Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio]

Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio]
Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception [TTC Audio] by Professor Peter M Vishton
2013 | MP3@64 kbps | 12 hrs 12 mins | + PDF | 349.56

Your senses aren't just a part of you-they define you. Nothing you experience would be possible without the intricate power of your senses. But how much about them do you really know?

Your ability to sense and perceive the world around you is so richly detailed and accurate as to be miraculous. No tool in the entire universe of scientific exploration can come close to matching the ability of your brain to use information sensed by your eyes, ears, skin, tongue, and nose to produce a rich sensory experience in just milliseconds.

In recent years, neurobiologists and other scientists have uncovered new insights into how your senses work and the amazingly complex and fascinating things they can do. And now you can share in what they've discovered-through this intriguing series of 24 lectures from an award-winning teacher.

Knowing how your senses work and the ways they shape how you see, interact with, and understand your life will help you think more critically about everything you sense and perceive, strengthen your appreciation of the senses that make this possible, prepare you to be an active consumer of new scientific evidence on how our senses work, and much more.

With Professor Vishton as your guide, you'll. consider each of your senses from multiple perspectives:

  • Explore how your brain processes different sensory information
  • Consider how your senses work together and within the context of the environment around you
  • discover how your senses connect you to the world and other people.

Using both cutting-edge research and simple experiments, tests, and demonstrations to hone your understanding, he has created a world-class learning experience that will change the way you think about your senses.