Maximizing Brain Control [EPUB]

Maximizing Brain Control [EPUB]
Maximizing Brain Control: Unleash The Genius In You by Greg Frost
2014 | EPUB | 0.2MB

Did You Know There's A Genius Lurking Inside You?

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying that the average human being uses only 10 percent of their brain. Since then, it's been proven that the world renowned genius might have been misquoted, or that there's little truth to such a notion. The fact is, we use a hundred percent of our brain at any given time, whether we realize it or not.

Truth of the matter is, we're using only 10 percent of our brain's POTENTIAL.

The human brain is one of mankind's greatest, yet unsolved mysteries. From general brain health to psychological impacts of brain injury and trauma, scientists have long sought answers for decades... and they have yet to fully uncover the wonders of the human brain.

Maximizing Brain Control explores the hidden depths of the human brain. Through various brain exercise and techniques, you'll learn how to tap into the other 90% of your brain's potential that has thus far remained undiscovered.

Here's a sneak peek:

  • Meet Your Brain: You might have heard of what the brain can do. You might have seen the wonders created by those who have mastered the use of their brains. But do you really know your own brain and what it's really capable of?
  • The 4 Brain Rules: These are absolutely essential for you to know and remember if mental longevity is important to you. Break any of these rules and you're liable to forget who you are before you hit 50.
  • It's Elementary, My Dear: Sherlock Holmes may be a fictional character, but you too can attain his extraordinary mental prowess through intensive brain training. We'll show you how.
  • Absolute Mind Control: Uncover the secrets to achieving full and absolute control of your own mind with these 5 minute-a-day "brain booster" exercises that you can do practically anywhere, at any time.