Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda]

Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda]
Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design [Lynda] with Brian Thurston Bralczyk
Aug 15, 2014 | Level: Beginner | 1 h 41 mins | 664.67MB

If users really like your website or app, they're not logging in from a single device. They're visiting from their desktop at work, their phone on the train, and their tablet at home. Your design also needs to perform elegantly and consistently on all platforms. In this course, Brian Thurston shows how to design complete experiences that take visitors from one device to another, and back again. You'll leave with a solid understanding of the planning it takes to ensure your site is prepared for success, the importance of flexible content creation and preparation, and special considerations involved in designing for touch screens. Brian also takes a look forward at the impact wearable devices and future tech will have on the UX designs of today.

Topics include:

  • What is multidevice design?
  • Creating responsive web apps vs. native apps
  • Deciding which screen sizes to support
  • Delivering content across devices
  • Personalizing content
  • Designing for touch
  • Using animation on touch devices
  • Planning your user flow across devices