The Economist Guide to Commodities [EPUB]

The Economist Guide to Commodities [EPUB]
The Economist Guide to Commodities: Producers, Players and Prices; Markets, Consumers and Trends by Caroline Bain
2013 | EPUB | 2.82MB

A gold mine of information, insights and powerful tools to help you win big in today's commodities markets

The recent fortunes made by investors in rare earth metals and gold are just two shining examples of what an extremely profitable investment class commodities can be. But with radical swings in price volatility (think oil) and the vagaries of global geopolitics, commodities also can be one of the trickiest arenas in which to play. Written by the Senior Commodities Editor for The Economist Intelligence Unit, this book provides you with a comprehensive, highly practical look at the commodities markets. In addition to covering major trends and key changes in the markets, both past and present, it supplies you with proven tools for analyzing and taking full advantage of this ever-changing asset class.

  • Focuses specifically on natural commodities classes, such as natural resources and raw materials, both mineral and agricultural
  • Explores trends in the consumption and production of the commodities in question as well as the changing markets for those goods
  • Describes how commodities prices have changed historically and in recent years and how they are likely to change in future
  • Arms investors with an array valuable tools for analyzing market movements, timing trades and tracking and predicting price volatility

We take commodities for granted but few people know much about them. Here, in one accessible volume, is a comprehensive guide to the economics of commodities and the main commodities themselves – where they are found, how they are processed, what they are used for, production, consumption and price trends, markets and trade, and the outlook for the future.

Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children [EPUB]

Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children [EPUB]
Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children by Andrew D Blechman
2009 | EPUB | 3.03MB

When his next-door neighbors in a quaint New England town suddenly pick up and move to a gated retired community in Florida called The Villages, Andrew Blechman is astonished by their stories, so he goes to investigate. Larger than Manhattan, with a golf course for every day of the month, two downtowns, its own newspaper, radio, and TV station, The Villages is a city of nearly one hundred thousand (and growing) missing only one thing: children.

In the critically acclaimed Leisureville, Blechman delves into life in the senior utopia, offering a hilarious firsthand report on everything from ersatz nostalgia to the residents’ surprisingly active sex life. But this is more than just a romp through a retirement paradise; Blechman traces the history of the age-segregated retirement phenomenon, and travels to Arizona to show what has happened to the pioneering developments after decades of segregation. A fascinating blend of serious history, social commentary, and hilarious, engaging reportage, Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children is an important book on a major, underreported trend.

City of Lies [EPUB]

City of Lies [EPUB]
City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran by Ramita Navai
2014 | EPUB | 401.69KB

This is real Tehran: a city that is hidden from view and rarely written about, where survival depends on an intricate network of lies and subterfuge. It is a place where mullahs visit prostitutes, drug kingpins run crystal meth kitchens, surgeons restore girls' virginity and homemade porn is uploaded onto the Internet and sold in the bazaars.

Plotted around the city's great central thoroughfare, Vali Asr Street, CITY OF LIES chronicles the lives of eight protagonists drawn from across the spectrum of Iranian society. This is a world of gangsters, socialites, dutiful housewives and volunteer militiamen - ordinary people forced to lead extraordinary lives.

Based on extensive interviews and research, CITY OF LIES is an intimate and unforgettable portrait of modern Tehran, and of what it is to live, love and survive under one of the world's most repressive regimes.

David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words [Audiobook]

David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words [Audiobook]
David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words [Audiobook] by David Foster Wallace
2014 | MP3@64 kbps | 8 hrs 52 mins | 243.92MB

Collected here for the first time are the stories and speeches of David Foster Wallace as read by the author himself. Over the course of his career, David Foster Wallace recorded a variety of his work in diverse circumstances - from studio recordings to live performances - that are finally compiled in this unique collection. Some of the pieces collected here are: "Another Pioneer," recorded at The University of Arizona Poetry Center; stories from BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN and CONSIDER THE LOBSTER recorded in the studio; and the unforgettable "This Is Water," his 2005 commencement address given at Kenyon College. Also included are two interviews and a 2005 conversation with Rick Moody at Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

This collection has a special introduction written and read by acclaimed writer and editor John Jeremiah Sullivan. For fans of David Foster Wallace who have read everything he ever wrote as well as those looking to familiarize themselves with his work, David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words is a special, unique collection unavailable anywhere else.