Inner Hero Creative Art Journal [EPUB]

Inner Hero Creative Art Journal [EPUB]
Inner Hero Creative Art Journal: Mixed Media Messages to Silence Your Inner Critic by Quinn McDonald
2014 | EPUB | 17.53MB

Dear Inner Critic, meet your inner heroes!

As a creative person, you are familiar with the critic--that nagging presence in your head that is always trying to point out your shortcomings. But there is hope: Your inner heroes are also always with you at your worktable. Through the creation of your personal Inner Hero Creative Art Journal (a series of loose-leaf cards, each with a new mixed-media technique), you will invite an inner conversation that will illuminate your best self. Your inner Scribe, Tarot Reader, Alchemist, Gardener and Wise Woman each long to be introduced to your inner critic and to show you a positive and more supportive perspective.

Those who wish to step up to their inner critic will soon hear a gentler voice.

  • Overcome negative self-talk--Each chapter introduces a variety of ideas and exercises to release your inner heroes.
  • Discover a new format--Loose-leaf watercolor pages become art-journaled cards you will use over and over again to make meaning of your journey.
  • Mixed media techniques--Discover art-making techniques using inks, photos, watercolors, fabric, eggshells and more to use in your own art journaling.
  • Additional online content--Links to downloadable worksheets and inspiring variations are sprinkled throughout the book.

Step out of the critic's shade and into the warmth and comfort of your own creative light.