The Art of Companion Planting with Annuals [EPUB]

The Art of Companion Planting with Annuals [EPUB]
The Art of Companion Planting with Annuals: A Little Book Full of All the Information You Need by Atlantic Publishing
2013 | EPUB | 1.53MB

Companion planting is a phrase that has taken on many meanings for today's gardeners. Within the scientific community, companion planting is also called intercropping and is a form of polyculture, which describes a method of planting species of plants together for mutual benefit, usually in agricultural situations.

This book looks at the well-loved annuals that create a beautiful splash of color in any garden. Annuals come in all different sizes, types of foliage, and flower colors. Companion planting with annuals refers to the birds, insects, and butterflies that they attract for the benefit of all plants in the garden. As a bonus for all types of companion planting, there is special section on feeding your garden properly to ensure it grows big and healthy, and a chapter on garden maintenance. Case studies of real stories from real people, along with a list of resources to help you learn more about companion planting in general are also included.

Gardening—especially when using companion planting techniques—is a cathartic process full of learning and joy!