Training Your Brain For Dummies [PDF]

Training Your Brain For Dummies [PDF]
Training Your Brain For Dummies by Tracy Packiam Alloway
2011 | PDF | 3.61MB

Put your brain through its paces and achieve first-rate mental agility

The brain is your body's most important muscle and, with regular exercise, you can improve its performance and strengthen it against age-related deterioration. This guide offers everything you need to know to keep your brain and memory in tip-top shape, whether it's by choosing the right foods or playing the piano. From puzzles and exercises to the best day-to-day habits and long-term mental fitness techniques, this book enables you to boost your mental agility and reduce memory loss. So shake off those cobwebs and get your brain fighting-fit in no time!

  • Start as you mean to go on – get to grips with the basics of brain training and discover how to make it work for you
  • Keep your mind razor sharp – improve your memory and banish that pesky 'tip-of-the- tongue' phenomenon
  • Have happy thoughts – follow expert advice on how to keep your mind happy and healthy
  • Start afresh – adapt to new brain-friendly diet and lifestyle choices
  • Let the games begin – get stuck into a compendium of brain games, exercises and puzzles

Open the book and find:

  • The facts behind the fiction
  • Mental fitness exercises for children and the over-50s
  • Ways to memorise your shopping list, put names to faces, and remember directions
  • How to visualise your success
  • Why socialising is important
  • Techniques for managing stress and anxiety
  • Advice on nutrition and 'brain food'
  • Word searches, sudoku puzzles, and more