The Twelve Caesars [Audiobook]

The Twelve Caesars [Audiobook]
The Twelve Caesars [Audiobook] by Suetonius, read by Charlton Griffin
2009 | MP3 VBR V9 | 14 hrs 13 mins | 181.81MB

From the dignified grace of Augustus to the cruel debauchery of Nero, this history chronicles all the vices and virtues of the first 12 rulers of Imperial Rome.

The Twelve Caesars was written based on the information of eyewitnesses and public records. It conveys a very accurate picture of court life in Rome and contains some of the raciest and most salacious material to be found in all of ancient literature.

The writing is clear, simple and easy to understand, and the numerous anecdotes of juicy scandal, bitter court intrigue, and murderous brigandage easily hold their own against the most spirited content of today's tabloids.