Heal Yourself with Sound and Music [Audiobook]

Heal Yourself with Sound and Music [Audiobook]
Heal Yourself with Sound and Music [Audiobook] by Don Campbell
2006 | MP3@192 kbps | ~ 6 hours | 513.19MB

Learn how sound and music can help you orchestrate a healthier and more harmonious life with Heal Yourself with Sound and Music. Taught by Don Campbell, author of the national bestseller The Mozart Effect, Campbell's Heal Yourself with Sound and Music gathers together his most useful sessions on the power of sound to spark creativity, soothe our emotions, jump start learning, and even heal our bodies.

Complete with many exercises you can try yourself, here is the definitive Don Campbell collection on the phenomenal effects of sound and music on human physiology. Three bestselling titles include:

  • Healing Yourself with Your Own Voice—The original audio classic by Don Campbell on the transformative power of the human voice, including self-healing exercises
  • Healing with Great Music—Hear how the greatest music from many world traditions can profoundly influence health, learning, creativity
  • Mozart as Healer—Don Campbell reveals the full story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, not only as a musician and composer, but as a mystic and healer