Masters of Perception [PDF]

Masters of Perception [PDF]
Masters of Perception: Sensory-Motor Integration in the Internal Martial Arts by Jan Diepersloot
2013 | PDF | 5.35MB

Jan Diepersloot is an Yi Quan practitioner who has studied under Fong Ha, Han Xing Yuan, Yu Pen Xi, Cai Song Fang and Sam Tam.

Jan D's books on Yi Quan, standing meditation and the entire theme of internal training are, when taken as a whole, a story of a quest. Confronted with a way of thinking alien not only to Westerners but, more and more, to anyone- even Chinese- living in the space-frame of the modern world JD decided to avoid two common traps in dealing with this new and exotic body of information: he did not become an China-clone repeating standard theology without the benefit of being raised in the culture and he did not chose the superficial explanations that believe just about anything and cloak it in pseudo-science.

This is the third book in a work that has taken years. This volume records a new level of challenge and information. While he struggles with this JD he brings up his views and speculations on many aspects of standing practice. He discusses, and often with new insight, the different views of balance, the true idea of central equilibrium, the need for sphericity, issuing energy, and benefits to health. As the book progresses JD even delves into the nature of transcendence in the martial artist's life.

If you have any interest in empty energy, standing practice, qi movement and the such you should read JD's books. He brings to the discussion the kind of openness with his own experiments and feelings, and theories bolstered by a lifetime of reading and thinking, that make a discussion possible. For teachers and advanced students there will be many ideas here, even uncomfortable ones which can, sometimes, be the best kind.