Unstoppable by Pete Wilkinson [PDF]

Unstoppable by Pete Wilkinson [PDF]
Unstoppable: Using the power of focus to take action and achieve your goals by Pete Wilkinson
2014 | PDF | 1.54MB

Be determined. Be driven. Be Unstoppable.

Don't just coast through life - power through. Make an impact. Achieve your goals. Be successful, fulfilled and a force to be reckoned with. Stop making plans that don't come to full fruition. Stop procrastinating and putting things off. Stop doing just enough. Start being focused, driven and more successful than you ever thought possible!

Pete Wilkinson is a business coach and a successful endurance triathlete. So he knows how to hone a razor sharp focus and keep driving through to the finishing line. And in Unstoppable he shows us how to establish a firm vision and focus for our lives, increase our productivity and take action to deliver the results to make us a winner.

Unstoppable will help you:

  • Focus your attention on your key goals and achieve them!
  • Learn how to lead more effectively
  • Gain more efficient organisational skills
  • Improve relationships both in your personal and business life
  • Build an action plan that is centred around your key strengths and learn to delegate your weaknesses