Betrayed: Escape from Iraq [EPUB]

Betrayed: Escape from Iraq [EPUB]
Betrayed: Escape from Iraq (A terrifying true story of a young woman dragged back to Iraq by her parents to live under threat of death from the ancient custom of honour killing) Latifa Ali, Richard Shears
2011 | EPUB | 2.59MB

A true story of how a clash of cultures threatens a young woman’s life!

She must escape from Iraq as soon as possible or she will be forced to die for her family's honour.

No passport. No freedom. No escape.

This is the true story of Latifa Ali, raised as a westerner, but betrayed by her family and friends and left prisoner of her father in Iraq. She has no allies, no liberty as a Muslim woman and no access to any embassy.

As the war on terror rages around her, Latifa is at war with the culture and customs. Imprisoned, abused and violated, her efforts to escape Iraq fail and her death looms closer.

Working as a spy, consorting with the UN and racing for the border, Latifa has a dangerous secret that will threaten her life if exposed.