave rise to the modern world. It was a time of discovery and adventure, of great political and social change-it was a time when Spain learned to rule the world.

Assembling a spectacular cast of legendary characters like the Duke of Alba, El Greco, Miguel de Cervantes, and Diego Velázquez, Robert Goodwin brings the Spanish Golden Age to life with the vivid clarity and gripping narrative of an epic novel. From scholars and playwrights, to poets and soldiers, Goodwin is in complete command of the history of this tumultuous and exciting period. But the superstars alone will not tell the whole tale-Goodwin delves deep to find previously unrecorded sources and accounts of how Spains Golden Age would unfold, and ultimately, unravel.

Spain is a sweeping and revealing portrait of Spain at the height of its power and a world at the dawn of the modern age.

The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg [EPUB]

The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg [EPUB]
The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg by Tim Birkhead
2016 | EPUB | 3.05MB

'I think that, if required on pain of death to name instantly the most perfect thing in the universe, I should risk my fate on a bird's egg'
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1862

How are eggs of different shapes made, and why are they the shape they are? When does the shell of an egg harden? Why do some eggs contain two yolks? How are the colours and patterns of an eggshell created, and why do they vary? And which end of an egg is laid first – the blunt end or the pointy end?

These are just some of the questions A Bird's Egg answers, as the journey of a bird's egg from creation and fertilisation to its eventual hatching is examined, with current scientific knowledge placed within an historical context. Beginning with an examination of the stunning eggs of the guillemot, each of which is so variable in pattern and colour that no two are ever the same, acclaimed ornithologist Tim Birkhead then looks at the eggs of hens, cuckoos and many other birds, revealing weird and wonderful facts about these miracles of nature. Woven around and supporting these facts are extraordinary stories of the individuals who from as far back as Ancient Egypt have been fixated on the study and collection of eggs, not always to the benefit of their conservation.

Firmly grounded in science and enriched by a wealth of observation drawn from a lifetime spent studying birds, A Bird's Egg is an illuminating and engaging exploration of the science behind eggs and the history of man's obsession with them.

The Economist Audio Edition [April 9, 2016]

The Economist Audio Edition [April 9, 2016]
The Economist Audio Edition [April 9, 2016]
MP3@48 kbps + EPUB + MOBI | 162.54MB

Facebook: Imperial Ambitions
The new face: How to win friends and influence people

  • The parable of Port Talbot
  • America's Treasury vs. multinationals
  • Libya's last chance
  • Bouncy castles in space
  • Parsing the Panama papers
  • Peru's elections: A dangerous farce
  • Open conventions: A user's manual
  • Taxing America Inc: Pfiasco
  • Ship propulsion: We are sailing