Folktales from Northern India [PDF]

Folktales from Northern India [PDF]
Folktales from Northern India edited by Sadhana Naithani
2002 | PDF | 1.39MB

The first single volume collection of classic Hindi folktales by translators William Crooke and Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube.

In 1891, at a time when the study of India was primarily based on ancient texts, coins, and material remains, William Crooke dared to focus on living India—its everyday culture, age-old customs, and fictional narratives. With Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube, he recorded and published, over a period of six years, a remarkable collection of folktales from northern India.

The tales reflect the tapestry of social and personal lives of this region, the epicenter of a revolt against British rule in 1857. Although many of the tales were published in British ethnographic journals, a number of the manuscripts, in Chaube's handwriting, were unpublished; others existed only as old microfilm in a New Delhi library. Never before have they appeared as a single volume or been available in any one library or archive.