The Renaissance in Italy [EPUB]

The Renaissance in Italy [EPUB]
The Renaissance in Italy: A Social and Cultural History of the Rinascimento by Guido Ruggiero
2014 | EPUB | 3.92MB

This book offers a rich and exciting new way of thinking about the Italian Renaissance as both a historical period and a historical movement. Guido Ruggiero's work is based on archival research and new insights of social and cultural history and literary criticism, with a special emphasis on everyday culture, gender, violence, and sexuality. The book offers a vibrant and relevant critical study of a period too long burdened by anachronistic and outdated ways of thinking about the past. Familiar, yet alien; pre-modern, but suggestively post-modern; attractive and troubling, this book returns the Italian Renaissance to center stage in our past and in our historical analysis.

  • Presents a radical rethinking of the Italian Renaissance, designed to return the period to its central place in contemporary historical and literary discussion
  • Incorporates new research on gender and other non-traditional subjects
  • Melds the new social and cultural history with literary theory and criticism, without jargon or extended theoretical discussions