A Beginner's Guide to ETFs [Video]

A Beginner's Guide to ETFs [Video]
A Beginner's Guide to ETFs [Video] by Toni Turner
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Have you ever bought the only stock in a rocketing sector that refused to join the party? Now, you can put all of those trades behind you!

Join best-selling author and sought-after financial educator Toni Turner in this information-packed DVD. Toni will show you how trading sectors with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be easier, involve lower risk, and produce higher gains than single-stock trades. You'll learn which sectors thrive in both bull and bear markets, along with the best corresponding ETFs to target when these sectors trend higher (or lower).

Inside, Toni will share and discuss:

  • business cycle and stock market cycle theory,
  • how these cycles relate to your ETF trading,
  • what inverse funds are,
  • and her own profitable “if-then” trading strategy.

You'll also discover which chart indicators Toni uses with ETFs for her own trades!

Don't miss out on your chance to profit from these new products. In this DVD, you'll take home exciting new strategies for trading sector ETFs that can help boost your profits now, and in the future!