Journeyman by Sean Pronger [EPUB]

Journeyman by Sean Pronger [EPUB]
Journeyman by Sean Pronger
2012 | EPUB | 0.8MB

All young hockey players dream of one day playing in the NHL, but kids should be careful what they wish for. They may make it to the pros, as Sean Pronger did, only to end up playing for sixteen teams over eleven seasons. They may end up on a team with a player like the Great One but skate on his line only in practice, when the bona fide first-line centre has the flu. And they may end up drinking champagne—but only because their little brother has won the Stanley Cup.

Anyone who’s gotten to the NHL the hard way has a story to tell. No one understands the game better than the guys on the fourth line who fight for their jobs every night. They know all too well what it’s like to watch from the press box or, worse, to be sent to the minors or traded. Sean Pronger has seen it all. He’s played for legendary coaches like Pat Burns and gone head-to-head with Doug Gilmour and Steve Yzerman in the faceoff circle. He was on the ice for perhaps the most notoriously violent attack in recent hockey history. While playing in the minors in Winnipeg he guzzled beer in an ice-fishing hut with grizzled veterans like John MacLean, and he caused international incidents with Doug Weight while playing in Europe. But none of that went to his head.

Full of hilarious stories and self-deprecating jokes, Journeyman is in the end a story not only about achieving a dream, but about realizing you’ve achieved it.